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Won’t let the corrupt rise again in Bellary: Rahul

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi meets supporters at a rally at Nehru Maidan in Mangalore on Friday. PTI Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi meets supporters at a rally at Nehru Maidan in Mangalore on Friday. PTI
Written by Johnson T A | Bellary | Published on:April 5, 2014 2:01 am

The Congress will not allow those who looted Bellary to return from jail to rule the district again Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said in a veiled reference to former BJP minister in charge of Bellary G Janardhan Reddy here in the course of an election rally Friday.

Making his only reference to the BJP candidate in the fray for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls in Bellary – B Sriraramulu, a close associate of Janardhan Reddy who is awaiting trial for running an illegal mining mafia in Bellary, the Congress vice-president said the corrupt would not be allowed to rise again.

“No corruption will be allowed in Bellary. Those in jail will not come back to rule over you again,’’ Rahul Gandhi said at the district stadium in Bellary in the course of the first of his two election rallies in Karnataka on Friday.

“Corruption will be fought in Bellary. The wealth of Bellary will be used for the benefit of the people of Bellary. Schools and hospitals will be built, roads will be constructed,’’ the Congress leader said in his first appearance in the mining district.

Rahul said his family has a special relationship with Bellary since his mother Sonia Gandhi had successfully contested from the constituency.

“You all know what Bellary was, how it was looted and what they did with your wealth. People say it was the Bellary government that was running Karnataka when the BJP was in power. Bellary was looted,’’ he said.

“They go around talking about corruption all around the country. In Karnataka, they talk about it with Yeddyurappa sitting next to them. They do not see the corruption in their own party,’’ Rahul said.

He claimed the Congress intends to make Karnataka a hub for manufacturing.

“What is made in China will be made in Karnataka. A manufacturing revolution will be brought to Karnataka,’’ he said.

The Congress vice-president said his party intends to run a government of the poor and backward but would at the same time focus on economic and industrial development.

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