Whatsapp picture raises hackles of moral police in Mangalore

A vigilante group abducted and assaulted a male student of a college on Sunday after wrongly identifying him.

Written by Harsha Raj Gatty | Mangalore | Updated: February 24, 2015 3:32 am
whatsapp, whatsapp security, whatsapp bug, whatsapp privacy The vigilantes abducted Mohammed Riyaz, a final year student of computer science, in Surathkal near Mangalore on Sunday after the amusing picture of the college students went viral via Whatsapp.

A Whatsapp picture of a male student of a college near Mangalore lying across the laps of four of his uniformed female classmates in a college classroom, has raised the hackles of the moral police in Mangalore.

A group of self styled vigilantes abducted and assaulted a 20-year old male student of the college on Sunday after wrongly identifying him as the one who was posing in his college uniform across the laps of four of his female classmates.

The vigilantes abducted Mohammed Riyaz, a final year student of computer science, in Surathkal near Mangalore on Sunday after the amusing picture of the college students went viral via Whatsapp.

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“After the photograph was circulated on social media sites, a vigilante group got other students from the college to identify the deviant youth and on learning that he was probably a Muslim, decided to attack him,” Assistant Commissioner of Police for the North Sub Division Ravi Kumar said.

Riyaz, whose parents have filed a complaint with the Surathkal police, has stated that he was explaining to two of his friends Vineeth and Rithesh that he was only a silent bystander in the naughty photographs when a group in a car approached them and abducted him.

According to the complaint by Riyaz, the group repeatedly questioned his motive in posing with the girls and attacked him in the moving vehicle and forced him to consume alcohol. Despite his pleading that he was not the one one lying on the laps of the girls but the person seen merely sitting next to them, the group continued to attack him, Riyaz has stated.

The group alleged drove around with Riyaz for about five kilometres before dumping him on the road. An injured Riyaz then called his father and informed him about what had happened to him.

Riyaz’s father Abdur Rehman registered a complaint with the Surathkal police who filed a case of abduction and attempt to murder.

Police are yet to identify and arrest the suspects. Police also plan to question Riyaz’s friends Vineeth and Rithesh at whose instance he travelled to the spot where he was abducted by the vigilante group.

The Mangalore region is infamous for its moral policing with right wing saffron groups like the Bajrang Dal and Hindu Jagaran Vedike frequently attacking people for being in inter faith relationships.

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  1. Deshaabhimaani Damodardas Subodhdas
    Jun 29, 2016 at 7:31 am
    Sir what is your problem. Please criticise me on any point you think my expression is not correct. And please do say what is correct position according to you!
    1. A
      Feb 24, 2015 at 3:29 am
      Mangalore in the 1960's was where i grew up. The city had Roman Catholics, Hindus as the majority. The Muslims were a minority then, now with gulf money they have started to increase in Mangalore. Read about Muslim terrorists
      1. A
        Feb 26, 2015 at 10:28 pm
        Hope justice will be done to that liberal Muslim man. In our country, Hindu women and Muslim men are liberals but Hindu men and Muslim women are conservatives. Let's hope everyone becomes liberal.
        1. K
          Feb 27, 2015 at 12:10 am
          The thing i cant understand is why is religion being dragged into this, the picture itself is a bit too much for our cultural society, i am not saying our society is perfect but again, would anyone of you be happy or let it go, if one of the girls in the picture was your daughter or sister, i understand that they girls were not forced into what ever is shown in the picture, but beating a young fellow when everyone in the picture is willingly partiting it is a bit too much. This should not have happened in the first place, and the young person also should not have been beaten for something as silly as this.
          1. P
            papolu prasad
            Feb 23, 2015 at 9:54 pm
            it is unfortunate that the college is not seeking legal opinion before intimidating the young people stated to be present in the allegedly offensive picture. there is a consution that governs every law, action and responsibility and rights of the people. based on their age, these young people in the picture too have all their general and even special rights under the consution. there are some rules of conduct of students in colleges during the session of a cl. and there would be some rules that are different concerning the conduct of students during non cl hours inside a cl room, in the open grounds and outside, all based on statutes made in this regard and the rules made under those statutes, which in any case have all to be subject to the mandate of the consution of India. there does not appear to be any act that can be attributed to the students in the photo which could have violated any law or rule that could be held valid under the consution of India, and under the declaration of human rights by the united nations organisation for which india is a signatory. the students have posed for a picture among themselves. they posted the photograph taken among themselves on their facebook page or pages. no person has been in any way compelled by use of force or otherwise to look for this picture and get worked up on it. to view that photo or not was strictly a personal decision of the person seeking to do so.when i read this news report, i could find this picture only through google images with some multiple effort.the students in the picture and those who posted shared that picture too could not be said to have committed any offence under any law.the action of the college in suspending the students in the photo appears to be in hast not being an academic insution that has to act with cirspection. they ought to have consulted a local lawyer of some eminence and conversant with the law concerning consution and human rights. they should have obtained the opinion in writing. they should have spoken to the students and parents. only then they should have precipitated any action. and now the lunatic neo fascist fringe have kidnapped one of the students visible in the photo, beaten him up badly, put him in the fear of mortal danger, forced him to drink alcohol, dumped him on the road. these are extremely serious offences committed by the lunatic fringe that receives constant support from the different organs of sangh pariwar. this kind of neo fascist behaviour will slowly drive away the large number of international and national companies located in karnataka. if the neighbouring states can showcase that they are more in confirmity with the indian consution and the human rights declaration of the UNO, it is likely the state of karnataka with many incidents like this and worse will suffer a lot. ultimately the people of karnataka will suffer. so it is for the people of karnataka to decide more cautiously and more judiciously as to what type of people they elect to government. and it is a challenge for the people of India, young and old to see the dangers of neo indian fascist groups influenced by different religious fringe and create awareness among everyone concerned and stop such knee jerk reactions.
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