To solve Kashmir, see LoC as border: PM’s special envoy Lambah

He advocated free movement and trade across the LoC, reduction of troops and self-governance for internal management

Written by Bashaarat Masood | Srinagar | Updated: May 14, 2014 8:22 am

Former diplomat and PM Manmohan Singh’s special envoy for Pakistan S K Lambah Tuesday said India and Pakistan will have to look for ideas that are “practical, workable and acceptable” to resolve the Kashmir issue and redrawing borders is not one of them.

S K Lambah S K Lambah

“In view of past history, emotions, disagreements, violence, wars and failure of negotiations, it is not easy to specify the outlines of a solution. However, as the past six decades have clearly shown, the Kashmir issue can’t be settled by war, force or violence,” Lambah said at a seminar organised by the Kashmir University’s Institute of Kashmir Studies. “A solution will also remain elusive, if we keep harping on positions that have failed to resolve the problem in the past.”

“After three wars and long periods of disagreements, it is essential that any agreement must ensure that the Line of Control is like a border between any two normal states. There can be no redrawal of borders,” he said. “That is why we have to look for ideas that are practical, workable and acceptable. We can also learn some useful lessons from the Shimla agreement and Lahore Declaration.”

Rejecting the idea of redrawing borders, he advocated free movement and trade across the LoC, reduction of troops and self-governance for internal management on both sides of the LoC. Pushing for a solution to the Kashmir problem, Lambah said it would help India focus more on “rapidly emerging long-term geopolitical challenges”.

“It is true that the Kashmir problem has not stopped India from forging its destiny as a secular, pluralist democracy and one of the world’s major economies and a military power. However, a solution of the Kashmir issue will substantially enhance India’s security, strengthen the prospects for durable peace and stability in the region and enable India to focus more on rapidly emerging long-term geopolitical challenges,” he said. “It will herald a new era of peace and prosperity for the entire region.”

CM Omar Abdullah said Lambah’s position was a “marked departure from New Delhi’s stated position” on Kashmir. But he said the dialogue process between India and Pakistan would face a “challenge” if BJP’s Narendra Modi becomes PM.

“We have seen a strengthening of back-channel dialogue process with the change of administration from Musharraf government to Nawaz Sharif government (sic),” he said. “Now the challenge for this process is what happens post May 16. Assuming the worst case scenario and you have a Narendra Modi-led government with an almost brutal majority of his own in parliament. To what extent does he convert his stated policy on Pakistan to his actual policy? Because, if his stated policy is going to be converted into official policy, then this dialogue process is going to die a very swift and very unlamented death….”

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  1. N
    Nadeem Mughal
    Oct 20, 2016 at 7:14 pm
    **100% Practical Solution for Kashmir Issue Approach Should be this..**lt;br/gt;1-Demilitarization of w Kashmir (India/Pak) full withdrawal of Forces lt;br/gt;2-Make LOC an International Border for Only India and stanlt;br/gt;3- LOC will not be considered as Border for Kashmirs of Both Sides lt;br/gt;4- Rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pundits on Indian Side of Kashmir lt;br/gt;4- Both Sides Kashmiris can travel in W Kashmir with only one Kashmirs Ideny Card. lt;br/gt;5- Indians and stanis can travel only on their side of Kashmirlt;br/gt;6- One United embly of both sides Kashmir (Parliament Type)lt;br/gt; 7- Make these steps in Kashmir and let it for At least 10 yearslt;br/gt;8- India stan and Kashmirs should respect each other narratives and work for peace only. lt;br/gt;Hope this will solve the issue of Kashmir
    1. Abhishek
      May 14, 2014 at 8:00 am
      India did a mistake in the war of 1971 with Pak. When Pak surrendered, India had 90,000 stani war prisoners. The Simla Agreement was a flawed one. India should have released those prisoners only after POK was taken back by India without any bloodshed and the borders of Pak sealed. India had to pay dearly for the errors of Nehru and Indira. Its time now to rectify all the past errors.
      1. Abhishek
        May 14, 2014 at 4:43 am
        The only issue in Kashmir is Pak's intrusion in 1947 and occupation of POK, implanting pseudo separatists ideas within few people of Kashmir and promoting terrorism. When all the above three are removed the issue of Kashmir would be resolved and Pak and India can then go ahead with business and friendly ties.
        1. D
          Diju Prabhakaran
          Oct 25, 2014 at 5:40 pm
          First of all , as long as stan is not a secular democratic,we cannot believe that country.As soon as indian troops are withdrawn,w of the jobless mujahideens would cross the LOC and will push for a sharia law in the valley.Only favourable solution as far as india is concerned is to ascertain pak to respect the LOC. And india must consider and convert jammu n kashmirlike any other indian state.A council must be formed and a platform must be given to all representatives of kashmiri people especially muslims to know what they actually want and what they fear about...with the notion that kashmir is an integral part of india.and solutions must be chalked out..article 370 should be abolished...all the kashmiri pandits should be send an open invitation to resettle in valley...a pan indian ideny adhar card....which got finger prints and retinal image is a that intruders can be eliminated or prosecuted without any doubt..dia should develop jammu n all other states..dustries and production is a must to create jobs and modern amenities ....with good transport facilities, malls,cinema halls, hospitals,educational insutions , welfare for economically poor and encouraging people to spend money which they that it is self sustaining...military gradually reduced except from the border..forming the people of kashmir that military will be reduced as the violence rate reduces..and vice versa...controlled reduction over 10-15 years..
          1. Girivar Girivar
            May 14, 2014 at 4:42 am
            A very practical idea at this PRIME TIME.May be accepted with open heartedly.
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