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Baba Ramdev and his supporters to raise election pitch for Modi through door-to-door campaign

Ramdev said he will launch a nationwide door-to-door campaign in support of Narendra Modi from March 1. (AP) Ramdev said he will launch a nationwide door-to-door campaign in support of Narendra Modi from March 1. (AP)
By: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published on:February 3, 2014 8:01 pm

Spiritual leader and renowned Yoga exponent Baba Ramdev on Monday said that he will be flagging off a parallel support campaign ‘Dharmayuddha 2014′, ahead of the 2014 General Elections to drum up support for BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi. To ensure that Modi wins with a clear majority of more than 300 seats, the yoga guru will be starting a campaign from 23, March 2014, commemorating Indian freedom fighter Bhagat Singh’s death anniversary till the day of the general elections and added that he will also strive for 100 percent voters turnout.

Speaking at a press conference in Ahmedabad, Ramdev said, “Starting from 1st March, all my supporters will fan out in the country and go from door-to-door to reach atleast 50 crore voters.”

Calling the 2014 Lok Sabha elections as a decisive moment (nirnayak samay), Ramdev said that he has raised several national issues with several senior BJP leaders like Modi, Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitely to be included in their election manifesto and also said that he is set to meet Modi.

The yoga guru said, “Let the BJP or NDA decide how Modi will become the next PM, but me on my part will ensure that crores of my supporters bring him to power with clear majority in the upcoming elections. We need leadership that can bring the country out of economic anarchy and black money. He should bring back the one lakh crore rupees that has gone as black money outside the country owing to corruption. Secondly there should be a ban on cow slaughter in the country to stop this pink revolution and I will ensure that this demand is met.”

Speaking about an anti-Congress wave in the country, he added, “This time the Congress party looks all set to be wiped out completely. Many former Congress leaders come to me and ask me to speak to Modi and get them a ticket. I have done so and many have got tickets also. There is a feeling of despondency in Congress. Many Congress MP’s now feel that to fight the polls from a Congress ticket is like inviting defeat. What’s more, this time even Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are set to loose from Amethi. I could have also created a party and won elections, but I have kept my ego aside and given chance to Modi in the country’s interest.”

Speaking about the Aam Aadmi Party’s growing political base in the country, Ramdev commented, “AAP’s funding is doubtful and they are not declaring their sources. The beginnings of this party(AAP) are related to Communists, Naxalites and to Congress and can be traced even foreign funding agencies like the Ford Foundation. People who did not get a foothold anywhere else are joining AAP party. It is wrong of Arvind Kejriwal to claim that only he is honest and the others are dishonest”

Refusing to field any questions on controversial godman Asaram Bapu, who is facing several allegations of rape, Ramdev stuck to praising Modi and said, ” All parties have corrupt people, but what is different about BJP is that the head of its party, Modi is a clean man and there is a sense of purity in BJP leaders like Modi and Rajnath Singh.”

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