Kandahar hit fight against terror, says Congress

The Congress hit back, saying that the hostage-terrorist trade-off in Kandahar during the BJP rule had weakened the resolve against terror.

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: August 2, 2015 8:45 am
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Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s charge that the UPA government weakened the fight against terrorism by coining the expression “Hindu terror” triggered a political storm Saturday. The Congress hit back, saying that the hostage-terrorist trade-off in Kandahar during the BJP rule had weakened the resolve against terror.

Rajnath had said that Sushil Kumar Shinde had spoken of “Hindu terror” in 2013 in the Parliament. Reacting to the statement, Shinde said he made the remark not on the floor of the House, but at the AICC meet in January 2013. “I never used the word Hindu terrorism in Parliament. I had used it in the Jaipur session of Congress but withdrew it immediately,” the former Home Minister said in Pune.

Speaking at the chintan shivir of Congress, Shinde had said, “There are instances of injustice meted out to minorities…we are looking into that… But in between, an investigation report came to me which shows that whether it is the BJP or the RSS, they are trying to promote Hindu terrorism… We are keeping a tight watch on this also.”
“Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid blast, Malegaon blast…(They) go and plant bombs and then say minorities have done this…,” he had further said.

The BJP had then objected to his remarks and on the eve of the 2013 Budget session, Shinde had expressed regret over his remarks after the BJP threatened to disrupt the session if he did not issue an apology.

Shinde said Saturday that the NDA government was trying to divert attention from its “inaction” in handling terrorism in the wake of the Gurdaspur attack and claimed that terrorism in the country got a boost after the Kandahar episode. Shinde said Kandahar was followed by attacks on the Jammu and Kashmir assembly and the Parliament. Terrorists got emboldened during the NDA rule and not during the UPA’s, because of “inaction” on part of the government, he said. Shinde also said that the decision on the hanging of the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts convict Yakub Memon should not have been made public. “When terrorists killed people, did they make a public announcement in advance?,” he asked.

Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad said Rajnath had quoted Shinde out of context. Referring to the former Home Minister’s statement, he said Shinde was “trying to educate Congress workers that the party does not believe in associating one religion or one set of people with extremism and terrorism.”

The Congress leader said the fight against terrorism was not weakened by a phrase. “The fight was weakened when the NDA government… released dreaded terrorists like Masood Azhar… You (BJP) took them in a government plane and handed them over to enemies in a foreign soil… The resolve is shown not in statements, but in actions,” he said.

“It is a deliberate attempt on the part of the Home Minister… to divide the country, to rake up debate between two religions, to divert attention of the people from its failures to effectively counter the threat of terrorism and to use parliamentary forum to abuse and defame its opponents particularly the Congress Party,” he said. “This is yet another attempt by the BJP and Home Minister to polarise the nation in the name of the religion,” he added.
Azad said the BJP seemed to be worried that investigations into the Malegaon, Mecca Masjid and Samjhauta Express blasts had revealed that those involved had links with the ruling party or RSS.

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  1. H
    Happy Infidel
    Aug 2, 2015 at 11:13 pm
    Can these pople give one example of Hindus kidnapping and beheading aid workers, tourists and holding as hostages emby officials, staff and cleaners? Have they ever kidnapped holiday makers and held them prisoners for months on end or shot them when ransom money was not paid? Have they hijacked planes or had w plane loads of people blown to kingdom come? How many emby buildings have Hindus bombed and where? Have they committed the kind of horrors witnessed on 9/11 in NewYork or the ones in Bali, London, Madrid, Mumbai, Varanasi, Jaipur, Hydrabad, New Delhi, Nigeria Kenya, Tanzania etc? How many Hindu suicide bombers have blown to smithereens bus and train commuters in various parts of the world? Do they attempt to blow up the parliament buildings of other countries or the countries in which they reside? Do Hindus have multiple idenies and loyalties that require them to disclaim patriotism to the countries they inhabit? Do they demand the right to live in foreign countries, become ‘soldiers” of “God” and “engage in holy war’ against those countries that gave them refuge? Was it their plot that was foiled on 10 August 2006 by British authorities, to blow up 10 planes on trans-Atlantic flights? Where have Hindus disrupted major festivals or national celebrations or sports events around the world? Have they ever kidnapped and macred another county’s athletes, as happened at the Munich Olympics in 1972? Do they make videos of beheadings of captured prisoners? Do they warn of another 9/11? Have Hindus ever in their long history attacked other countries to snatch their wealth? Those who say such things should get their meagre brains in gear before they launch their tongues in orbit. NB Hindu violence in India, though not commendable, has always been reactive, NOT proactive. And even if there has been one example it is not present the world over, where ever Hindus have settled. There is not text to back it is there, as in some faiths
    1. H
      H.S. KRISHNA
      Aug 2, 2015 at 5:35 am
      Forget Sushil Kumar Shinde. Public memory is short it is said. Immediately after the 26/11 Mumbai attack, it was Congress Minister Antulay of the 'Cement Scandal fame' who stated that Hindu terrorists were behind the attack. Loud mouth Digvijaya Singh also said he had received a call from slain Anti-Terrorism Chief, that he was being targetted by Hindu terrorists. On the face of it, downright silly. A person in that situation would have contacted the Police Commissioner or the DGP Maharashtra, or even the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh ...not a useless loudmouth like Digvijaya Singh who had not way or authority to help in protecting him. Comments of Antulay and Digvijaya Singh gave a handle to stan who said while they were being blamed, India itself was speaking in 2 languages. Antulay had to resign and has been consigned to the dustbin. Perhaps Digvijaya Singh continues as he must be having lot of secrets of the Congress Party and its President, which any action against him could make him expose the Congress Party and its dubious leadership !!!
      1. rohit shah
        Aug 2, 2015 at 3:38 am
        ALL the BIG talk of NDA /BJP government in December 1999 while celebrating then the PM birthday on 25 december ,followed by the Kargil War where till this day we have LOSS 1/3 rd of the Kargil Kashmir to stan . DOES the 56 inches no no its the inflated 96 inches chest of Modiji , may be could be mistake IT COULD THE WAIST of AMIT SHAH which is 96 inches. In the recent terror attack in Punjab we have seen 3 arm men fought back scores of Armed police / SWAP TEAM and the Army the score 3 terrorist died we lost 6 men. The sad state the SP police was shot in his head and died. IF you watch these armed police none were wearing bullit proof helmets. BUT IF YOU WATCH THE ISRAELI Soldiers they are always wearing their helmets. OUR guys wear a black piece of cloth which MAKES NO SENSE . HARDLY ANY WERE WEARING BULLET PROOF BODY ARMOUR, six month ago we lost a ARMY Col. in a similar attack he was shot still siting in Mauriti Gypsie, WE SHOULD BE USING ARMOUR CARRIERS. Each attack we have lost more men in these attacks . It should have taken 3 soldier to finish the job , BUT it lasted 10 to 12 hours to get rid of them. In the mumbai attack in the Jewish House the Israeli had come down to Mumbai to help us deal with the terriorist d up , the NSC commandos spent hours . IF WE ARE NOT THAT GOOD. WE SHOULD LEARN FROM Israeli defence force.The problem is our ego. Mr ADVANI The deputy Prime Minister then " Calls himself Valbbhai Patel of Modern India" was wasting time while the Hijack plane wasin Amritsar . HISTORY WILL REPEAT ITSELF. WITH BJP/VHP or RSS the three are ruling or running the country ITS BOUND TO FAIL. ITS LIKE THE PAPER TIGER OF"SHIV SENA" DARPOOK. Hai Ram SAVE OUR COUNTRY FROM THESE DOUBLE FACE GOVERNM.ENT