Indian Navy aircraft arrives in Philippines to search for missing sailors

The aircraft is equipped with two SAR kits which contain an inflatable dinghy capable of carrying 10 persons. It is also carrying emergency food and water supplies meant for airdropping to survivors.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 16, 2017 10:57 am
japanese coast guard news, manila news, world news, indian express news A P-8I (Navy 323) left from its base at 11.45 pm last night.

An Indian Navy aircraft was dispatched to assist in search and rescue operations for the 10  missing sailors of MV Emerald Star which sank near the Philippines coast on October 13. The ship was carrying 26 Indians on board and 16 Indians have been already rescued.

A P 8I long range maritime reconnaissance aircraft left for Manila last night at 11.45 pm.  It landed at the Vilamor air base in Manila and will shortly
start the search operation, a senior official of the Navy said.

The aircraft is equipped with an inflatable dinghy capable of carrying 10 persons. It is also carrying emergency food and water supplies meant for airdropping to the survivors.

On Friday, the 33,205 tonne Emerald Star sent a distress signal to the Japanese coastguard as it sailed 280 km east of northern tip of Philippines. According to a Japanese coastguard spokesperson, two patrol boats and two planes were immediately dispatched to the site but a typhoon had made the rescue difficult. The spokesperson also said that the cargo ship had sunk while three other vessels sailing near the area rescued 15 crew members.

japanese coast guard news, manila news, world news, indian express news The aircraft will arrive in Manila at 9.00 am local time (01:00 UTC) and begin search and rescue operations right away.

I. List of 11 Crew were rescued by m/v Densa Cobra

(In Xiamen, China)

  1. Second Engineer-Mr Madhavan Vaidan Suresh Kumar
  2. Third Engineer-Mr Thalai Raj Alangaram
  3. Junior Engineer-Mr Rengasamy Karuppiah
  4. Electrical officer-Mr Lourdusamy Subash
  5. Bosun-Mr Mansuri Muhammad Irfan
  6. Ab-Mr Jegan Selvandaran
  7. OS-Mr Ramani Rethina Kumar
  8. Deck Cadet-Mr Annadurai Anandha Kumar
  9. Oiler-Mr Renjith Lal
  10. Wiper-Mr Agin Kigin
  11. Engine Fitter-Mr Ram Kailash

II. 5 crew rescued by m/v SM Samarinda

(In Philippines)

  1. Ch Officer- Mr Ganagalla Kishore Kumar
  2. Eng. Cadet Umadurai Ramadurai
  3. Chief Cook Mr Ramalingam Karthikayan
  4. Tr O/S Mr Pascal Fernando Joseph Prakash
  5. Deck Fitter Mr Dasari Prakasa Rao

III.  10 Crew missing and Search & Rescue in progress

  1. Master- Capt Nair Rajesh Ramachandran
  2. Second officer-Mr Rahul Kumar
  3. Third officer-Mr Subramaniam Giridhar Kumar
  4. Chief Engineer-Mr Rajput Shyam Singh
  5. Fourth Engineer-Mr Subbaiah Suresh Kumar
  6. Junior Engineer-Mr Chauhan Ashok Kumar
  7. Ab-Mr Perumalsamy Gurumurthy
  8. AB-Mr Malarvanan Silambarasan
  9. Oiler-Mr Murugan Gowtham
  10. Tr GS-Mr Bevin Thomas

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  1. Vasanth Ranganathan
    Oct 18, 2017 at 10:13 am
    Be positive, people don't die when they jump from a fully loaded ship, that too listing badly.only thing is delayed exit, because then there will be a huge suction created due to has to get away as far as possible from the ship that's all.many were rescued so we have to keep our fingers crossed.Time is the main problem.
    1. A
      Oct 17, 2017 at 4:34 am
      Shame on folks who arranged for a specialized aircraft to join the search for missing mariners. Is this a god joke to find the missing now after so many days. The guys must be out of their minds and weirdos. Does anyone even know what happens when a ship sinks and how people run helter skelter to dive in ocean. Some or many can be dead the moment they hit water from such a height. It is outrageous and most frustrating for government to waste tax payer's money in this search for missing mariners. I am certain the families of mariners must be mad at Indian Government officials, including the god jerk and an outrageous stupid PM and his sissy assistant, President BJP, who are obviously ignorant of a life of a mariner at sea and on ship. Does the pilot and crew of this plan think they will find even one mariner waving at them from the ocean? What a sickening and disgusting JOKE? Someone, meaning the PM and his jerk BJP President needs to be JAILED for life.
      1. A
        Oct 16, 2017 at 2:12 pm
        We pray for the successful mission for others
        1. P
          Oct 16, 2017 at 1:30 pm
          Soumya I am praying for their quick rescue now that our aircraft have also reached in the phillipines
          1. S
            Oct 16, 2017 at 11:11 am
            We are eagerly waiting for some positive news on survivors as one of my relative is among missing crew members. Please keep me updated about any progress.
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