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This is how you Love

It’s about letting go of the fairytales and growing into hope. It’s about letting go of the fairytales and growing into hope.
Updated: February 8, 2014 11:26 pm

distort time and make hot nights unending and goodbyes in doorways over too soon. You will fall in love even though you have nothing in common with each other and perhaps never will. You will love this other person because they are kind to small animals and will rescue kites for children they do not know. You will watch from a distance and think, this kind heart has found something in me to love.

You will understand that love is this horrible thing that makes you do things you do not want to. Wake up early and go to railway stations, watch unending action movie sequels, sit through Sufi music concerts. You will find yourself feeling good by doing these things because when this other person is happy, something radiates into your life and you sleep well and laugh easily.

You will learn that love is fluid and that love is hard work. Love is screaming matches in grocery stores and sometimes being that couple in the restaurant who refuse to look at each other. Love is sometimes walking away and then going back so often that no one bothers counting any more.

In spite of you resisting every step of the way, love will give you hope, precious and hard-earned. You look around and see that no one is pretending to sing or tearing up over diamonds. There is not a teddy bear in sight. Nothing could be more perfect.

The writer lives in Bangalore

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