Were picked up from Andhra, say Maoists held in Coimbatore

Maoist leader Roopesh said he and others were on hunger strike till Tuesday as police had denied them legal help.

Written by Arun Janardhanan | Chennai | Updated: May 6, 2015 6:20 am
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Five Maoist leaders including the Western Ghats zonal leader Roopesh and his wife Shyna, who were arrested from Coimbatore on Monday evening, were produced before a Coimbatore magistrate court which sent them to judicial custody till June 3.

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All the five raised slogans all the way from Coimbatore Q-branch station to the magistrate court.

While being taken to the court, Roopesh told the media that they were actually picked up from Vindhya Nagar in Andhra Pradesh several days ago.

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He added that they were on hunger strike till Tuesday as police had denied them legal help. Roopesh also said they stopped the hunger strike only after they were promised of being produced before the court on Wednesday.

While Roopesh had countered the claims of police that they were arrested on Monday evening from a bakery near Karumathampatti, nearly 20 km from Coimbatore town, Shyna, replying to the questions of journalists from a police vehicle, said they were on their way to take treatment for knee pain.

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Her reply was abruptly stopped as an officer shut the glass window of the van.

A senior Q-branch official told The Indian Express that Roopesh had made similar claims before the court also.

“He submitted before the court that he was not engaged in any anti-national activities. He said he was mentally harassed in the custody for several days after they were picked up from Vindhya Nagar and was not allowed to sleep too,” said the official.

He added that Roopesh was not co-operating with the interrogation.

“He shot back questions at a team of Kerala police officials after the arrest,” said the officer.

However, officials who insisted the arrest story said the Andhra police had been camping in Tamil Nadu, especially Coimbatore area, for several weeks.

They said the action was delayed by a week as they were sure that Roopesh and his wife will also come to Coimbatore.

“All others had been already under the radar but they had to wait until the arrival of Roopesh,” said a source.

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