‘Bhasmasur’ Narendra Modi has consumed mentor L K Advani: Jairam Ramesh

Ramesh also likens Narendra Modi to Adolf Hitler,says Rahul Gandhi doing better job.

Written by Press Trust Of India | New Delhi | Published: June 13, 2013 6:45:21 pm

Union Minister Jairam Ramesh today described Narendra Modi as ‘Bhasmasur’,a mythological character known for trying to destroy his creator,and said the Gujarat Chief Minister has “consumed” his mentor L K Advani.

Ramesh,a Congress strategist,also compared his party leader Rahul Gandhi and Modi – the two possible Prime Ministerial candidate for the 2014 elections,saying while Gandhi was trying to create a structure and a system in the country,Modi “is saying he is the system and the structure”.

“Modi is Bhasmasur. He will consume the people who have created him. He has consumed his mentor,Mr Advani. He has consumed Togadia,one of his co-conspirator in 2002 and he is nothing but a Bhasmasur,” the minister said.

Bhasmasur was a demon who was granted the power to destroy anyone whose head he touched with his hand by Lord Shiva. When Shiva granted him the power,Bhasmasur attempted to touch the head of the Lord with his hand because he saw his wife Parvati and wanted to possess her.

Ramesh was reacting to a volley of questions about the developments in the BJP after Advani’s resignation from all party posts following the elevation of Modi as the party’s chief campaigner for the next Lok Sabha polls.

“The fundamental difference between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi is that Gandhi is trying to create a structure and a system which is not dependent on individuals. Modi is saying I don’t care about the system,I am the structure. I am the system. Nothing exists other than me. Gandhi has never said that,” he said when asked about the difference between the two leaders.

The Minister,however,refused to say that the 2014 elections will be Rahul Gandhi Vs Narendra Modi contest but said it will be the fight between Congress and RSS.

Launching a scathing attack on RSS and its chief Mohan Bhagwat,Ramesh said the Sangh should now register itself a political party.

“It must give up this pretense of being socio-cultural organisation. The manner in which it has maneuvered Modi in and Advani out and the manner in which Mohan Bhagwat is travelling all over the country,trying to lobby with various people,it is no longer a socio-cultural organisation,” he said.

Calling Modi “India’s first authentic fascist”,Ramesh,however,admitted that the BJP leader poses a “challenge” for the Congress party in the coming elections — both managerial and ideological.

“Why should we be afraid of Modi? Yes he won three elections in Gujarat. No doubt,he was formidable campaigner. He will certainly pose a challenge to us. He represents not just a managerial challenge. But he also represents an ideological challenge,” the Minister said when asked whether Modi posed a challenge for the Congress in the 2014 elections.

Ramesh alleged that the BJP leader has “destroyed all democratic norms in Gujarat”.

The Congress leader said that Modi is a “fact of life” as he was elevated by the BJP as chairman of its election board panel.

“We have to be content with that reality…. If BJP wants to commit suicide,why should we stop them,” he said.

Asked about a section of corporates and industrialists calling Modi an able administrator,Ramesh said all corporates supported German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and Italian fascist ruler Benito Mussolini.

“All corporates supported Hitler and Mussolini also. The middle class also supported Hitler and Mussolini. Sure,he has got corporates’ support. Sure,he has got support of the middle class….He (Modi) represents a very dangerous element of Indian politics and it is I,me,myself. Nothing else,” he said.

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