Kerala ‘love jihad’ case LIVE updates: I want my freedom, Hadiya tells Supreme Court

Kerala 'love-jihad' case: "I want to study but not on the state’s expense. My husband can take care of me,” Hadiya tells CJI Dipak Misra

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 27, 2017 5:44 pm
Hadiya to appear in SC today in Kerala 'love-jihad' case Kerala ‘love-jihad’ case: The Supreme Court had said that only after talking to Hadiya, it could consider the NIA’s and Ashokan’s contention that Hadiya had been indoctrinated and her consent was not free. (File photo)

Hadiya, a Kerala-based Hindu girl Akhila who converted to Islam and later married a Muslim man, Shafin Jahan, appeared before the Supreme Court on Monday and said she wanted her freedom back. A bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra posted the next date of hearing on the third week of January and in the meantime allowed the 24-year-old to resume her job as a house surgeon in Salem-based Homeo Medical College.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) and Hadiya’s father K M Ashokan have contended that Hadiya had been indoctrinated by radical groups and her consent was not free.

The Indian Express on Saturday reported that the NIA, in its status report to the top court last week, attached Hadiya’s statement in which she refuted claims of any pressure to convert to Islam or marry Jahan and said that she married of her own free will and decided to convert voluntarily.

Even before leaving for Delhi on Saturday, she told media at the Kochi airport, “I am a Muslim. I have embraced Islam of my own free will. Nobody has compelled me to become a Muslim. I want justice. I want to live with my husband.” She was accompanied by her parents.

Kerala ‘love jihad’ case LIVE updates:

5.28 pm: SC directs that Hadiya be taken to college for her studies and that college should allow hostel facility to her. Next date of hearing fixed for the third week of January.

4.45 pm: CJI Dipak Misra asks Hadiya, ‘Do you want to continue your studies on state’s expense?’ “I want to but not on state’s expense. My husband can take care of me,” she says

4.40 pm: I want my freedom, Hadiya says in Supreme Court

4.30 pm: Counsel for Hadiya’s father says material submitted by NIA should be looked into and then her version should be heard. “There’s an operational apparatus existing for conversion,” the counsel told SC

4.21 pm: The National Investigating Agency (NIA) had submitted a 100-page probe report to the Supreme Court and included Hadiya’s testimony that she married of her own free will

4.17 pm: Kapil Sibal further told SC that when Hadiya was here, the court should listen to her, not the NIA and that she was entitled to make decisions of her life

4.05 pm: Appearing for Hadiya’s husband Shafi Jahan, Kapil Sibal told the Supreme Court that he was really saddened since instead of asking Hadiya on what she wanted people were talking about the venom filled in news channels

3.30 pm: Hadiya arrives at Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra’s courtroom for hearing

The apex court had in August asked the NIA to probe the case after Jahan had challenged Kerala High Court which nullified their marriage and gave Hadiya’s custody to her father KM Ashokan.

Also, the NIA, in its earlier report to the court, had claimed there was a “well-oiled machinery working in Kerala” involved in indoctrination and radicalisation of women, and 89 such cases had been reported. It claimed that the court could invoke parental authority even if Hadiya was an adult, as her case suggested that she was radicalised.

Ashokan had also alleged that she had been indoctrinated by radical groups.

The Supreme Court had said that only after talking to Hadiya, it could consider the NIA’s and Ashokan’s contention that Hadiya had been indoctrinated.

Meanwhile, last week, her father had urged the court to conduct in-camera proceeding due to the communally sensitive nature of the case and threats from radical elements to him and his family.


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  1. R
    Ram Sekhar
    Nov 28, 2017 at 12:13 am
    This is not conversion. This is psychological grooming. Following are the steps involved: Steps [1 - 4] - GROOMING ~ Girl has doubts about her own religion. Steps [5 - 6] - CONVERT ~ Girl is now in deep emotional stress. Forced to defend her decision. Change in perspective strong. Steps [7 - 9] - END GAME ~ Most girls picked are soft. So, they accept their new fate with no questions. They now attack their previous religion. Society thinks they have always acted on her free will. 1) Identify soft individuals and be friends with them 2) Constantly tell about how their religion is bad and how ISS LaaM is the best 3) Scare them saying they are going to hell 4) Start taking them to Dawaa keeping it secret from Parents 5) Separate emotionally from Parents. Reduce trust in family 6) Convert in secrecy from parents 7) Scare saying if they go back, they will go to hell. Threaten if needed. 8) Tell that parents, family will ask them to leave ISS LaaM. 9) Turn them against parents
    1. B
      Nov 27, 2017 at 7:10 pm
      when Narendra Jumlavati was hugging and rubbing his crotch against Nawaz Sharif , was Jumlavati also a victim of Love Jihad ? Jumlavati did not even blame Pak1stan for the pathankot terror attacks that occurred immediately afterwards.
      1. Y
        Nov 27, 2017 at 7:04 pm
        I want my freedom too. Freedom from worry which was born ever since this depraved notion of Jihad came to light. Freedom to safely live without worrying that some depraved radical will mark our sisters and daughters as booties won out of an obnoxious conceptual war running in a depraved mind, in which the Hindu and others religions are not even a combatant.
        1. H
          HOLEY FATHER
          Nov 27, 2017 at 7:00 pm
          Saudi Arabia has always believed that it was the true land of Islam. While they consider other Muslim nations inferior, they also claim that they are the direct descendants of Muhammad. The prince of Saudi Muhammad Bin Salman has made a controversial statement humiliating Pakistan. Muhammad Bin Suleiman believes that Pakisanis are the slaves of the Arabs. Suleiman is also the Defence Minister of Saudi Arabia. This statement proves that Saudi looks at every other Muslim country with the ‘converted-muslim’ country perspective. Muslims from India, Pakistan Bangladesh are called ‘Hindu-muslims’ in Saudi. They consider the Muslims from these 3 nations to have converted to Islam from Hinduism. The Indian, Pakistani Bangaldesh Muslims are also called as “Al-Hindi-Muskeen” referring to them as second-grade Muslims. The differentiation in the system is an open fact. Arabi Muslims are preferred to “Hindu Muslims”, be it any job or top post.
          1. H
            HOLEY FATHER
            Nov 27, 2017 at 7:01 pm
            The top posts are always reserved for the Saudi Arabians. The other Muslim nations and their citizens are considered to be inferior. Hence they are given inferior or insignificant posts in their army. Even Indian Muslims are a subject to this bias.We must tell you that prior to the Suleiman kings, the Abdullah kings reigned in Saudi. But, the outlook was the same. The Abdullah Kings had said that “Indian Pakistani Muslims grow beards to look good like us, but they look like they’ve come straight from the forest.”
          2. H
            Nov 27, 2017 at 6:45 pm
            the religious conversion is a deplorable thing to do even if it is of their own will ,,, atleast if there is something you dont like about religion try to change it and not leave the problems for others ,,, whether its a muslim or a hindu they should never convert to other religion but that does'nt mean that they should not intermix ,,, YOU CAN ONLY GET A RAINBOW FROM DIFFERENT COLOURS SHINING SIMULTANEOUSLY ,,,
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