PM Modi leaves for three-nation tour of Portugal, US and The Netherlands

On Saturday, the Prime Minister is scheduled to visit Portugal, his first destination, where he is scheduled to meet with Portugal Prime Minister Antonio Costa. He will head towards US afterwards where he will meet US President Donald Trump.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 24, 2017 8:20 am
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi, Modi us visit, modi three nation tour, india news PM Narendra Modi leaves for Portugal, after which he shall visit USA and Netherlands for important bilateral visits.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday departed for his three-nation tour visit to Portugal, United States and The Netherlands. On Saturday, the Prime Minister is scheduled to visit Portugal, his first destination, where he will meet with Prime Minister Antonio Costa. In a Facebook post on Thursday, Modi said the “historical and friendly ties” between the two nations have improved since PM Costa visited India in January 2017.

Talking about his meeting with Costa, PM Modi said the two would “review the progress of various joint initiatives and decisions”. Modi also said the two nations will work towards increasing bilateral ties in several areas including economy, science and technology, space and counter-terrorism. “I also see significant potential for deepening bilateral trade and investment ties,” PM Modi said. The Prime Minister also said that he will meet with Indian community living in the country during the visit.

After Portugal, PM Modi will head to the United States on the invitation of President Donald Trump. It will be Modi’s first meeting with Trump. In a Facebook post, PM Modi said that he has spoken to the US President on phone and both the leaders wish to wish to work towards mutual benefit of their people. PM Modi also said he aims to form wide and robust partnership between the two nations during his meeting with President Trump. “I look forward to building a forward looking vision for our partnership with the new Administration in the United States under President Trump,” he wrote. PM Modi also said that he will meet with several of Trump’s cabinet colleague and American CEOs. “As in the past, I look forward to interacting with the Indian diaspora in the United States as well,” he added.

After his two-day visit to US, PM Modi is scheduled to head to The Netherlands on June 27. In a Facebook post, he said that the two nations will mark the 70 years of diplomatic relations. Talking about his schedule in Netherlands, he said that he will have an official meeting with Dutch PM Mark Rutte, with whom he will have a discussion on global issues including counter-terrorism and climate change. “I will also call on King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and meet Queen Maxima,” he added. He will meet with CEOs of Dutch companies and “will encourage them to join the Indian growth story.” PM Modi will also address the Indian diaspora in the country. “I look forward to engaging with the Indian community in the Netherlands,” he said.

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  1. Jyoti Prakash Mitra
    Jun 24, 2017 at 3:10 pm
    Portugal visit is only for finding any solvent party who can 'buy' debts arising from India, Netherlands is for 'all party' investments in trade capital arising from BSE US is for b ing image functions of BJP as a high clause. US is after all US.
    1. C
      Chattur Chamar
      Jun 24, 2017 at 1:32 pm
      Now Modiji really wants to see the research done with weed energy(as he mentioned in his speech in Newyork in 2014). It took him long to realize and convince the people that weed is more powerful than religious disharmony which they are best in creating it. Now he will relate commanlities between in India and The Netherlands. Bhaiyoon behnoon pehli baar Yahan par weed(ganja) sadhu ganjadi lekar aaye the. This fact will be only know to him without any historical proof or reasons. Aur sadhu ji ne ganja prekar poori dunya me iske fayde batao. Inhone America jakar wahne ke red Indian ko iska fayda bataya. Is prakar inhone america ki khoj Columbus se paheki. Har bharat se hajaroon tonne weed export Hota tha. And the Bhakt will shout .... Modi Modi and the Sickular will try to read history books... both will be engaged and it will be another visit to foreign country distracting the real issues like farmer sucides and so on...
      1. s
        Jun 24, 2017 at 1:12 pm
        better he stays there
        1. B
          Bhayyanak Bhangii
          Jun 24, 2017 at 1:11 pm
          Modi Netherlands jaa raheyy ho. Wahaa coffee shops maeyy jaakaar marijuana jaruurr smoke karnaa. Soft drugs are legal in The Netherlands. Tumahaara dimaagg bhadiyaa daudeggaa after smoking Dutch weed.
          1. Nitin Deolekar
            Jun 24, 2017 at 1:05 pm
            उद्या साऱ्या भारताचा काश्मीर होईल?? आणि योगा-सारखी इथली प्राचीन संस्कृती नष्ट होईल?? पाक-मध्ये २७ हिंदू होते आता जेमतेम ५ उरले? बांगलादेश-मध्ये तेच घडले. ३० हिंदू होते आता १० उरले? मुस्लिम बांधवांना भारतात खुशाल राहू द्या पण निदान काही बंधने टाका-च?? ढोंगी सेक्युलर गन्दी-नारू-आम-बॅड-कर च्या गम्भीर घोड-चुका दुरुस्त करा. काहीही करून समान नागरी कायदा करा-च.नारू-आंबयेडकर यांचा कायदा उलट करा: पुढील ७० वर्षे मुस्लिमाना १-पत्नी कायदा करा आणि हिंदूंना २-शादी तलाक? मुस्लिमाना चीन कायदा लावा १-कुटुंब-२-मुले! त्यांची चीन सारखी प्रगती होईल! मग आयसिस अतिरेकी आपोआप कमी होतील! बदल्यात मुस्लिम भगिनींना BC कोट्यात आरक्षण द्या! पुढारी आंबयेडकर जातीला आता आरक्षणाची माती खाण्याची काय गरज? फार तर त्याना OBC त ढकला? मुस्लिमाना हिंदू बरोबर सरकारी शाळेत शिकवा!मदरसे-वेद-पाठशाळा बंद करा? मुलींना सानिया मिर्झाकडून शाळेत टेनिस शिकवा!! साऱ्या जगात मुस्लिम तालिबानी आयसिस विरुद्ध ३रे महायुद्ध गेली १५-२० वर्षे सुरु आहे!त्याला भारतात वेळीच रोखा??
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