Narendra Modi in Karnataka Live Updates: Congress only believed in ‘Atkana’, ‘Latkana’ and ‘Bhatkana’, says PM

PM in Karnataka: Narendra Modi inaugurates the newly constructed 110-km-long Bidar-Kalaburagi railway line

PM Narendra Modi, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal inaugurate the Bidar-Kalaburagi new railway line on Sunday. (Source: ANI)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashed out at the Congress on Sunday during his address to the gathering at Dashamah Soundarya Lahari Parayanotsava Mahasarmapane. Referring to former finance minister P Chidambaram’s remarks on Saturday regarding greater autonomy for J&K, Modi said Congress leaders supporting those seeking ‘Azadi’ in Kashmir was an insult to our soldiers.

The PM reached Karnataka on Sunday morning to address a series of public meetings and inaugurate the 110-km-long railway line connecting Bidar-Kalaburagi. Later, PM Modi will address a meeting at the Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project in Ujire near Dharmasthala and distribute RuPay cards to account holders of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY). The PM will also launch digital cashless Self-Help Groups (SHG) transactions.

The PM tweeted on Saturday, “The Soundarya Lahari is a set of shlokas composed by Adi Shankaracharya. The event has been organized for the mass chanting of these shlokas in unison.”

The PM is also scheduled to inaugurate the newly constructed 110-km-long Bidar-Kalaburagi railway line, the newly constructed track will reduce the distance between Bengaluru and New Delhi by over 350 km and travel time by six to eight hours. The PM will also address a public gathering on the occasion.

An official speaking to news agency IANS said, “The Prime Minister has a busy day, as he is scheduled to participate in seven-eight functions at three places across the state.”

PM Modi in Karnataka Live Updates:

  1. 7:44PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Implementation of GST was a collective decision of all parties. We are open to incorporate changes to make the system better, says Modi

  2. 7:43PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Post demonetisation, lakhs of shell companies have been de-registered. Those who have looted the poor will have to give back, says Modi

  3. 7:36PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Gujarat was devastated by floods this year. But Congress leaders, instead of reaching out to people there, preferred coming to Bengaluru, says PM

  4. 7:33PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Rs 57,000 crore from government revenue that earlier went to the middlemen is now going directly to the rightful owner, says Modi in Bidar

  5. 7:31PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Infrastructure plays a vital role in taking the nation to greater heights. India needs the best railways, roadways, airways and waterways, PM says

  6. 7:28PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Through the Direct Benefit Transfer scheme, people have been benefited and middle-men have been eliminated, says Modi

  7. 7:23PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Had announced from the Red Fort we'll bring electricity to 18,000 houses in 1,000 days. It's not 1,000 days yet and 15,000 houses already have power, says PM

  8. 7:20PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Policy paralysis of the Congress was responsible for benefits of government initiatives not reaching the people, says PM

  9. 7:17PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Initiatives of the government must benefit the common citizens and reach the last mile, says Modi

  10. 7:17PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Through our farmer-friendly initiatives like the Krishi Sinchai Yojana and Fasal Bima Yojana, several farmers have benefited, claims PM

  11. 7:13PM
    29 Oct, 17

    We took up electrification of villages in mission mode. Villages that did not have power for seven decades, now have access to power, says Modi

  12. 7:09PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Development projects stalled since the Congress rule are being completed now. Congress only believed in 'Atkana', Latkana' & 'Bhatkana', says PM

  13. 7:09PM
    29 Oct, 17

    PM Modi lauds B S Yeddyurappa for his stand to complete the Bidar-Kalaburgi rail line

  14. 7:07PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Bidar-Kalaburgi rail line was initiated by former PM Atal Vajpayee. But it was stalled for so many years due to lack of efforts during the UPA term, says PM

  15. 6:44PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Modi, in the presence of Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, inaugurates Bidar-Kalaburagi new railway line and flags off the first train in the route

  16. 6:27PM
    29 Oct, 17

    PM Modi arrives in Karnataka's Bidar where he will inaugurate Bidar-Kalaburagi new railway line and address a public meeting

  17. 4:27PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Bengaluru is the land of start ups. Youth here are innovative. Let's begin a start up to bring clean cooking to the doors of poor: PM Modi

  18. 3:42PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Congress is committing mistake after mistake, this is such an irresponsible  behaviour, says Modi

  19. 3:40PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Congress has made up its mind that it will never learn from its mistakes. People generally learn from defeats and make corrections, Modi says

  20. 3:36PM
    29 Oct, 17

    It seemed after a string of electoral defeats, some intelligent people would guide the Congress party to the correct path, says PM

  21. 3:28PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Congress is using the language spoken by separatists in J&K and the people in Pakistan, says PM Modi

  22. 3:18PM
    29 Oct, 17

    The country can never progress under the people who are doing politics over the sacrifice of our brave soldiers, Modi says

  23. 3:08PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Do you remember the lies Congress was spreading on Doklam? People of India trusted them so much but this is their conduct, says Modi

  24. 3:08PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Yesterday's statement of a Congress leader on Kashmir clearly shows how the party feels on surgical strikes and the bravery of our army: PM

  25. 3:07PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Congress will have to answer for the recent statement of their leaders on Kashmir. The statement was unacceptable, says PM, referring to the remarks made by former finance minister P Chidambaram on autonomy for J&K

  26. 3:06PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Why are Congress leaders lending their voice to those who want Azadi in Kashmir? This is an insult to our brave soldiers, says Modi

  27. 3:06PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Happy to be here in Bengaluru and to see so many of you. Karnataka seems to have made up its mind & supports politics of development: PM

  28. 3:05PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in Bengaluru, where he will address the gathering at Dashamah Soundarya Lahari Parayanotsava Mahasarmapane

  29. 2:14PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Along with addressing a public rally in Bengaluru, Modi will also inaugurate a newly laid 110 km long stretch of the railway line connecting Bidar-Kalaburagi in Bidar. Modi will address the third public rally of the day in Bidar at 6.30 pm.

  30. 1:28PM
    29 Oct, 17

    PM Modi will address another public rally at Krishna Vihar at Palace grounds in Bengaluru.

  31. 1:01PM
    29 Oct, 17

    PM Modi will take part in a reception organised for him by the state BJP workers at HAL airport in Mangaluru. He will then travel to  Bengaluru, where he will address a gathering at the Dashamah Soundarya Lahari Parayanotsava Mahasarmapan at 3 PM.

  32. 12:53PM
    29 Oct, 17

    The PM called for adopting cashless transaction and BHIM app for digital currency. Concludes his speech by saying that the era of honesty has begun in India.

  33. 12:51PM
    29 Oct, 17

    The PM urged people to start farming of seaweed in coastal areas and use it for its nutritional value in farming.  

  34. 12:49PM
    29 Oct, 17

    The PM said, "Every rupee, every resource from the Government of India is devoted for the welfare of Indians. We are ensuring the fruits of development reach the intended beneficiaries without any scope of corruption."

  35. 12:48PM
    29 Oct, 17

    Under the Direct Benefit Transfer scheme Rs 57,000 crore has reached to the people. "Now those middlemen don't get any money and therefore they do not like me, we will not let this country be ruined," says PM Modi

  36. 12:47PM
    29 Oct, 17

    People used to say that "Delhi se ek rupya nikalta hai gaon pahunchte panhucte 30 paisa ho jata hai." We have decided that entire 100 paisa will reach in the hands of the people. 

  37. 12:43PM
    29 Oct, 17

    PM Modi invites women of Self Help Group and others to register on the online portal of GeM (Government-e-Market) for easy sale and supply of manufacturing goods. PM urges Karnataka government to join hands in the process and be part of the GeM.

  38. 12:40PM
    29 Oct, 17

    "Let us take a pledge on 75th anniversary of Independence and by 2022 reduce the consumption of Urea in farming by 50 percent," urges PM Modi.

  39. 12:37PM
    29 Oct, 17

    PM addresses the issue of global warming, says that we should be responsible in utilising natural resources and think about our future generation.

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