Salman Khan verdict: I forgive him, but he has ruined our lives, says Nurullah Sharif’s son

Nurullah Sharif's wife says the government promised a compensation of Rs 10 lakh, but she is yet to get it.

Written by Rashmi Rajput | Mumbai | Updated: May 7, 2015 7:55 am
Salman Khan verdict, Salman Khan case, Salman Khan news, Salman Khan being Human, When sessions judge D W Deshpande pronounced his verdict, he told the actor: “You were intoxicated and Nurullah was destroyed”.

The court has pronounced the verdict, but there is no closure yet for the family of Nurullah Mahboob Sharif, who was killed in the early hours of September 28, 2002, when actor Salman Khan’s vehicle rammed into the pavement in Bandra.

On Wednesday, when sessions judge D W Deshpande pronounced his verdict, he told the actor: “You were intoxicated and Nurullah was destroyed”.

Sharif’s son, Firoz Shaikh, 25, was still in school when the accident occurred. He had to discontinue his studies, and his mother, Begum Jahan, a housewife till then, had to start working as a domestic help. “I could have completed my studies if my father was alive. I had to work to support my family. I never got a proper job,” says Shaikh, who works as a mason.

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He is now married and has two children. “I understand the actor’s parents would be crestfallen today. I can relate to their pain. I forgive him, but he has ruined our lives,” he says, as he admits that he is a Salman Khan fan and has watched almost all his movies.

“In my view, his act was not intentional. It was an accident. My father happened to be the unfortunate victim. I pardon him. I feel the sentencing serves no purpose,” he says.

His mother is not so forgiving. “It took over 12 years for the judgment to come. It would have meant something had it come within a year of the accident,” she says.

“There is ample evidence to show that Salman Khan drove the vehicle. Despite that, he lied to the court and got his driver to take the blame. We are poor, but that does not mean that our lives are worthless. By convicting and sentencing him, the court has set an example,” she adds.

Recalling the incident, she says Sharif’s friend, Farooq, came home in the morning and told her that her husband was dead. “I was ill that day… I borrowed some money from my neighbour and reached the spot. I was asked to go to the police chowki,” she says.

She says Farooq told her that Salman Khan had killed her husband, but till she walked into the Bandra police station, she did not know that it was the actor. “The police informed me that my husband was run over by Salman Khan,” she recalls. “I hail from a small town near Chennai and had never heard of Salman Khan. It was then that I realised that the person who killed my husband was an influential person, a big film star,” she adds.

“A week after the incident, I walked into his building, Galaxy Apartments in Bandra, but I was chased out by his security staff,” she says. “Log bolte hain ki bada dilwala hai, par hamari khabar nahi li (People say he has a big heart, but he never inquired about us ),” she adds.

Begum Jahan says the government promised a compensation of Rs 10 lakh, but she is yet to get it. “I had to pull my son out of school as I could not afford his education. His life was ruined,” she says, adding that she remarried in 2004, two years after the accident.

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  1. H
    hamza khan
    May 7, 2015 at 7:20 pm
    Salman khan is a good man
    1. K
      Krishna singh
      May 7, 2015 at 2:53 pm
      What is your opinion?cool mind bhai jaan
      1. S
        May 7, 2015 at 9:43 pm
        It's hard to believe he didn't even meet victim family.... Don't you guys think lawyer must have tried to Seattle down matter outside court with heavy compensation.
      2. J
        May 7, 2015 at 12:41 pm
        Where is the compensation for the family, with billions under his belt, give a slice to the bereaved family, nonsense verdict!!
        1. N
          May 7, 2015 at 11:46 am
          First of all, this incident shows the real color of reel life heros. 1) They have little to no sympathy to the victims. They exercise everything (with money and power) to escape punishment. Why did he lie? 2) It exposes the hypocrisy - "Being Human" sorry he forgot the "in" in the middle - more correctly "Being inhuman". If he was human, he should have admitted his mistake and should have tried to close the case by surrendering immediately. If he had any sort of conscience, he should have struggled to get peaceful sleep even for a day - his "joy ride" was a "death ride" for innocent humans. The fact that it took 13 long years for the judgment is in itself an injustice to the victims. Not to forget the fact that he changed the lives of an entire family. 3) It exposes the hypocrisy of all the bollywood starts. If they were so good, they should have expressed sympathy with the victims. The way they behave it looks like Salman is victimized and the real victims are the criminals. 4) Many people blame the poor people sleeping on the pavements. Yes it does highlight another issue. But that does not make Salman a lesser criminal. If we really look closely - the nexus of media, mafia, politicians, bollywood and not to forget cricket stars - is eating the wealth of the country.
          1. P
            May 7, 2015 at 10:43 pm
            her son claims to be a fan and she is saying she didn't know who he was this story is not straight and what was his dad doing sleeping on the pavement outside if you can afford to send your kid to school you should be able to put a roof over your head this story is not biased and its one sided he is a human being he made a mistake put rapist, murderers, pedophiles belong in prison not contributing people of society he made a mistake that doesn't mean he needs a long jail sentence he has helped so many people in his life aren't we all human beings don't we all make mistakes just because he is a celebrity they are after him I know what its like being on the other side. Nobody wakes up and says I think I am going to run somebody over. Justice is not being done and putting him in jail is not going to bring your husband back and I am so sorry for you and your family but you have already remarried and moved on so let Salman and his family move on with their life. I am sure she got compensated some where if her son wanted to continue his studies he could've sounds like a lot of rage because I couldn't continue my studies, I had to do this and that be a bread winner for my family we have all been there at one point in our life but if they are suffering he is suffering too and if you can't forgive and move on then please don't practice your religion. There are women that are raped in our country, pedophiles that commit the worst crimes on children and some how in America people find it in their hearts to forgive because without forgiveness you can't move on. When I visited india twice in my life I gave to poor people but no matter what I gave they never seemed happy or satisified . I felt bad for them but at times they came at me. Even when we offered free food during our Akand Phatt and clothes they still asked for money and rode on motorcycles when they would come begging. There were many things I still ponder about wondering are they truly needy or just pretending to be so they could get more from wealthy people. These people got a ticket and may have just hit the lottery their dad got run over by a rich celebrity lets go after him!!! Again I know what its like I have been the person on the other side of it!
            1. A
              afroz karim
              May 8, 2015 at 5:51 pm
              Please don't bleame a driver accident may occur while driving suppose salman sleep besides road side n accident ocur who will be responsible roadside sleeping is illegal while driving accident may occur
              1. A
                afroz karim
                May 8, 2015 at 5:57 pm
                Sorry to say in india their r 20 lacks case pending from 20 year's motor vehicles act who is responsible road side is not build for sleeping my dear if you break the law accident may occur
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