Narendra Modi thanked for making Gujarat No. 1 by Raje

Written by PTI | New Delhi | Published:March 15, 2013 10:41 pm

Praising Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for the turnaround in his state during his 15-year-rule,former Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje today said she would complete unfinished work in her state if elected to power again.

“In his 15 years of rule Narendra Modi has become the envy of every other CM. Fate and hard work combined to make the turnaround possible. Gujarat did it and later Rajasthan also made that possible (during BJP rule),” Raje said at an interactive session ’empowering women’ organised by Ficci’s Ladies Organisation.

“During my 5-year old tenure Rajasthan attracted mou to the tune of Rs 1,70,000-1,80,000 crore,” she said.

“During my tenure we had made the SEZ Mahendra City possible with as little pain as possible. And Aziz Premji (Wipro) and Infosys both came here despite Premji earlier not being very positive about it,” she said.

Without naming anyone,she said “If you wish to do it really,reforms are just not words to be bandied around.

“You go out and industrialists say there is so much negativity about the government. Corruption has affected everybody and we have to start doing things differently,” Raje said.

Stating that in the event of her return,the government would honour any decision taken by previous regimes,Raje said “We created the situation where the diaspora promised to come back. The momentum should be there.”

Asserting there was no disconnect,Raje said “People have the notion that those born in royal families belong to different stratospheres. It talks about a disconnect but I was instead taught to believe that the world out there is a big family.”

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