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Manmohan Singh speaks out: Pained at PM Narendra Modi spreading falsehood to score political points

"I reject the innuendos and falsehoods as I did not discuss Gujarat elections with anyone else at the dinner hosted by Mani Shankar Aiyar as alleged by Modi.  Nor was the Gujarat issue raised by anyone else present at the dinner."

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 11, 2017 7:09 pm
Manmohan singh, Gujarat, gujarat model, Gujarat elections, Former PM Manmohan Singh has hit out at Prime Minister Modi, accusing him of trying to score political points based on falsehoods. (source: AP)

Former prime minister Manmohan Singh on Monday expressed anguish at the “falsehood” and “canards” being spread by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to “score political points”. In a statement, the former PM said “Modi is setting a dangerous precedent by his insatiable desire to tarnish every constitutional office, including that of a former Prime Minister and Army Chief”.

The former two-term PM was referring to Prime Minister Modi’s remarks at an election rally in Gujarat on Sunday, where he referred to a purported tweet by a former Pakistan army director general, who said Ahmed Patel, the political secretary to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, should be made the chief minister of Gujarat. “Why is Pakistan’s senior retired army officer exercising his brain in the Gujarat election?” Modi had questioned. The Prime Minister went on to say that it was a “serious and sensitive issue” that a “secret meeting” was hosted by suspended Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar during the Pakistan’s former foreign affairs minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri visit to India.

“I reject the innuendos and falsehoods as I did not discuss Gujarat elections with anyone else at the dinner hosted by Mani Shankar Aiyar as alleged by Modi.  Nor was the Gujarat issue raised by anyone else present at the dinner. The discussion was confined to India-Pakistan relations. Names of the distinguished Indian public servants and journalists present at the dinner are enclosed to this statement. None of them could be accused of indulging in any anti-national activities,” Singh said, adding that PM Modi should apologise to the nation for his ‘ill thought transgression to restore the dignity of the office he occupies’.

“Pakistan’s High Commissioner, former foreign minister, India’s former vice-president and India’s former prime minister Manmohan Singh all met at Aiyar’s house, held a meeting for three hours, and then the next day, Mani Shankar calls Modi ‘neech.’ This is a serious and sensitive issue, being a meeting with the Pakistan High Commissioner. Also, what is the reason for such a secret meeting amidst Gujarat elections?” Modi had said.

As reported in today’s edition of The Indian Express, the dinner meeting was held on December 6 at Aiyar’s residence in Delhi during the visit of former Pakistan minister Kasuri to India. The following day, Kasuri was present at a talk hosted by Ananta Centre, a Delhi-based think-tank, titled, ‘The Current State of India-Pakistan Relations’.

Sources told The Indian Express that Manmohan Singh was invited for the discussions that preceded the dinner, but he agreed to simply attend the dinner.

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  1. R
    Dec 11, 2017 at 11:52 pm
    as a citizen, I have a right on how the ex-PM conducts himself when out of office...even the pension and retirement perks he is drawing are being paid from the taxes on the hard-earnings of citizens of India and the PM therefore continues to remain a public figure....there is no reason I have to give him a benefit of doubt on an issue as serious as India's security, particularly when all circumstances around the meeting with representatives of an enemy nation point towards encouraging a well-known largest anti-India lobby that pakistan has historically been in sabotaging India's governance and the development process that is aimed to make citizens like me secure a better living....the ex-PM's disgraceful actions thus directly affect the life of the people....and that is why India chose a very strong Prime Minister in Mr. Modi to deal sternly with a defunct organisation and its destructive representatives in the harshest possible manner for their traitorous conduct when out of power.
    1. R
      Dec 11, 2017 at 11:56 pm
      3rd line.....read 'ex-PM Manmohan Singh' in place of 'PM' as the man in questionable position is the ex-PM who is making himself glaringly unworthy as a sane human !
    2. Aziz Siddiqui
      Dec 11, 2017 at 9:58 pm
      Again Bhakt will start pulling legs and throw abuses to who will say right things and that would be against their master father Modi. Bhakts have nothing to do with their brain they will wait till 2019 nad they may be if god's will will be there then they might start applying their brain again but if God's wished to do so otherwise i am 100 hope full that won't apply their brain again. Whatever facts anyone will produce and whatever truth is said they have closed their eyes so tightly that they can't think above that....but they can think only below since they have elected a prime minister with all time low in character even a characterless person should have become modest after becoming PM but he remained the same even he went to so low where no future PM would reach. He is fighting as people indulged in street fight. none of our honorary PM has done such kind of things ever. May God bless bhakts sadbuddhi......so that they can use again and forget their blind faith in one guy.
      1. S
        Dec 11, 2017 at 9:47 pm
        Its very unfortunate that SCAMGRESS is showing their ugly corrupt mind in meeting indian enemies. This Madcap Ayyar another Salman Kurshid went to Pakistan asked their help to remove MODI to get their power back. The IQ lesss, brainless as... Pappu met Chinese envoy to discuss Dhoklam issue. Now again these crooks meet Pakistani agents over Dinner. Do these crooks can explain what they discussed at their social gathering with the family of martryed Javans who were brutally killed by porkistan? Do these crooks have any shame??? They deserved to be kicked out of india!! This ex-VP Hamid Ansari was Porkistan agent when he was occupying highest office. PPL will reject these traitors in the election that's for sure
        1. Shams Shamsul
          Dec 11, 2017 at 9:20 pm
          It is sad that our PM, a seasoned RSS cadre has touched lower depths in creating panic which he often does. Pakistan is planning his defeat in Gujarat (presuming that he is PM of Gujarat). Masses have short memory is what rulers believe but not that short that Indians have forgotten his sudden visit to Pakistan to attend a private/family birthday party in Pakistan PM family. Why did he go there, for kheer, vegetarian biryani or photo session? If Pakistan happens to be centre of evil was he not hobnobbing with the former? And how shameful is that despite having known that Pakistan is involved in Gujarat elections PM's government has not called back Indian envoy from Islamabad and thrown out Pakistan envoy. Our government has not even sent a protest note!
          1. R
            Dec 11, 2017 at 9:02 pm
            Meek Mohan Singh A Traitorous Prime Minister.... .....needs to apologise for slandering Nationalist RSS all through his career in public life. Indians struggled for independence....a lusty Nehru-led-crooked-colonial-congress manipulated power and looted the Nation the next 65 years.....Meekmohan Singh was a key part of the corrupt congressis to exploit the Nation and keep the economy paralysed.....as paralysed as the dumbness MMS exposed to an entire world in his years as "UPA's puppet PM "....time for MMS to do yoga and feel uplifted....Modi-Led-NDA does not need sermons from a miserably failed economist, politician and public-person despite having been in the high position of PM.....the only thing this spineless rascal excelled in was in doing "jee hujoori"to an italian housewife in his greed to remain the PM at the cost of national interests.... unfortunately for the Nation, that led to crores of people suffering for which congress was ousted bag and baggage in one shot of Modi.
            1. Gurvinder Singh
              Dec 11, 2017 at 9:17 pm
              Gov't of MMS is discredited and ousted. PM does not have issues more important !! Is Gujarat more important for him than Nation ?
              1. R
                Dec 11, 2017 at 10:02 pm
                The Nation needs to check congress from the extent of direct or indirect threats to the Nation it is indulging in in its frustration on being out of power......PM is the most effective people's face to take the lead from whatever platforms available on this front in national interests ....Gujarat elections don't just happen to be around....congress is timing its anti-national agenda.....people of India do not want to wait for the gujarat elections to get over before the PM speaks boldly against congress on this issue.....he is thus under pressure to speak on India's safety and security issues....he uses the immediate platform available to him.....at election speeches where he is most heard....congress is feeling cornered as it gets exposed every passing day......gujaratis meanwhile will continue to embrace saffron as easily as fish swim in water....they now have one more reason.....gujarat is a border state and congress cannot be trusted .
              2. R
                Dec 12, 2017 at 12:10 am
                64 down and still counting...BUT NO COUNTER ARGUEMENT OR REASON SPECIFIED BY ANYONE......that makes the anti-BJP obsession glaringly irrational.
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