Bhagwat cautions RSS cadres against crossing limits for BJP, says can’t chant ‘Namo Namo’

Bhagwat justified RSS’s efforts to bring BJP to power, saying that it was in the “national interest”.

New Delhi | Updated: March 11, 2014 8:16:27 pm

In a strong message to RSS cadres, its chief, Mohan Bhagwat, has said the organisation should not cross its “maryada” (limits) while working for the BJP, and it should stay away from any personality-driven campaign.

“Hum rajneeti mein nahin hain. Humara kaam ‘Namo Namo’ karna nahin hai. Humme apne lakshya ke liye kaam karna hai (We are not in politics. Our work is not to chant ‘Namo, Namo’. We must work towards our own target),” said Bhagwat, addressing the RSS’s Pratinidhi Sabha in Bangalore on Sunday, which was also attended by BJP chief Rajnath Singh and Ramlal, RSS pracharak deputed to BJP as general secretary (organisation).

When a participant suggested that the RSS’s role vis-a-vis the BJP should be similar to Chanakya’s role vis-a-vis Chandragupta Maurya, Bhagwat replied that in the present circumstances, it was more important to work in a detached manner.

“Humaari apni maryada hai. Humme maryada nahi todni hai (We have our own limits. We must not cross our limits),” he said, according to sources.

Bhagwat made these remarks while responding to issues raised by delegates during the “mukt chintan” (open forum) at the meeting. Similar queries have been raised by RSS workers across the country during its coordination meetings.

Bhagwat, however, justified the RSS’s efforts to bring BJP to power, saying that it was in the “national interest”. “Is samay sawal yeh nahi hai ki kaun aana chaiye. Bada sawaal ye hai ki kaun nahi aana chahiye (The question is not who should form the next government. The bigger question is who should not form the next government),” he said.


Bhagwat began his speech by saying that at times one has to perform some duties which may seem contradictory. He said while working for the BJP during the elections, the RSS cadres should remember that they are not a part of any political party.

To illustrate his point, he chanted a shloka from the Bhagwad Gita: “Sarvendriya guna bhasam, sarvendriya vivarjitam (The supersoul is the original source of all senses, yet he is without senses, he is unattached)”.

Meanwhile, sources said the BJP leaders sought the RSS’s help to prepare its poll manifesto and counter possible anti-party activities. While Ramlal sought the RSS’s help in reining in disgruntled leaders who may not get tickets, Rajnath Singh said the RSS leaders could send suggestions on the poll manifesto.

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