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Seventh Pay Commission to revise salaries, gets Cabinet mandate ahead of LS polls

The Commission, would make its recommendations within 18 months of the date of its constitution.

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: February 28, 2014 7:27 pm
CPC has been asked to  examine, review, evolve and recommend changes that are desirable and feasible. (AP) CPC has been asked to examine, review, evolve and recommend changes that are desirable and feasible. (AP)

The Cabinet on Friday gave mandate to the 7th Pay Commission for revising salaries of over 50 lakh central government employees and remuneration of 30 lakh pensioners. The move comes ahead of general elections due in April-May.

“The decision will result in the benefit of improved pay and allowances as well as rationalisation of the pay structure in case of Central Government employees and other employees included in the scope of the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC),” an official statement said after the Cabinet meeting.

The Commission, it said, would make its recommendations within 18 months of the date of its constitution.

“It may consider, if necessary, sending interim reports on any of the matters as and when the recommendations are finalised,” said the release on CPC’s term of reference.

Headed by former Supreme Court Judge Ashok Kumar Mathur, the CPC has been asked to “examine, review, evolve and recommend changes that are desirable and feasible” regarding the principles that should govern the emoluments structure including pay, allowances and other facilities or benefits.

The recommendations, as per the terms of reference, have to be made while keeping in view the economic conditions in the country, need for fiscal prudence and the need to ensure that adequate resources are available for developmental expenditures and welfare measures.

The CPC’s report will be applicable on Central Government employees, All India Services, personnel of the Union Territories, officers and employees of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department, Members of regulatory bodies, officers and employees of the Supreme Court and personnel of Defence Forces.

The panel has also been asked to examine the “principles which should govern the structure of pension and other retirement benefits”, including revision of pension for those who have retired prior to the date of effect of these recommendations.

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  1. K
    K R
    Jul 26, 2015 at 4:58 pm
    Dear Sir, It is well known that 80% of our potion is very poor. We are a democratic country of the Poor, by the Poor and for the Poor and no doubt we should work for uplifting the majority poor. Instead, even all Governments coming to power, elected by the majority poor forget the poor shamelessly and work only for the benefit of the minority rich to make them richer and richer. Any Pay Commission also does the same instead of reducing the gap between the minimum pay scale and the maximum pay scale. Any scheme or system in our country will be useful and effective only if unselfish personalities like Mahatma hi should visualize and make it for the benefit of the poor or ‘have nots’ who are in the big majority. The top level of central Government employees who are the maximum beneficiaries of pay commission are coming under the minority 20% rich people. Then Introduction of a pay commission itself is unwanted. When the living conditions of the majority poor is not improved, why an uplifting to be given to those whose living conditions are already better. In my opinion, the 20% rich should voluntarily come forward to make many sacrifices for the poor instead of grabbing everything from the poor. All of the Government functionaries and rule makers are in the top most level of the above 20%. It is our nation’s bad luck that none of them are unselfish and make sacrifice to uplift the poor. See the 6th pay commission recommendations, came out in 2008 after long 3 years work. The sacrifices of our great defense forces for the security of our nation are not seen and appreciated by the selfish rich rule makers. Last moment modifications made by another review committee made every thing worse. What the general poor public, whose money is lavishly spent like this, will think about this top bureaucrats? Today who is bothered about this poor public? The selfishness of top level persons, who forms the pay commission and reviewing committees, is revealed in their recommendations by recommending a disproportionate and unjustified increase for them alone in the top PB-4 Scale. Please see the 4 new pay bands introduced by 6th commission after eliminating more than 30 earlier pay scales. The disproportionate raise in PB-4 scale, (where starting pay ratio of 2.4 instead of expected 1.5) is so clear that a child can easily understand the nonsense. PB-1 5200 - 20200 PB-2 9300 – 34800 (Starting is 1.79 times of starting of PB – 1) PB-3 15600 – 39100 (Starting is 1.68 times of starting of PB – 2) PB-4 37400 – 67000 (Starting is 2.4 times of starting of PB-3) The decision makers who come in PB – 4 were very keen to abnormally and unjustifiably increase their Pay alone by giving a disproportionate raise like our great Politicians raise their own Pay & Perks in emblies & Parliament without discussion. How our country can improve when such selfish persons are alone available in the top level? I wrote this now because the 7th Pay Commission is going to continue same mistake by simply applying a multiplication factor instead of reducing the PB-4 Scale. 7th Commission should apply the new Fixation only after making the starting of PB-4 to Rs. 25000/- instead of abnormal Rs. 37400/-. This will undo the damage made by the 6th Commission. I pray 7th Commission to become sensible and responsible citizens of this great country not to loot Govt. money and give to few rich persons pocket. Sir, please give this to the Public now at the right time as 7th commission report is yet to come out. K.R.Viswambharan Raghavam,Thuvayoor South P O, Kadampanad, (via) Adoor 691552 Tel.phone: 9846726900