AAP hands out pamphlets to voters: Don’t trust the media

Party repeats charge: Mukesh Ambani has bought media to defame Kejriwal.

Delhi | Updated: April 3, 2014 1:53:29 am

With Arvind Kejriwal starting his campaign in Delhi from Monday for the Lok Sabha polls, the AAP has started distributing pamphlets with an “introduction” from the party supremo for all seven candidates from the capital.

The pamphlets, which end with Kejriwal’s name credited for the introduction, include a box stating that the media should not be trusted, since “Mukesh Ambani had bought several media houses, and told them to praise Modi and Rahul and defame Kejriwal”.

In constituencies with a dominant Muslim population, the pamphlets are being distributed in Urdu, commencing with Chandni Chowk, where party candidate Ashutosh’s pamphlets were distributed on Wednesday.

A box on the last page of the pamphlets states, “Mukesh Ambani ne kai media gharon ko bhi khareed liya hai aur kaiyon ko paisa khila diya hai. In sab media gharon ko kaha gaya hai ki Modi and Rahul ki khub tareef karo aur Arvind Kejriwal ko badnaam karo. Yeh kuch media wale ab jamkar Kejriwal ko badnam kar rahe hain aur Modi-Rahul ki tareef kar rahe hain. Isliye doston, media ki sab baaton ko sach mat manna. (Mukesh Ambani has bought several media houses and bribed them. All these media houses have been told to praise Modi and Rahul, and defame Arvind Kejriwal. These media houses are now defaming Kejriwal with vehemence and showering praises on Modi-Rahul. Therefore friends, please don’t listen to everything that the media says).”

An adjoining box credits the AAP for being the first in the country to give a “seedhe takkar” (direct challenge) to Mukesh Ambani in its 49-day government, registering FIRs against him. “Kya aaj tak kisi ki himmat hui thi ki Mukesh Ambani ko chu sake? (Did anybody have the courage to touch Mukesh Ambani before this?)”

The pamphlets conclude by mentioning the names of respective candidates and stating that he or she has been chosen after proper investigations. “(Candidate) imandar hai, charitravan hai aur inke khilaf kahin bhi koi aapradhik mamla nahin chal raha hai. Phir bhi yadi aapke paas koi saboot hai jo yeh dikhata hai ki inhone bhrashtachar kiya hai ya koi apradh kiya hai ya phir inka charitra kharab hai toh kripya aap humen wah saboot dein. Hum inki ticket raddh kar denge par kisi bhi galat aadmi ko Lok Sabha mein nahin jane denge,” the pamphlet states.

In the final paragraph, the pamphlets state that the candidates have pledged not to take a “red beacon vehicle”, bungalow or government security. “Woh aam aadmi ki tarah, aam aadmi ke beech rahkar janta ka seva karenge,” the pamphlet states.
Among the achievements for different candidates, for Ashutosh, the letter states how he “exposed” Lalu Prasad Yadav “despite his threats”, how he forced Amar Singh to apologise for his “galat bayan” (false statement), and “exposed former defence minister George Fernande’s lies”.

For Anand Kumar, the Northeast Delhi candidate, the pamphlet extols his involvement in student politics, education, unemployment issue and farmers’ plight, mentioning how during the “Jan Lokpal movement” he played an “influential role” in newspapers and media.

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