Kerala Minister G Sudhakaran flings racial slur at senior World Bank official

It is learnt that the World Bank officials have taken a serious note of the controversial remark of the Kerala Minister. Several times in the past, the officials of the World Bank had expressed displeasure over the delay in implementing various road improvement schemes under the KSTP.

Written by Shaju Philip | New Delhi | Updated: July 6, 2017 6:07 pm
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Senior CPI (M) leader and Kerala Public Works Minister G Sudhakaran flung a racial slur at Work Bank’s senior infrastructure specialist Dr Bernard Aritua, who is associated with a road development project aided by the agency in Kerala.

As the World Bank reportedly took a serious note of the controversial racist comment, Sudhakaran on Thursday tendered an apology.A

After reviewing the progress of World Bank-aided Kerala State Transport Project (KSTP) in Kasaragod district on Monday, the Minister said, “World Bank means America. Kerala has existed even before America was born. Don’t threaten us to withdraw the bank loan. KSTP is one of the corrupt projects in Kerala. Officials of the World Bank are responsible for the tardy progress of the project. Since I became the Public Works Minister, the representatives of the World Bank had met me four times….Their (World Bank) team leader is an African- American. That means he belongs to the race of Obama. He is a Negro. Centuries back, they were ferried from Africa to America, and were engaged in bonded labour. When slavery ended, they were freed. This official is part of it,’’ said the minister.

Dr. Bernard Aritua, who faced the racist slur from the CPI (M) minister, is the leader of the World Bank team which had recently reviewed the progress of the KSTP project in Kerala. Aritua is a senior infrastructure specialist in the World Bank.

As his comments became controversial, the Minister on Thursday said, “I would write a letter to the official, tendering apology for my remark. Otherwise, when the WB team visit me next time, I would express my regret over the incident.’’

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  1. C
    Chandran Mekoth
    Jul 7, 2017 at 5:52 pm
    This is not an exceptional case. These are the frogs in the mudpond. They havent seen the world outside their territory. Born to some poor and innocent parents, brought up amid hoologans and grown to be a political leader of a party that no one wants nor it has any use to society. It is known to all, that Education purifies individuals and make the society cultured. I dont know what type of education this guy attained and from where. God is here, thats why we are happy. .
    1. Imtiaz Mosam
      Jul 6, 2017 at 10:48 pm
      This is what you expect from uneducated fools who unfortunately rule India? India claims to have a robust economy with surplus forex reserves? Does it really need world bank to assist?
      1. H
        Hari Nair
        Jul 6, 2017 at 8:34 pm
        Sudhakaran is still living in a dark era and as always been barked before he could see the light. Pity these people who have so less exposure to world like a frog in a well better understood as koopamadookam in Kerala. When we people living abroad gets bullied we have no words to explain where we belong to though we expatriates take the major share of ferrying these cartoons. Dear sirs come out of petty politics and think of it on a broad scale else even your children and g children will spit at you if not today definitely tomorrow as their vision and Mission are guided by present and not by past Before you get to forget yourself think of the intelligent keralites across the globe who've done nothing Wrong but have sacrificed their heart and soul for the little stretch in the sub continent. You also are also classified. Sudhakaran Sir. Can you stand up and talk in in an international venue??dont establish yourself fool though we positively know you as Sashii of today.
        1. M
          Jul 6, 2017 at 5:33 pm
          these comments prove how full of discrimination we as a society are, we discriminate based on religion, race and caste yet we claim to be a tolerant society. And BJP supporters shouldn't jump over it as well as even their leaders have made such comments time and again. We cant justify discrimination on basis of one criteria and cry se when confronted with another. We need to reflect as a society as even politicians come from among us only
          1. J
            Jai hind
            Jul 6, 2017 at 4:43 pm
            The good for nothing . hate spreading lie spreading bjp trolls who dont miss a chance to mock the oppositions .. Those paid trolls are here below pouncing upon this guy ... If some one asks about Tarun vijai the bjp men s statement on our own indiancitizens in south india.. They might abuse u threaten uorcall names........ Do pairo mai fileria lagahua banda ek pair wala fileria beemri ka mazak udaraha hai 😂
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