On cards: Mann Ki Baat book as exam stress-buster

“I have chosen to write on a subject that is close to my heart, and one that is fundamental to my vision of a youth-driven and youth-led tomorrow,” a Penguin Random House India statement quoted Modi.

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: July 4, 2017 4:03 am
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is compiling his Mann Ki Baat and “complementing them with some unique new insight and anecdotes” that would constitute a book to be released this year. The book, a first of its kind by a serving Prime Minister of India, will be published by Penguin Random House India, and will be “dedicated to the youth, both in India and across the world”. “The book is the brainchild of the Prime Minister, inspired by his interactions with students across the country,” Milee Ashwarya, editor-in-chief for the commercial and business divisions at Penguin Random House India, told The Indian Express.

“I have chosen to write on a subject that is close to my heart, and one that is fundamental to my vision of a youth-driven and youth-led tomorrow,” a Penguin Random House India statement quoted Modi. Underlining its significance for students, Ashwarya said: “The book deals with examination stress and how knowledge is more important than marks. The book is aimed at students.”

“This is clearly one of the biggest books for us,” she said, adding that it will be published in multiple languages. Penguin Random House said the book “will cover many aspects that students can relate to, especially with regard to the crucial Class X and XII examinations”. “Through the book, the Prime Minister hopes to become a friend of students, supporting them as they prepare for the examinations,” the publishing house said in a statement.

“Prime Minister Modi addresses core issues like overcoming exam stress, keeping one’s composure during exams and even what to do after the exams are over,” it said. The statement noted that “before the board examinations, the Prime Minister shares a special ‘Mann Ki Baat’ with the youth, where he deals with these issues”. “In the wake of the excellent response to that, PM Modi decided to compile those thoughts, complementing them with some unique new insights and anecdotes, in the form of a book,” it said.

Gaurav Shrinagesh, CEO, Penguin Random House India, said: “We are delighted to publish Prime Minister Modi to take his message to the youth of our country.” Bluekraft Digital Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation, will be the technology and knowledge partner for the book.

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  1. O
    Onkar Singh
    Jul 4, 2017 at 8:42 am
    The less read the better. This PM of India has been the biggest liar and still bigger a Jumleybazi !!! One who doesn't have the courage to display his degrees testifying his educational qualifications,and takes the help of the Judicial fig leaf to hide his degrees!!! What a shame. And his book is going to relieve stress of exams,that is an another lie.Read Kabir's "dohas" instead,that may help, because they were spiritualists and men of compassion as also men of action,who eked out a living through hard labor.Modi is a parasite on the Adanis and the Ambanis and the corporates!! Moreover it would be insulting those brilliant MBBS doctors who are into research of relieving stress, remember this fact too. Party members will buy the book and give profit to the publisher and publicity to Modi.But it will be insult to Medical Scholarship and ancient spiritual practices and truth will be a big casualty.
    1. T
      Jul 4, 2017 at 9:57 am
      A fake-degree holder giving stress-buster tips to the students is the joke of the decade !!! But Modi is not a parasite on the Adanis and the Ambanis because he promotes their business after fool-ing the people ---remember JIO advertise-ments !!! He is a parasite on tax-payers like us for his extravagance (foreign trips, suits, election-campaign security, Modi-Fest, etc )