No need to follow Centre’s order banning cattle sale: Mamata Banerjee

Mamata had also said her government would challenge the notification.

By: PTI | Barrackpore | Published:May 30, 2017 7:30 pm
mamata banerjee, beef, india news, indian express news Banerjee asked police “to deal sternly with communal flare-ups”, while accusing BJP of “making efforts to incite communal violence”. (Source: PTI)

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday told the officials in her administration that there was no need to follow the Centre’s notification banning the sale of cattle for slaughter at animal markets till the state government issued a direction to that effect. She, however, asked the police to take steps to stop cow smuggling in the border district of North 24-Parganas “at any cost”. Speaking at an administrative review meeting, Mamata said, “Cow smuggling has to be stopped at any cost. The police should take stern action to put an end to it.”

Cattle smuggling in North 24-Parganas district bordering Bangladesh is a sensitive issue with the BJP accusing the Trinamool Congress (TMC) government in the state of not doing enough to put an end to the illegal trade.

Banerjee asked the police “to deal sternly with communal flare-ups”, while accusing the BJP of “making efforts to incite communal violence” in the state.

“The police should keep its eyes and ears open. If someone tries to incite communal violence, beat up both the parties. Do not spare anybody, irrespective of the person’s political affiliations. The BJP is trying to incite communal violence in the state,” she said.

Speaking on the ban on sale and purchase of cattle at animal markets for the purpose of slaughter, she asked the district administration to ensure that no one followed the Centre’s notification in that regard.

“The holy month of Ramzan is on. Everybody has the right to observe religious festivals. Just like Durga Puja, Kali Puja and Christmas, Eid is also observed in our state.

“What one will eat, is his or her choice. No one has the right to dictate it. Do not follow that (Centre’s) order, the state has not issued any such order,” she said.

The administration should ensure that there was “no confusion” regarding the issue, the TMC supremo told the officials at the meeting, adding that till the state government issued an order to that effect, there was no need to follow the Centre’s notification.

On Monday, she had denounced the Centre’s notification banning the sale and purchase of cattle at animal markets for slaughter, saying it was a “deliberate attempt to encroach on the states’ rights and destroy the federal structure”.

Mamata had also said her government would challenge the notification.

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  1. J
    May 31, 2017 at 12:32 pm
    No need to follow you..... You are a disgrace to the HINDU community andm the biggest if you are thinking your doing right and the muslims love you for this....
    1. F
      May 31, 2017 at 6:48 am
      Read & understand this and then speak in public s: en.wikipedia /wiki/Cattle_slaughter_in_India Its completely comes under state jurisdiction. What about Goa, Manipur, am, Arunachal Pradesh, is Beef banned there or those BJP govt. are not abiding by cons ution? What BJP leaders in Meghalaya promising these days to make beef price even cheaper if they come into power? Are they violating the Article 48.
      1. S
        May 31, 2017 at 6:33 am
        BJP is in power since Congress became corrupt much of our industrial, space, nuclear, education, etc., development is due to Congress, the BJP has not delivered so far. While the Muslims could eat lamb, sheep, etc. . and could give support to the majority community on banning cow slaughter. The Muslims need not eat pork and Hindus many of whom are heavy meat eaters need not eat beef. Thus the problem is solved. Mumtaherself is known not to consume beef.
        1. D
          May 31, 2017 at 6:07 am
          Monkey Faced Mamota Benji, West Bengal people and Bangaladeshis prefer Monkey like you than Cow
          1. A
            May 31, 2017 at 4:20 am
            Which means yo don't abide by the cons ution. Refer to Article 48: Organisation of agriculture and Animal Husbandry The State shall endeavour to organise agriculture and animal husbandry on modern and scientific lines and shall, in particular, take steps for preserving and improving the breeds, and prohibiting the slaughter, of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle. So, before you talk on the State Vs Central consitution, know this
            1. K
              Kapil Sutra
              May 31, 2017 at 3:59 am
              Maa Cow writes in her "Self-Protection Manifesto " thus:- The butcher-friendly human propa ist is castigating our friends among humans as wantonly violent. In fact we know, who have watched for centuries tears flowing from eyes of our helpless brothers and sisters, lined up in kil houses operated by the humans, that these human butchers are VIOLENCE DEFINED. Please circulate my Manifesto so that we are all saved from the death sentence hung around our necks at the very birth and are able to live without being tormented by the butchers. -- MAA
              1. S
                May 31, 2017 at 3:49 am
                May Mamta die a painful death. May her Islam pandering agenda die even more painful death.
                1. M
                  Manohar Sharma
                  May 31, 2017 at 3:35 am
                  Mumtaj Begum.
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