Kashmir so vulnerable even China now raising it: Mehbooba Mufti to Rajnath Singh

While she has earlier blamed Pakistan for the unrest in the state, this is the first time that Mufti has pointed a finger at China. Her statement comes at a time of tension between India and China over the Doklam border issue.

Written by Muzamil Jaleel , Rahul Tripathi | New Delhi | Updated: July 16, 2017 7:22 am
mehbooba mufti, rajnath singh, jammu and kashmir, china on kashmit issue, mehbooba rajnath meet, kashmir violence Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti during a meeting with Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh in New Delhi on Saturday. PTI Photo

Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti said on Saturday that “Kashmir has become such a vulnerable spot for the country that now even China wants to beat us up with the same stick”. Speaking to The Sunday Express soon after she met Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Mufti said that “earlier it was only Pakistan, but now China too has starting talking about and raising the Kashmir issue, and it is a matter of serious concern”.

“We are concerned because whenever our country has a confrontation with any of our neighbours, we in J&K have to pay a heavy price for it. Pakistan has always been doing it and now China too has started talking,’’ she said.

Mufti said the “only way to face this new reality is that instead of using Kashmir as a political issue to divide public opinion, parties across the political divide should come together” and “the country should be united on Kashmir”.

“These new developments make it very clear that an approach where every political party comes together on Kashmir is urgently needed… the way when India had a confrontation with China on a Bhutan-related issue, there was an all-party meeting where leaders from across the political spectrum rose above their politics and put forth a united front,’’ she said.

mehbooba mufti, rajnath singh, jammu and kashmir, china on kashmit issue, mehbooba rajnath meet, kashmir violence Mehbooba Mufti in New Delhi on Saturday. Express Photo by Amit Mehra

“Whenever there is a confrontation with Pakistan also, all the (political) parties in the country come together and show that the country is united. Unfortunately, that’s not the case regarding Kashmir. What is happening in Kashmir isn’t a mere law and order problem. It is much more than that,” she said.

Stating that “J&K is not a law and order problem and it doesn’t help to look at it as a mere law and order problem”, Mufti said: “It is a 70-year-old political problem. It has internal as well as external dimensions. There is the issue of infiltration. This shouldn’t be seen as a law and order problem for the government of a particular party.”

“Foreign hands are involved and unfortunately now, China is also interfering,” she said. “External forces are involved in the Kashmir unrest and until the whole nation and all the political parties are united, we cannot win this fight.”

While she has earlier blamed Pakistan for the unrest in the state, this is the first time that Mufti has pointed a finger at China. Her statement comes at a time of tension between India and China over the Doklam border issue.

Mufti said “the fact that China has started talking about Kashmir” exhibits another aspect of “the external dimension to our (Kashmir) problem”. “Instead of political blame game, we wish that the country shows a united front on Kashmir too, and political parties desist from making Kashmir and happenings in Kashmir into an issue,” she said.

“The way the recent border issue with China was not made into a political issue between rival political parties of the country because it was seen as a national issue where the entire country has to stay united, we want a similar approach on Kashmir because Kashmir isn’t any different,” she reiterated. “The way leaders representing every shade of political opinion, including the government, exhibited a united front at the all-party meeting called to discuss the recent confrontation with China yesterday… Why doesn’t such a thing happen in the case of Kashmir too? Why aren’t political parties coming together on Kashmir too,” she asked.

Sources said that the meeting between Mufti and Singh lasted for over 30 minutes, during which they discussed, among other issues, security measures for the Amarnath Yatra. Mufti, according to sources, also mentioned Singh’s statement on ‘Kashmiriyat’. “The Chief Minister thanked Singh for supporting the state in tough times,” said an official who was part of the meeting.

“The Amarnath Yatra attack was carried out to cause communal tension in the state, but the entire country and political parties have stood together and condemned the attack,” Mufti said later.

She said that she “always keeps on talking about the need for a dialogue to resolve the Kashmir problem” because she is “convinced that there isn’t any other way available with us that will help to resolve it”.

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  1. V
    Jul 17, 2017 at 9:07 am
    She is playing to the gallery..All this violence taking place in her cons uency where she has been advocating for a long while..she has made grow all these posonous pro separatist snakes in her back yard....which has eventualy started biting her...she has no other option...she was....is....and will be advocating pro hurriyat and pro pakistan stand...without whom she cannot be elected...we never expect her to speak against hurriyat who are puppets of pakistan..she will provide all security fot these anti national elements..That is the sad part of our democracy we live in...
    1. Bert Brech
      Jul 16, 2017 at 11:20 pm
      You are forgetting that Modi is a very tough guy and India has nuclear missiles. If our territory is seriously threatened, there will be nuclear war. India may go but also China. So beware and cool down.
      1. Rajiv Pande
        Jul 16, 2017 at 11:01 pm
        most people find opportunities and work hard to achieve those. Only muslims expect to be given opportunities - jobs, education, reservations, haj etc.
        1. P
          Prof. Ghosh
          Jul 16, 2017 at 8:06 pm
          Please do not go by propaganda. India is now surely stronger militarily than China and Rajnayth Singh is a very good Home Minister. What is happening in reality is this. The Jews are tightly linked to Communist China and are doing great propaganda for Communist China and place adverti ts etc. with all manufactured data on China. Actually Israel is the country which supplies U.S. military technology to China. The Jews are telling us in a double game that China and Israel are the land of honey and India should be afraid of China to push us into the U.S. lap. Also China has the most favored-trade-status from the USA and no genuine enemy of the USA ever gets this. India is a land of 1.3 billion people with a good army and good weapons. She has a large nuclear nal and missiles ready we must thank Dr. Bhabha, Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Atalji for this. We have tactical nuclear warheads all over with large nuclear warheads. China is a Paper-Dog barks can not even take Taiwan.
          1. A
            Jul 16, 2017 at 4:43 pm
            China already in the Kashmir issue as Pakis gave a piece at the far end so that the dragon can pull - so at one end them and India at the other while the Pakis stand and laugh in the middle as their intention is not the well being of Kashmiris but only trouble for India. Hope the Kashmiris come to understand this fact and do not create more problems but live peacefully allowing their Pandit brethren - who are now scared and running around -also to co-habit. For the part of Chinese they already have more than they can chew, and most of the time it is mother nature and almighty who teach such greedy formations a lesson. But also it is already getting too complicated with Pakistanis also as China now almost occupy and made them economic slaves.
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