Between Didi and dream, upbeat BJP, upset Muslims

At a rally last week in Krishnanagar.PTI At a rally last week in Krishnanagar. PTI

the bud, not turning up at a Delhi rally dubbed the “national launch” of the TMC.

CPM central committee member Md Selim says Mamata draws an analogy with failed students changing schools: “You have failed the exam at the Kolkata school and, therefore, want to migrate to the Delhi school. But that won’t work.”

TMC spokesperson Partha Chatterjee admits the TMC failed to attract partners for a federal front. However, he adds, that’s hardly a setback.

“The whole idea of having a Federal Front was based on the assumption that the 2014 polls would not throw up a clear mandate. The TMC will aggressively look for partners who can offer an alternative to both BJP- and Congress-led governments,” he says.
Mamata is learnt to have herself told aides: “The 2014 Lok Sabha polls are a postpaid affair, not a prepaid one.”