Narendra Modi rally in Punjab comes with loads of promises if NDA comes in power

Modi called Congress' 'one rank one pension for ex-servicemen' issue as mere drama and it will be formally implemented by `patriots’ like us.

Ludhiana | Updated: February 23, 2014 8:57:29 pm
BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said the Congress party was now throwing pepper instead of dust in the eyes of the people to befool them. (PTI) BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said the Congress party was now throwing pepper instead of dust in the eyes of the people to befool them. (PTI)

Too woo the voters  in general and Punjabis in particular, BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi  made tall promises if chosen to power and even gave tips to the farmers as how to increase their income. If chosen as the PM of the country, Modi called himself as the `chowkidaar’ of the country who will guard the funds of the country for the `optimum development works’.  He expressed his concern about the drug menace eating up the youngsters in Punjab and even called CM Badal as his `political guru’.  Not only this, to end the controversy over displacement of the Sikhs from Kutch area of Gujarat- Modi announced from Fateh rally’s stage, “no Sikh farmer will be going out of Gujarat and if any officer dares to do any mistake, that officer will be leaving but not my Sikh brother.”

He said, “Gujarat is equally for any other Indian as it is for me and I owe my Punjabi farmers who are settled in the Kutch area . They are the ones who have made that barren land fertile. So one should stop listening to the rivals( Congress) who are misguiding you on this issue.”

To support Punjab CM, BJP National President Rajnath Singh showering praises for Badal said,” CM Parkash Singh Badal was the first alliance partner to support Modi’s name as PM.” Badal added, “so he should now be called as NDA’s Prime Ministerial candidate rather than BJP alone.”

The three hour rally held in the grounds of Jagraon sugar mill gathered thousands of spectators from across the state and Modi’s one hour speech kept the masses stick to their seats despite the progrrame running behind the schedule. Modi  said, “if chosen to power- we will be dividing food corporation of India(FCI) in to three parts- Procurement, management and distribution. This is the only way to get optimum utilisation of the food grains which are at the moment are being destroyed by lying in open or even being rotten up in the warehouses.” He further gave his view point as he said, “to make economy of any country strong, one need to have three pillars of equal strength: one third agriculture sector,  one third as manufacturing sector and another one third as service sector.”

He added that “in the coming years, we need to work a lot on service sector as it involves minimum expenditure and more income. He hinted on tourism industry which was still lying unexplored in the country and said, more than 3 billion dollars business was waiting in name of tourism alone and NDA will be working equally on all these factors.”

To add more promises BJP National President Rajnath Singh said, “NDA Government will be implementing farmer income insurance scheme once it comes to power whereby MSP will be announced much before sowing of a crop. A separate channel only on agriculture, a separate budget on agriculture, easy loans at 1-2% rate of interest for self employment schemes and much more will be in the offing.”

Modi however did not  forget to target Congress in his speech as he called them once again as ABCD of corruption  while CM Badal said that it was a time for a `jang-e -azadi’ to get masses freed from the clutches of corruption of Congress leaders.

Modi on  one rank one pension:

Hitting on AICC Vice-President Rahul Gandhi’s proposed visit on Monday to Chandigarh in a function of ex-servicemen on one rank one pension issue, Modi categorically said,” UPA Government announced this in their last budget and not in the previous 9 budgets. So it is a mere drama and it will be formally implemented by `patriots’ like us, when we will come to power actually in a few months of time period.”

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