Venkaiah Naidu defends PM Narendra Modi: ‘1 year is too short to judge’

“For me, MODI stands for ‘Making Of Developed India’. People complain ‘Yeh sota nahi hai, sone deta nahi hai. Yeh khata nahi hai, khane deta nahi hai’,” said Naidu.

By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 7, 2015 2:38 am


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With the Opposition having trained its guns on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not being able to deliver on the promise of ‘ache din’, Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu on Saturday defended the PM, saying that a year is too short a time to judge a government’s performance.

“Some immature people complain that PM Modi has not delivered much in a year. In one year, you can have a child, it takes time for him to crawl and walk and run. Same way, people must have patience with the government. Narendra is not Indra, cannot create new things, people have to work towards these things,” said Naidu.

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He was speaking at a conference organised by Vijnan Bharati to address issues related to “smart city”, with a special focus on the “delivery of civic services” to its citizens. The event was held at Welingkar Institute, Matunga, where Naidu was the chief guest.

“For me, MODI stands for ‘Making Of Developed India’. People complain ‘Yeh sota nahi hai, sone deta nahi hai. Yeh khata nahi hai, khane deta nahi hai’,” he said.

Naidu highlighted the success of the Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana and said that the government had managed to pass a ‘record’ 47 legislation in the first 100 days.

He announced that the UD Ministry’s flagship programmes — smart city project, Atal Mission for Urban Renewal and Transformation (AMRUT) and Housing For All — will be launched by June-end.

He said that urban governance is in a bad shape currently and these schemes will follow public-private-partnership (PPP) models.

“We do not differentiate between private and public entities. Both are Indian and we need private players to help us grow. But private players need to be regulated, something I will achieve with the Real Estate Regulation Development Bill,” Naidu said.

A smart city plan will focus on public transportation, affordable housing, accountable and transparent governance and clean air, basically making cities livable, the minister stated.

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  1. B
    Bijan Mohanty
    Jun 7, 2015 at 8:35 am
    Mr. Naidu, you follow one set of Rules for yourself, and another set for others. You follow one set of rules when you are in Opposition and another set when in Power. You follow one set of promises when contesting the poll and another after you win and occupy the seat. * You promised statehood for Delhi while canving votes. We gave you all the Parliamentary seats. You promised to make Delhi a world cl city and people voted you in Delhi parliamentary elections. After the elections, You have gone away on your promise of statehood. You are not extending any support to the Delhi Govt. and without your support, the Delhi govt. cannot make Delhi a world cl city. * When AAP was in power for 49 days, your leaders essed the progress of that party on weekly basis and after 49 days, you declared that they failed. Now after being in power for a full 1 year, you say that one year is too short to judge performances. Did you not realise this when you criticised the other Govts ?
    1. S
      s s nair
      Jun 7, 2015 at 6:23 am
      Whatever promises are made they are hollow. Now nobody will believe you, your party or Narendra Modi. So do not make any further promises. Try to rule for five years. You have enough material to blame previous government, so pull on and enjoying repeating them like a broken gramaphone record.
      1. T
        Jun 7, 2015 at 9:11 am
        Let the jobless beggars speak ...... without having an opportunity to loot these guys are shouting despair ... keep doing the good work you had started...God bless you!
        1. T
          Jun 7, 2015 at 9:13 am
          Looks like you are a typical congress slave of NSS kind.If you do not change your atude;no one would need you.