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AAP should review its ‘alternative politics’, focus on government: BJP

By: Press Trust of India | New Delhi | Published on:February 3, 2014 9:50 pm

Opposition BJP on Monday condemned and cautioned Aam Aadmi Party for allegedly making insinuations against its leaders without any evidence and asked it to focus on running the government instead.

Questioning the style of “alternative politics” propagated by AAP, BJP asked it to reconsider the same even as it charged that the ruling party had no time for governing Delhi.

“We caution the government. We caution AAP. BJP condemns this attitude of AAP of taking the name of anybody they chose and then mud-slinging and running away without even explaining or showing any kind of evidence.

“Is this a responsible way of handling the government. Is this the alternative politics you (AAP) are talking about. I’m sorry, the people of Delhi expect much more from you. AAP should… review as to what is the alternative politics they are talking about. They don’t have time to govern,” said BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman.

Led by Arvind Kejriwal as the chief minister, AAP has formed a minority government in Delhi with outside support from Congress.

“The people who were otherwise sworn to govern Delhi are spending time (to hold) press conference after press conference. Taking names of eminent leaders of other political parties just because it gives them instant attention and popularity,” she charged.

BJP also said that it was surprised when Congress leader Shakeel Ahmed posted a tweet on the issue of allegations against BJP leaders even before AAP had made any declaration on the same.

“What kind of understanding exists between Congress and AAP… Is there any governance going on, or are they spending time only insinuating against others,” she said.

Terming the attitude “absolutely careless”, BJP said, “We caution AAP that their alternative politics cannot be politics of insinuation or baseless charges.”

Sitharaman said AAP seems to have acquired the right, which the Constitution had not provided to anybody in this country, to make wild allegations against its opponents only for the sake of publicity.

“They have given themselves, in the name of providing alternative politics, a Fundamental Right to insinuate and lay false charges at their opponents’ doors in their desperation to acquire credibility, recognition and instant attention,” she said.

“This clearly verges on insinuation, false propaganda and defamatory allegations,” she added.

“They survive in power with the support of a corrupt Congress… Till date, no action has been taken by the AAP against the Congress and its leadership,” she further alleged.

She also charged that AAP was guilty of non-governance at a time when electricity and milk prices were going up in the national capital.

She said AAP should focus its attention on governing Delhi through the institutionalised administrative mechanism in place for the same as press conferences with fancy lists which are not substantiated by evidence cannot make up for good governance.

“The people of Delhi are feeling even more helpless after this new government has come to power,” she said.

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