Lalu Prasad warns PM Modi and Amit Shah after CBI raid: Will destroy your arrogance

The RJD chief said Friday’s raids were the result of the ruling party’s reaction to his “Bharat bachao, Bhajapa hatao” campaign.

Written by Santosh Singh , Prashant Pandey | Patna/ranchi | Published: July 8, 2017 3:36 am
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RJD chief Lalu Prasad on Friday warned Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah that he would “destroy your arrogance and existence”, adding that the Grand Alliance was intact despite the BJP’s efforts to destroy it.

Hours after the CBI booked him and his family members for alleged corruption in awarding tender for maintenance of hotels during his tenure as Railway Minister, Lalu said, “Suno Modi aur Amit Shah, fansi ke fande par latak jayenge, tumhara ahankar, buniyad khatma kar denge, GA ko khatma karna chahte ho. Case bachcha ke upar kiya, Rabri par kiya…. Aap latak par mahagathbandhan par aana chahte ho. Hamara gathbandhan intact hai (Listen Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, I will embrace the gallows but will destroy your arrogance and existence. You filed a case against my children and wife. The BJP wants to cause fissures in the Grand Alliance. You (BJP) want to piggyback (on Nitish Kumar) to forge an alliance. Our alliance is intact).”

Speaking to the media in Patna after returning from Ranchi, the former CM said, “I learnt that 27 CBI officials came to my Patna house to conduct a search. I learnt that it was about IRCTC hotel allotments. I wonder why the case was lodged after so many years…. This has become a practice now. The CBI is not as much to blame as Modi and Shah. Some officials said they had got orders from above….”

Upset at the CBI booking his son Tejashwi and wife Rabri Devi, Lalu said: “They booked Tejashwi, who was a minor then. Even Rabri was not holding any position then.”

Earlier in the day, after appearing at a CBI court in Ranchi in a couple of fodder scam cases, Lalu said Friday’s raids were the result of the ruling party’s reaction to his “Bharat bachao, Bhajapa hatao” campaign.

Reiterating that his sons and daughter were being targeted in a bid to send him to jail, he said: “They want me to surrender… but I will finish them off.”

The RJD leader said he had asked his family to respect CBI officials as they were working at the behest of the Prime Minister, and that Shah and the RSS were behind their moves.

The CBI not only secretly got the FIR registered but was also armed with search warrants, Lalu said.

“The media never got the whiff of it.” He reminded the media of the “government pressure to talk about only one side”.

Lalu went on to say that IRCTC was constituted in 1999 and became functional in 2003.

The previous NDA government had already taken the policy decision to involve private players in running railway hotels and guest houses, he said. “It was an open tender. Delhi’s Yatri Niwas was taken over by Tata,” he said, claiming that it was all in open and IRCTC, being an autonomous body, never sent a file to the railway minister. He pointed out that he had turned the loss-making Railways around, and that he did not allow any wrong action as Railway Minister.

Lamenting that he was made a victim through his political life, Lalu said, “Those who talk about the downtrodden always meet this fate.”

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  1. Umesh Kumar Dash
    Jul 8, 2017 at 12:35 pm
    Corrupt politicians need not have to be hanged. But they must pay back to country for their massive corruption. Stringent laws to be prepared, so that all the properties should be forfeited, rights of voting and contesting should be forfeited and they should spend rest of the life in jail.Unless this happen the corruption by politicians, government servants will never be stopped permanently. Always had praise for Nitish Kumar, not only he is against corruption, but also he is against dynasty politics which is fodder of all corruption, nepotism and favouratism. Because of dynasty politics of many corrupt leaders, talented, dedicated leaders from political parties was never allowed to rise to top position, resulting misgovernance and chaos. Most of the parties which support to NPA are from dynasty origin, they only think of survival of their progeny and sycophants. This will be good for Nitish Kumar to get rid of those parties and politicians as soon as possible.
    1. Roby Mani
      Jul 8, 2017 at 12:16 pm
      Why are only opposition parties being targeted for corruption? Why are allegations raised against BJP members not being followed up by CBI? i am sure that the allegations regarding Aditya Birla and Sahara Papers have some material for a thorough probe. All the wings of the investigative and legal machinery have been influenced and threatened to such an extend that they have become subservient to the diktats of the ruling party. They refrain from taking action against the ruling party members and go hammer and tongs against opposition leaders. I do not say that the guilty should be spared. But it must be transparent and clear that the law enforcing agencies are impartial and does not spare any one, be it from the ruling party or from the opposition. This is just what is not happening at present and hence the negative reaction to these actions..
      1. P
        Jul 8, 2017 at 11:42 am
        Whole Bihar and India is with Lalu not with those who Lynched 1000 innocents during Gujarat Riots and not with Mob Lynchers. Everyone knows who received huge money from Birla and Sahara and his name was found in their dairies. Who has fake degrees well known too. Under whose Government biggest scams amounting to two lakh crores like Vyapam Scam, lalit gate, DDCA scam, Hydel power Scam, Vijay Mallya Scam, Dal Scam, Mining Scam, Chiki Scam, Notebandi scam and many other scams taking place but no CBI raid or investigation or no arrest.
        1. G
          Gandu Lalu
          Jul 8, 2017 at 11:32 am
          ulta chor kotwal ko dante
          1. M
            Jul 8, 2017 at 11:44 am
            Jab Kotwal hi sab sey bada chor ho to.
          2. N
            Jul 8, 2017 at 11:20 am
            It is desperation of Amit Shah and Modi driving them towards misuse of power and Government Agencies like CBI, IT for the profit of BJP and RSS to demonize opposition leaders. Only work Modi, Amit Shah and BJP have done since 2014 is Arresting 26 Aam Aadmi MLAs on small complaints and making fake rubbish cases against them to avenge their biggest defeat in Delhi Assembly Elections. CBI Raid on Arvind Kejrival Office and Rajendra Kumar an IAS officer working for Delhi Government. CBI and IT raid on every single AAP minister. We saw CBI, IT raids on Himachal Pradesh CM, Former CM of Gujarat Vaghela, SP and BSP top leaders, and many Top Opposition leaders all over the country. This is the job BJP has done in 3 years of rule with 0 percent development.
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