Timeline: Hate crimes,racist attacks against Indians

The attack on Sikh professor is the latest case of 'hate crime' against Indians.

Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: March 14, 2014 3:27:32 pm

A Sikh professor at Columbia University has been allegedly attacked by a group of men who called him “Osama” and “terrorist” in an assault which the police is investigating as a hate crime.

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The attack on Sikh professor is the latest case of ‘hate crime’ against Indians. Below is a round up of notable hate crimes,racist attacks and bias incidents against Indians.

July 31 2013: Gurudwara vandalised in California

August 10,2013

An 80-year-old Sikh man was assaulted by a teenaged British girl in broad daylight in Trinity Street. The elderly victim was punched in the face and shoved to the ground. His turban fell off and the attack left him with a bloodied nose and black eye. The teenager was arrested for assaulting after a video of the incident went viral online. The 19-year-old girl abused the man and spat on him before walking off. Police acted after a video of the incident,recorded by a passer-by on a mobile phone,went viral online and was shared on Facebook.

May 08 2013: Sikh brutally assaulted outside US Gurdwara

July 29,2013

A Gurdwara in California was vandalised and the word “terrorist” scrawled on its walls in an apparent hate crime,days ahead of the first anniversary of the Oak Creek Gurdwara shooting in Wisconsin. The Sikh gurdwara in Riverside was vandalised on the night of July 29 and the word ‘terrorist’ was spray-painted around the complex.

June 23,2013

A Hindu temple in Canada was vandalised by two men armed with baseball bats,outraging the country’s minority community which termed it as a “hate crime”. Video recordings showed the men smashing three windows at the front entrance of the Laxmi Narayan Temple on June 23 in Surrey,British Columbia.

June 11,2013

In an apparent racist attack,an Indian restaurant owner was beaten up and verbally abused by a group of teenagers in Australia’s Ballarat near Melbourne. 22-year-old Himanshu Goyal was bashed up and verbally abused while closing his Bridge Mall eatery when eight teenagers shouted racial abuse at him while another in the group punched him on face.

May 05,2013

In a suspected hate crime,an elderly Sikh man was brutally assaulted with an iron rod outside a Gurdwara in the US. The incident,that left 82-year-old Piara Singh seriously injured,happened outside a Gurdwara in Fresno which is located in the heart of the Central Valley of California. Piara Singh was beaten brutally with an iron bar outside the Gurdwara. The incident left him with 20 stitches,broken bones and ribs.

February 26,2013

A Sikh man was shot at several times by some unidentified attackers in the US state of Florida. The victim,46-year-old Kanwaljit Singh was attacked by the truck-borne assailants near Daytona Beach. Accompanied by his son who managed to escape unhurt,Kanwaljit received multiple injuries in his thigh and torso.

December 27,2012

46-year-old Sunando Sen,Indian immigrant was pushed on to the subway tracks infront of an oncoming train at a Queens station as he was waiting on the platform on the night of December 27. 31-year old woman was charged with murder as a hate crime after she admitted before police that she pushed him because she “hated Hindus and Muslims”. Erika Menendez of Queens was charged with second-degree murder as a hate crime for the death. Sen,an immigrant from India,had lived in Queens for years and recently opened his own printing and copying business near Columbia University.

August 5,2012

Six Sikh worshippers were shot dead by a US Army veteran and white supremacist,Wade Michael Page,who went on a shooting rampage in the Gurdwara in Oak Creek. On August 21,a diverse group of more than 150 organisations,led by the Sikh Coalition,had requested a Senate hearing on hate crimes and domestic extremism.

July 26,2012

An elderly Sikh man,in his early 70s,was allegedly beaten up by his neighbour in New Jersey following an altercation and was later arrested for keeping the kirpan.

February 5,2012

An under-construction Gurdwara in the American State of Michigan was vandalised and defaced with anti-Muslim graffiti. The vandalism of the Gurdwara,coming up in Sterling Heights city of Michigan. The graffiti included vulgar language,racial epithets,the use of what appears to be a cross,a large drawing of a gun,and references to the 9/11 attacks.

Dec 26,2011

Anuj Bidve,a student of Microelectronics at Lancaster University,on December 26 was walking with friends in Salford when he was shot in the head at close range. Bidve was a part of a group of nine Indian students who were staying in a hotel in Manchester over Christmas. A 21-year-old “psycho” Briton was charged with the unprovoked Boxing Day shooting of Bidve.

May 30,2011

In a bias attack,a Sikh man lost three of his teeth after being sucker-punched in a moving train in the US by a man,who accused him of being related to slain al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden. Jiwan Singh,who came to America 30 years ago and an employee of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA),was attacked on the US Memorial Day on May 30.

March 06,2011

March 2011: Two Sikh men in traditional grab,out for a daily afternoon walk,were gunned down,one fatally,in Sacramento,California.

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