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Unimaginable that Shashi Tharoor could harm Sunanda, says her brother

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: January 26, 2014 4:18 am

SPMSUNANDA Pushkar Tharoor’s brother Rajesh Pushkar, a serving Colonel in the Indian Army, issued a statement Saturday in support of Union Minister Shashi Tharoor, saying it was “unimaginable” that he could harm Sunanda and sought an end to the speculations, which he claimed “were hurting the family”.

In a statement, Rajesh said Sunanda was one of the strongest personalities and to even remotely think that she would do any bodily harm to herself is “preposterous” and “should not be believed”.

He also sought speedy investigation into the case “to put an end to the rumours that are hurting” the family. The probe was transferred to the Crime Branch Thursday. Highly-placed sources in the Delhi Police said on Saturday that the probe has now been transferred back to the south district police.

“I have been with both Shashi and my sister throughout their journey together and can say with confidence that they were a couple madly in love with each other. Differences, if any, were momentary and do happen in every household, and we do not believe that they have any bearing on the incident,” he said.

Rejecting speculation in the media about Sunanda’s death, he said both he and his father were “deeply disturbed” at the “slanderous statements” that have been made in the media regarding her death.

“I have known my sister to be an angel at heart but to often impulsively say things she did not mean and withdraw them later. Also to think that my brother-in-law would do any harm to her is unimaginable,” he said. He requested that the matter be put to rest so that peace can be bestowed on the departed soul.

This was the second statement issued by a family member of Sunanda. Earlier this week, Sunanda’s 21-year-old son Shiv Menon had also released a statement.

First Published on: January 26, 20141:19 am
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