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After uproar over Tapas Paul’s ‘will send boys to rape CPM women’ remark, his wife apologises but with a rider

Though Paul's wife disapproved of the term used, she said that the comments need to be seen in context.

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: July 1, 2014 11:04 am
Though Tapas Paul's wife disapproved of the term used by him, she said that the comments need to be seen in context. (Source: Express Photo) Though Tapas Paul’s wife disapproved of the term used by him, she said that the comments need to be seen in context. (Source: Express Photo)

The wife of Trinamool Congress MP Tapas Paul has apologised for her husband’s rape remark, which has caused an uproar. Nandini Paul, the wife of the MP, said that her husband should not have used the term.

Speaking to mediapersons, though Nandini disapproved of the term used by Tapas Paul, she said that his comments need to be seen in context.

The actor-turned-politician had threatened to “destroy” CPI(M) workers and have their women raped if any of his Trinamool  workers were attacked.

Addressing a workers’ meeting at Chowmatha village in Tehatta in Nadia district — which falls in his parliamentary constituency of Krishnanagar — on June 14, Paul said, “If any opponent (of the Trinamool) touches any Trinamool girl, any father, any child, I will destroy his entire family. Aamar chheleder dhukiye debo, rape kore chole jaabe, rape kore chole jaabe (I will unleash my boys, they will rape them, rape them).”

In his speech, telecast by  Bengali news channel 24 Ghanta on Monday, Paul issued repeated threats to his “opponents”, warning them “for the last time” that while he would stay in Krishnanagar, he would visit Chowmatha village every month and, if he ever heard that any Trinamool supporter had been harmed, he would “not spare them”.

“I am no MP, I am just a worker,” he said. “To my opponents, I show my shoe,” he added, bending to take off his footwear and holding it up. “If any CPM (worker) dares to touch my Trinamool (people), I will destroy his gushti (extended family)… Baari, ghor, gushti aami shesh kore diye chole jaabo… (I will destroy their homes and entire extended families),” he said.

“Aami prochur mastaani korechhi… aami pockete maal niye ghuri… aami nije revolver diye guli kore chole jaabo…CPM ke guli kore maarbo… (“I have been a hoodlum myself… I walk around with a maal [gun] in my pocket… I will personally shoot CPM [supporters] with a revolver…),” said Paul.

Speaking to The Indian Express on Monday, \Paul said, “When you see a pregnant mother tortured or a man’s hands chopped off, you can’t control your anger. I just became mad.” He was reportedly angry as some TMC workers in Fazilpur were reportedly injured in an attack by CPI(M) supporters.

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  1. D
    Jul 1, 2014 at 6:36 am
    Mark his words. Does he think he's acting in some movie? Look at his hair. He look like a joker.
    1. A
      Jul 1, 2014 at 6:38 am
      Great. A wife willing to support husband even if he asks people to rape. Way to go Bhratiya"Spineless"Nari