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Near Jim Corbett, forest dept uses JCB to move it, tiger ends up dead

Neither Kahkashan Naseem, divisional forest officer, Terai West, nor D S Khati, chief wildlife warden, Uttarakhand was available for comment.

Written by Jay Mazoomdaar | New Delhi | Updated: March 19, 2017 11:45 am
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A tiger pinned down by an earthmover, after it was possibly overdosed during attempts at tranquillisation in the forests adjacent to the Corbett tiger reserve, died soon after it was captured. On Thursday morning, a group of migrant labourers working at a stone quarry on the Dabka river went inside the forests of Belpadav range in the Terai West Forest Division where they chanced upon the male tiger. The big cat attacked Bhagwati Devi, 33, and her father-in-law Lakhpat who tried to help her. Both of them died on the spot. The Dabka and Kosi rivers are heavily mined, mostly illegally, for stone which puts enormous pressure on the natural ecosystems and the wildlife habitat in and around Corbett tiger reserve.

According to local forest sources, the quarrying lobby put pressure on the forest officials to immediately remove the tiger as the panic-stricken migrant labourers threatened to abandon work and flee. The forest personnel swung into action with tranquillising guns and used an earthmover from a local quarry to pin down the tiger even before the drugs took effect. The big cat was injured in the process and died while being transported to the Nainital zoo the same day.

“The animal was probably overdosed. Perhaps they tried to sedate it twice as it did not go down immediately. The tiger also suffered spinal injuries, possibly from the JCB. It is difficult to tell if it died due to overdosing or injuries or both,” said one of the medical staff associated with the forest department on condition of anonymity.

Neither Kahkashan Naseem, divisional forest officer, Terai West, nor D S Khati, chief wildlife warden, Uttarakhand was available for comment.

Debabrata Swain, member secretary, National Tiger Conservation Authority, said that an expert fact-finding team would be formed and sent to Ramnagar on Monday. “We will find out why the Standard Operating Procedure was not followed. There is always pressure in a situation of conflict but we cannot use an earthmover to catch a tiger,” he told The Sunday Express.

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  1. R
    Mar 19, 2017 at 3:40 am
    How come that forest department is actively helping illegal miners?
    1. Amit Bhattacharjie
      Mar 19, 2017 at 7:55 am
      One tiger is dead and so much footage covering it. What about the woman and man who died after being attacked by the tiger? Just two lines? In 21st century India, an animal surprisingly has more value than humans who help build our society. Sach mooch, mera Bharat Mahaan.
      1. Angelica Ibbotson
        Mar 20, 2017 at 12:22 pm
        Yes, all too often local people are treated as collateral damage in the fight to protect wildlife. You can see this with the killings in Kaziranga and the forced and illegal evictions of tribal people from tiger reserves across India. Of course it's essential that endangered species are protected, but the forest department should be working together with local tribal people, the best conservationists, not alienating and excluding them. Survival International is campaigning for a new model of conservation, that respects tribal peoples rights. See here:
        1. B
          Mar 19, 2017 at 7:15 am
          the question now is will bjp save ecology ,ban illegal quarrying in uttarkhand and u.p or under the garb of development push ecology to the back and we face another natural calamity is the perspective to be seen.well to those who will end up saying anti-modi etc., i m an ardent modi fan, bjp fan which atleast shows concern for hindus.
          1. A
            Mar 19, 2017 at 2:45 am
            there are fools in Forest Department also ...................
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