Telangana survey asks people: Which state have you come from?

Some Rs 6,000 crore is spent on fee reimbursements, and Rs 1,200 crore is earmarked for food subsidies.

Written by Janyala Sreenivas | Hyderabad | Updated: August 10, 2014 10:54 am

The Telangana government has commissioned a survey that appears to be aimed at ascertaining the number of Seemandhra natives in Hyderabad. The statewide exercise — ‘Samagra Kutumba Survey’ or ‘Intensive Household Survey 2014’ — will be undertaken in the state capital by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).

While state officials said the aim is to identify families who are eligible for state government schemes, grants and aids, a few questions in the survey have raised eyebrows, with some doubting its real intention.

The Telangana State map. (Source: PTI) The Telangana State map. (Source: PTI)

Three such questions shortlisted in the draft questionnaire are: “Which state have you come from?”, “What language do you speak?” and “When did you come here?” These three questions were not in the first draft questionnaire prepared by the government two weeks ago, but were introduced in the second draft. The one-day survey will be held on August 19, with preliminary test surveys on August 17 and 18. Nearly four lakh government employees will assist in the door-to-door survey.

“In other parts of Telangana, these three questions do not matter because not many people from outside the state live there. But in Hyderabad, it matters because of the large number of migrants from Seemandhra living here. This survey is tantamount to low-intensity targeting and singling out people from one particular state. This is one way of telling people where they belong,” HRD and Education Minister of the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh, G Srinivasa Rao, said.

However, Telangana Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Revenue Mohammed Ali said the statewide survey is only meant to identify and authenticate deserving beneficiaries of government schemes. “This survey has nothing to do with ascertaining anyone’s nativity. We want to create a fresh database of families who really deserve government support and this is an effort to update ourselves because otherwise, we have to depend on 2011 census statistics,’’ Ali said.

GHMC Commissioner Somesh Kumar said the survey’s primary aim is to establish the real economic status of families to ensure that bogus beneficiaries of government schemes are weeded out. “The questions do not seek to establish nativity in any way. The questionnaire will only help in establishing how many non-Telugus live in Telangana and not just GHMC area,” Kumar said.

Officials said that the government is concerned about a large number of bogus beneficiaries availing government schemes in the absence of a proper database of economic status of families. “We spend over Rs 4,000 crore on giving pensions. Some Rs 6,000 crore is spent on fee reimbursements, and Rs 1,200 crore is earmarked for food subsidies. But is all this going to real beneficiaries? Some people are objecting to a few questions but we will upload the questionnaire on our website next week and people will be able to see for themselves whether it is aimed at anything other than collecting information to ascertain beneficiaries of government schemes,” Ali said.

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  1. C
    concerned Indian
    Aug 13, 2014 at 8:59 am
    KCR & co thinks that Telangana is there personal estate as Abdullah's of Kashmir are treating as their personal estate.
  2. M
    Aug 11, 2014 at 5:20 am
    If I am paying taxes such as income tax, property tax, s tax, etc. here in Hyderabad, then I have the right to demand services from the government that collects taxes.
  3. P
    Aug 17, 2014 at 11:59 pm
    Those three questions regarding when and where a person came from can definitely be used to identify Seemandhra people and discriminate against them. If KCR wants to prosecute people who indulged in corruption and misused power, let him do so through legal means. But, to brush a w community of people from Seemandhra is outright bigotry. He and his family should be stopped in their tracks before they violate the fundamental rights enshrined by the consution. The Supreme Court, the central Govt and all right thinking people from all over India, should tell him what he is doing, i.e., collecting this information, is wrong. KCR has repeatedly lied. He said he would merge TRS with Congress, he said he would make a Dalit a CM, he agreed to many clauses in the bifurcation bill ped by the parliament. He is going against all of them. He cannot be trusted. He is said to have demolished some small illegal buildings, but let the big illegal ones stay because they paid crores to his party coffeurs.
  4. V
    VK Mahanti
    Aug 12, 2014 at 6:08 am
    KCR and his daughter have gotten off the wrong side of history. While having a separate state is not wrong for development and administration, infringing on the fundamental rights as decent human beings for people from other states especially from AP can come back and bite you big time. Your comments on J&K and feeding our enemies with your venom is proof enough for the w of India as "INDIANS" to do what is right. Be careful. You are warned. Telengana is not above INDIA. Nizam learnt it the hard way. Now it is your turn for another operation Polo.
  5. V
    VK Mahanti
    Aug 12, 2014 at 6:24 am
    Long before the Muslims came, long before Alexander came, long before the Europeans came, India has always existed as a "culture," " a religion" and our resilience has seen us through despite many differences. We have stood as one as "INDIANS." What has KCR done with his home district and town of Vizianagaram? NOTHING!!! You highjack a cause. They say power corrupts. You have been chosen as CM by people whose loyalties change like the eastwind. But you know nothing of our history as Telugus. Kingdoms have arisen and fallen. For you to have this "separatist ideology" aligning yourselves with a "Nizam mentality" will certainly spell your end. A similar strain of thought caused stan and Bangladesh to split from our motherland with a lie that they can't coexist with us. India is far better than both these countries. Now we have you??? Ever hear of a guy named Pinocchio? EVER? They say when buzzards know of their demise, they fly toward town. The sad reality today is there are no buzzards to remind KCR and his ilk of alienating themselves from their fellow Telugus in AP. You will die a slow death perhaps but the people can never be separated because we have families and deep relationships that bond us together for eternity. Political boundaries caused by you don't divide "blood relationships."
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