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Kerala actress molestation: Chargesheet on Oct 7, police likely to seek life term for Dileep

Dileep, lodged in the Aluva sub-jail since July 10, has been accused of hatching a plot to abduct and assault the actress in a moving car

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: September 20, 2017 12:55 pm
Dileep, Malayalam actor, Malayalam actor arrest, Dileep images Actor Dileep, who was arrested in connection with the actress abduction-molestation case in Kerala

The investigating team, probing the abduction and molestation of an actress, plan to submit their charge-sheet in the case on October 7 before the Angamali Magistrate court. The police are likely to press charges of conspiracy and gangrape against the accused including actor Dileep which, if proven, may invite a life imprisonment sentence for him.

The Kerala superstar, lodged in the Aluva sub-jail since July 10, has been accused of hatching a plot to abduct and assault the actress in a moving car through ‘prime accused’ Pulsar Suni and his associates. The actress, who has worked in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu films, was kidnapped and molested in a moving car while she was on her way from Thrissur to Kochi on the night of February 17 this year. Suni and six other men were arrested by the police within weeks of the incident. Dileep was subsequently expelled from leading film fraternities in the state after his arrest.

Police have maintained that even after the charge-sheet is submitted, the investigation will continue. Efforts will be strengthened to trace the cell-phone on which photos and videos of the alleged molestation were taken. It is unclear whether the accused have hidden or destroyed the phone, a crucial piece of evidence in the case.

Meanwhile, Dileep approached the Kerala High Court on Tuesday with a bail application, just a day after a similar request was turned down by a lower court. This is the fifth time the actor has pleaded for bail before the courts. Even as the hearing of the bail has been deferred to September 26, the HC said it will be considered ‘only if there is sufficient change in circumstances.’ The actor’s judicial remand has been extended till September 28 by the magistrate court.

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  1. D
    Dr Sahadev
    Oct 11, 2017 at 12:07 am
    On actor Dileep subject , we are unable to believe any news stories as put forth by the media. Director Priyadharshan is supposed to have told people that the victim had clearly told him that she was not raped at all, Therefore the rape allegation could after all be false. Then , what is reported on the medical examination of the victim is also false. It is strange that the complete drama has been enacted by two of victim's own drivers, one current and one ex. Is Dileep the real victim? It could easily be. It is said that Dileep has locked horns with the powerful Film Distributors lobby who were really angry with Dileep for bringing an alternate fora to the existing distributors monopoly. Many like Liberty Basheer and others were really angry with Dileep. Some say that even Asianet had some score to settle with Dileep. Some competing stars like Prithviraj were also not with Dileep to a large extent. There seems to be a much larger conspiracy. WHO'S REAL VILLAIN THEN? NOT DILEEP .
    1. A
      Sep 21, 2017 at 11:37 am
      Dileep janapriya nayakan is denied bail on condition that he is influential and will tamper evidence ,if released on bail,one of the crucial evidence being the video recording, which the Police fear, he may make a beeline and destroy it promptly when given bail!...did the actress abducted in her statement in her FIR say that a video recording was taken of the molestation.when video recorded or not is not clear. How can it be traced, or how can Dileep lay his hands on the video.Pulsar suni has been reeling out countless and bull stories
      1. S
        Sep 20, 2017 at 11:35 pm
        The actor was leading a happy life with his daughter, mother and wife during the time of attack. So what revenge comes then??? Once if the court verifies the 'divorce pe ion' of both the Actor and the Ex-wife, the real reason for their divorce will become clearer. Those pe ions are authentic documents. May be this can be a conspiracy to destroy the actor and his family. Why the conspiracy against the actor is not getting investigated? The Actor had given a complaint about it on April. There are some names mentioned in the actor's bail application about the conspirators, which includes the Ex-wife. This itself shows that the actor was not having any revenge about their divorce issue. He suspects that his Ex-wife may be one among the conspirators for trapping him. So then what is the actor's motive for doing the crime. Who is that political leader's son mentioned in the anti tory bail application of Actor's wife? Let the truth come out. This case should be investigated by the CBI.
        1. E
          Sep 20, 2017 at 10:07 pm
          Film industry is a cesspool of ual politics struggle for survival of the actors/actresses among themselves and true typical example of hypo racy.All act not only in films but in actual life too exhibiting Navarasas in their interaction with each other and with media.it is a open secret that especially women artists rented this field fully knowing the pit falls hurdles to be faced by them to survive come up the ladder.Whatever present heroines may pretend,most of them had undergone through them compromising their principles self esteem to reach heroine stardom.Nobody speaks outside,but even after reaching top stardom film bigwigs can't expect her to face this ignominy anymore taking it lightly as they are doing in the present case.if this shirt of ignominy could be meted out to an established heroine,what to talk about the fate of upcoming women artists? There are so many cases of suppressing exploiting upcoming heroines heroes in both south NorthAreKnownButNoneWldDareToCmpln
          1. J
            Sep 21, 2017 at 4:42 am
            It seems, both the comments in the name of SKJ and yours are written by the same person usinng a key board which failed to print some letters. Also not looking like a layman's language. Possibly you are from the PR firm, the police claim Dileep has engaged.
            1. S
              Sep 21, 2017 at 1:13 pm
              Of course I don't have the knowledge to express my doubts using the layman's language 'English'. I am a Malayalee. But I have just expressed my doubts. 'PR firm' : Who is paying for someone's opinion? If there is such a provision available then please let me know. And Jacob, I think your key board is super reacting : It prints some letters twice: "usinng". Seems like you are very intelligent, but don't know why you are not getting bothered about the following issues: Police arrested the actor on July 10 and said that he was arrested because he had delayed the complaint. And also the police said that there is some real estate deals between the actor and the actress. But later we came to know that there is no such deals between them from the assaulted actress. Why you are not bothered about the 'frequently changing statements of the prime accused'? Are you from the PR firm of the real conspirators, the actor had claimed the he was being trapped by someone who are very powerful