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UPA govt disappointed Tamils by not voting against Lanka: Karunanidhi

Karunanidhi condemned the Indian government for taking an inhumane decision. (Express Archive) Karunanidhi condemned the Indian government for taking an inhumane decision. (Express Archive)
By: Press Trust of India | Chennai | Published on:March 28, 2014 5:34 pm

Charging the Congress-led UPA government with disappointing Tamils by not voting in favour of a US-sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka, DMK on Friday contended that even Congress workers in Tamil Nadu would not accept this.

DMK president M Karunanidhi expressed “some satisfaction” over 23 countries adopting the resolution and international community’s concern that has moved the emotional issue to the next level, but “strongly” condemned India for not voting in support of it despite his party’s repeated pleas.

“The approach adopted by India has left Tamils the world over disappointed and in regret,” he said in a statement here.

“I strongly condemn the Indian government for taking an inhumane decision,” in contradiction to global viewpoints, he said.

The DMK Chief claimed credit for India’s support to a similar resolution in 2012, when his party was part of the ruling UPA dispensation, but it had walked out of the government last year after “India in association with Sri Lanka watered down” the resolution last year, besides engaging in ‘anti-Tamil’ activities.

With 23 countries, including US, which had no “direct relation” with Tamils in the island nation, passing the resolution, India’s abstention was a “matter of shame” and it amounted to killing one’s own child, Karunanidhi charged.

Referring to India’s explanation that the resolution at the UN Human Rights Council imposed an “intrusive approach” besides undermining Sri Lanka’s sovereignty, he said this was “strongly condemnable” and that even Congressmen in Tamil Nadu will not accept this.

“If national sovereignty was an issue, how could former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru ‘intervene’ in the racism issue in South Africa or his daughter Indira Gandhi help Bangladeshi leader Mujibur Rehman in that country’s liberation?,” he asked.

“Should not Congress think over the fact that Tamils will ask questions based on (these) historical facts,” he added.

Karunanidhi recalled his recent statement that he was willing to accommodate Congress if it proved its secular credentials for a secular government in India and said yesterday’s ‘anti-Tamil’ decision to abstain from voting amounted to the ruling Congress shutting the door itself on Tamils, he said.



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