‘Victims’ mount, but only case against ‘serial rapist’ collapsing

Less than two months after that, on July 15, Kumar was arrested for the alleged rape and murder of a minor girl, following which his claims of being a serial offender surfaced.

Written by Kaunain Sheriff M | New Delhi | Published: August 2, 2015 4:37 am
rape, serial rapist, delhi serial rapist, minor raped, rape vitims, Delhi rape cases, Delhi crime, Delhi news, city news, india news, top stories Less than two months after that, on July 15, Kumar was arrested for the alleged rape and murder of a minor girl, following which his claims of being a serial offender surfaced.

The count of “victims” of the alleged Delhi serial rapist has now climbed to 30. The only case in which he is being tried so far, however, has virtually collapsed.

On June 4, 2014, Ravinder Kumar was arrested along with his friend Dharmender and a minor for allegedly abducting, sodomising and trying to kill a six-year-old boy from Kashmiri Colony, Begumpur. In May this year, a Delhi court gave bail to Kumar and Dharmender (the minor is being tried in a juvenile court) after the “victim” failed to identify the accused, a key prosecution witness turned hostile, and DNA proof didn’t hold up.

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Less than two months after that, on July 15, Kumar was arrested for the alleged rape and murder of a minor girl, following which his claims of being a serial offender surfaced.

In the June 2014 case, Kumar and his co-accused were initially charged with abduction, sodomy and attempt to murder, and sent to judicial custody.

Based on the chargesheet filed by the Delhi Police and prima facie evidence on record, the accused were charged under POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act. Police did not name the alleged victim as a prosecution witness initially, but later included him under court directive.

In April this year, the metropolitan magistrate who conducted the test identification parade told the court that the alleged victim had failed to identify the accused.

The same day, Anjay, a daily wage labourer and a neighbour of the “victim”, who was named by police as having identified the accused on the day of the alleged incident and who was involved in the search for the “victim”, turned hostile.

The mother and “victim” themselves have failed to appear before the court, despite being summoned twice.

Anjay told the court, “I do not know anything about the case. I was sleeping and I did not even come out of my house. I came to know that the son of my neighbour went missing during the night and was later recovered. Police never asked me anything. My statement was not recorded by police. I cannot identify the accused persons.”

During cross-examination, Anjay stuck by his statement. “It is wrong to suggest that accused Dharmender and Ravinder had (assaulted) the ‘victim child’. It is wrong to suggest that while we were searching, the accused got perplexed on seeing us and told us they both were under the influence of liquor.”

“It is wrong to suggest that both accused had admitted their guilt before the police in my presence, that in guise of a girl they had picked up a boy to satisfy their lust. It is wrong to suggest that I am intentionally and deliberately not identifying the accused persons as they are residents of same locality,” Anjay had added.

Kumar’s counsel had cited the above testimony as well as the fact that the DNA samples lifted from the “victim” and accused were not matching to argue for bail.

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  1. Suresh Chennala
    Aug 2, 2015 at 7:03 pm
    The police should learn to investigate scientifically and using forensics. They have to check for body fluids in the victim's body that may have come from the rapist, look for skin under the fingernails of the victim in case she scratched the culprit during the rape, look for body fluid son the garment of the victim. There ar emany other ways to scientifically link the rapist to the victim. But, in India the police rely on statement sof people who can be bought for ten rupees or a for a few pegs of liquor or say anything when threatened by a more influential person in the locality. The police also rely on third degree methods. Naturally, the conviction rates are hopeless in India.
    1. T
      Aug 3, 2015 at 11:56 pm
      COSBY BILL now accused of drugging and raping 49 women in various countries. AMERICA IS ON TRIAL and the entire world is watching to see what will happen! Please CARE: HELP eliminate the "Rape Culture" TODAY. We must never ever grow tired of hearing about or defending these victims. These victims represent all of us, our families, our children, our daughters. Talk to people; contact Governments, Media, Celebrities, Friends, etc... Share this message with everyone. Why, VICTIMS MATTER. Thank you for caring. STOP BLAMING THE VICTIMS. Red, green, black, blue, yellow, white, it doesn’t matter, this is not about race. We are talking about accused serial rapists here! Cosby owns this. We must fix our flawed laws that protect accused serial rapists and their accomplices from prosecution. Not just Cosby, all serial rapists and their accomplices must face prosecution. They will be confirmed innocent or be convicted serial rapists. Those convicted are no longer “Innocent until proven guilty”, they have been proven guilty. THE LEGAL SYSTEM and those who practice law and say there is nothing we can do are also flawed and they themselves must be replaced. They created these flawed laws. They must be held accountable. Prove them wrong, replace them, and fight for the victims and justice. Demand these flawed laws be fixed retroactively. End this debate now. It is that simple. This is America; we can set a new precedence today. IF YOU CHOOSE to do nothing you are giving all serial rapists and their accomplices permission to rape your daughters and a promise that they will not be prosecuted. TOUGH DECISION!!