Even a cop at every house can’t prevent rapes, says RR Patil

Later claims he was misquoted as Opposition slams him over the remark

By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Updated: June 12, 2014 7:35 am
Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil. (Source: PTI) Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil. (Source: PTI)

Maharashtra Home minister R R Patil blamed nudity in mass media for the rising sexual crimes against women and said even deploying policemen in every household will not help since a majority of rapes happen within the confines of home.

In his statement before the state Legislative Council on Wednesday, the NCP leader read out statistics to prove his point. “If a father doesn’t behave like a father and a brother doesn’t behave like a brother, then we are looking at making separate provisions in the laws to act against such people. In such a situation what can police do?,” Patil said. He went on to say that in 6.65 per cent cases the rapes are committed by relatives, in 21.79 per cent cases the accused are neighbours, in 18.68 per cent cases the crime is committed by colleagues and friends, 1.60 per cent are by landlords, 3.01 by paramours and 1.05 percent by teachers.

“As compared to other states, the condition of women is better in Maharashtra and especially in Mumbai,” he said adding the conviction rate in crimes against women has doubled from 8 per cent to 17 per cent in 2013.

Later, in the Assembly, Patil clarified he only meant to say that even if the number of women constables are increased, the police can’t be posted in each and every house. He blamed the media for contorting his statement following which the Speaker said that records of his statement would be checked and a privilege motion could be initiated on Thursday if Patil was found to be right.

In his statement, Patil added that for the security of women outside their homes, 500 wireless jeeps with female police officials would be deployed. A squad of 200 women commandos on bikes would be made in-charge of clamping down on the increasing number of chain-snatching incidents.

Vinod Tawde, Leader of Opposition from BJP in the legislative council, lashed out at Patil for merely preaching instead taking any firm action on the increasing crimes against women and Dalits in the state.

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  1. K
    Jun 12, 2014 at 5:58 am
    With a cop on every house the rape percentage will increase.It is amazing the ministers so uneducated socially!
    1. M
      Jun 12, 2014 at 4:25 am
      MR R R PATIL You are not fit for that portfolio which you are handling now. better step down and give it to somebody else who can handle it effectively and also try to keep your mouth shut. whenever you try to talk about some serious issues you always deliver some none senses like bade bade shehar mein chote mote hadse...nudity and so on..think about your daughter/sister/mother/wife instead of rape victims.
      1. P
        Oct 11, 2014 at 9:17 pm
        This home minister gives tall promises only, no actual concrete implementation & that in turn increases the crime rate. Such ministers dont deserve to occupy this responsible post
        1. R
          Rajeev Maheshwari
          Jun 12, 2014 at 3:32 am
          Shame shame to politician. If this happen to your family/family members, well this comments is acceptable by you. Please talk being a responsible citizen in the right manner. this is my humble request dear Home Minister. Congress party and its character is like this.You cannot change it. Now incoming embly election public will show the colour of such comments and be ready for it.
          1. T
            Thomas George
            Jun 12, 2014 at 11:25 am
            He is just highlighting the fact that police action can deter, or police can prosecute after the crime -- but cannot prevent a crime because police cannot be at every location at the time of crime. He is also saying that many crimes are committed by family and friends.But, I do not understand why he needs to articulate this point at this emotionally charged time. That is not sensitive to the plight of the victims.
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