20 reasons for AAP choices

Dipankar Ghose looks at what drove the selection of the party’s first batch of candidates.

New Delhi | Published on:February 18, 2014 12:46 am
AAP candidates;  Jarnail Singh West Delhi, vs Mahabal Mishra (L) and Meera Sanyal Mumbai South, vs Milind Deora (R) AAP candidates; Jarnail Singh
West Delhi, vs Mahabal Mishra (L) and Meera Sanyal
Mumbai South, vs Milind Deora (R)


Jarnail Singh
West Delhi, vs Mahabal Mishra
The man who threw a shoe at then home minister P Chidambaram in 2009. He is being fielded in West Delhi because of its Sikh population and colonies for refugees from the 1984 riots, a cause he has frequently taken up. The former journalist is a known name in the constituency because of his social work and protests over the lack of relief to riot victims.

H S Phoolka
Ludhiana, vs Manish Tewari
A lawyer who has been handling cases on the 1984 riots. This is what prompted his selection. He is from the Bhadaur royal family, was born in neighbouring Barnala and graduated from Ludhiana, where he runs initiatives such as free coaching for engineering and medical entrances. “I was given the option of either Amritsar or Ludhiana; I chose Ludhiana because my roots are here,” he said.



Chandni Chowk, vs Kapil Sibal
The party believes Ashutosh has a public stature that can match that of Sibal, who has made Arvind Kejriwal’s list of most corrupt politicians. His image is of a straight-shooting journalist, built over several years as managing editor of IBN7. Author of Anna: 13 days that awakened India, Ashutosh is now one of the AAP’s chief spokespersons to the media.

Mukul Tripathi
Farrukhabad, vs Salman Khurshid
The third journalist-turned-candidate along with Jarnail and Ashutosh, Tripathi has already challenged Khurshid with protests when corruption was alleged in the latter’s Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust. He has a physical disability, which makes his candidature symbolic. For his various campaigns for the physically impaired, he won the Shreshth Viklang Karmi Award in 2009.


Medha Patkar
Mumbai Northeast, vs S D Patil (NCP)
The founder of the Narmada Bachao Andolan, winner of many international awards, is popular enough a figure for the party to expect her to unite the urban and rural votes in the Mumbai seat, where she has worked in slum areas.

Alok Agarwal
Khandwa, vs Arun Yadav (Cong)
An old aide of Patkar, now leading the Narmada Bachao Andolan in MP. Chosen because of mass appeal and the support he enjoys from various NGOs. Agarwal, 46, a graduate from IIT Kanpur, taught Dalit students before joining the movement in 1990.

Subhash Ware
Pune, vs Suresh Kalmadi
The AAP seen him as an anithesis to Kalmadi, who faces a number of corruption charges, while Ware is a popular anti-corruption campaigner. He is a former Maharashtra president of the Chhatra Bharati movement.

Soumendra Dhaka
Baghpat, vs Ajit Singh
A former president of the Baghpat Bar Association, he has taken up the cause of farmers, an influential section of voters. He was once a loyalist of Ajit Singh, whom he will now challenge on the ground that Baghpat remains underdeveloped despite Singh being a minister.

Bargarh, vs Sanjay Bhoi (Cong)
A powerful leader of farmers …continued »

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