I kept telling them I’m also against terrorists, they didn’t listen, says Muslim man assaulted by Bajrang Dal activists in Hisar

Hisar SP Manish Choudhary said that one of the accused, Anil, who has a shop in local auto market, had been arrested on the basis of the video footage of the incident, which has gone viral.

Written by SUKHBIR SIWACH | Kaithal | Updated: July 13, 2017 10:29 am
Mohammed Haroon Kasni. (File)

A day after he was assaulted allegedly by Bajrang Dal activists outside a mosque in Hisar, Mohammed Haroon Kasni (30) on Wednesday said he tried explaining to the mob that he was also against terrorists but no one listened to him.

“I kept explaining that I am also against the terrorists and traitors of the country. But they did not listen and slapped me after dragging me out of the mosque where I was performing namaz,” Haroon said.

A resident of Mirjapur Pol village of Saharanpur district in Uttar Pradesh, Haroon had come to Hisar for the first time. At 5.30 pm on Tuesday, he was at Jama Masjid in the town to perform prayers when Bajrang Dal activists allegedly assaulted him. According to police, the incident took place during a march by Bajrang Dal activists led by Kapil Vats to protest the attack on Amarnath yatra pilgrims.

Hisar SP Manish Choudhary said that one of the accused, Anil, who has a shop in local auto market, had been arrested on the basis of the video footage of the incident, which has gone viral.

“Anil, who is around 30, was also part of the demonstration. During interrogation, he confessed to having slapped Haroon when he did not say Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Anil also told us that he participated in dharnas by shopkeepers of the auto market. We have to verify whether he is a member of the Bajrang Dal,” Choudhary said.

Asked about increase in the incidents of such vigilantism, Haryana Industries and Commerce Minister Vipul Goel said, “In any state, such small incidents are natural but the government has responsibility to take action. Appropriate action will be taken in the matter as early as possible.”

Recalling the assault, Haroon said, “The Bajrang Dal activists dragged me out from the mosque and asked me to raise slogans like Jai Shri Ram and Jai Mata Ki. This was issue of my religious faith. I was fearful and kept standing silent. They slapped me again and again.”

Haroon, who claimed to be a maulvi, said he had come to Hisar to sell mangoes. “During evening hours, I went to the mosque. I and four others were performing namaz when the Bajrang Dal men entered the mosque and threatened us,” he said.

“They targeted me because it was easy for them to identify that I am a Muslim because of my beard and cap. Others hid in different corners of the mosque. They would have killed me had the police not arrived,” he said.

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  1. D
    Jul 13, 2017 at 10:09 am
    Poor lowlife Hindus are more into dekhbhakti . I bet the Hindu guy doesn't know how many states are there In India .
    1. R
      Jul 13, 2017 at 8:14 am
      Muslims deserve this, they should have gone to their islamic country , 95 percentage of muslims voted for creation of Pakistan in 1946 plebiscite but only 6 percent migrated to paakistan from Indian side(Paakistan side of Punjab and Bangladesh used to have only 52 percentage of Muslims, but killed and chased away Hindus and sikhs after taking over their properties) Muslim appea t started long time back, Gandhi and Nehru are responsible for keeping Muslims in india even after giving them 30 percentage of Land even though Muslims used to be only 24 percentage , overall Pakistan and Bangladesh got 30 percent of land but only 6 percentage of Muslims left India to pakistan ,which is most fertile, Sindh,Punjab and Bengal used to be food basket of undivided India , even after all this Muslims are trying to wipe out Hindus by breeding like pigs to increase their population,wake up Hindus before it is too late PS I want one army person or police to shoot and kill Media editors and owners
      1. S
        Jul 13, 2017 at 7:03 am
        Amit Shah aur Feku Key Gundey sab jagah Aathank Phaila rahen hain Gau Raksha key naam per ya koi bhi bahana bana ker.
        1. M
          Jul 13, 2017 at 6:42 am
          They provoke then the Saffron Mob start Lynching. They try to find one reason or other to Lynch or mass murder innocents. We hope Modi go soon and peace return to this country again. Whole country is fed up with Communal Terrorism and Mob Lynchings in the name of religion and caste for polarization and Votes with massacres of innocents.
          1. S
            Jul 13, 2017 at 6:36 am
            Hocus Pocus when Lord Shiva decided to tell Parvati the secret of his immortality (Amar Katha), he chose the Amarnath cave deep in the Himalayas in south Kashmir Seriously!! lol lol lol ice lingam. lmao More nonsense The ice lingam is formed by a trickle of water from a cleft in the cave’s roof. The water freezes as it drips, forming, over time, a tall, smooth ice stalagmite. The Shiva lingam gets its full shape in May, after which it begins to melt — by August, it is just a few feet in height. On the left of the Shiva lingam are two smaller ice stalagmites, representing Parvati and Lord Ganesh Unbelievable what people can believe in - Incredible India
            1. P
              p g
              Jul 13, 2017 at 6:32 am
              Remove your skull cap and shave your beard, you will be safe. Wear skull cap while praying only.
              1. C
                C K
                Jul 20, 2017 at 4:34 am
                So the issue is with him for wearing a skull cap and beard. Get your mind straight.Wondering whether your bhakts will treat a white bearded tourist guy the same way.
              2. Z
                Zen Bhatia
                Jul 13, 2017 at 6:30 am
                Chief minister Yogi and PM should be blamed for these communal events and atricities towards Muslims for reasons or no reasons. If the BJP leaders keep their eyes and ears closed to stop these inhumane and humiliating sufferings of the Muslim masses around India, soon the Muslim youth will lose their confidence in the government and not only Indian Muslims will suffer heavily, India and Indians will also suffer if these youth will also take arms in their hands and join the other militant groups.
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