‘Ripper’ Jayanandan produced in Kerala High Court

Accused was produced after the court found that he was not properly examined by the trial court.

Kochi | Updated: March 17, 2014 9:54 pm
KERALA-HIGH-COURT-THUMB The judges recorded the statement of the convict ‘Ripper’ Jayanandan and he was sent back to the jail. (PTI)

Kerala High Court on Monday recorded the statement of notorious death row convict ‘Ripper’ Jayanandan, accused of murdering eight persons, as part of hearing on his appeal and the death sentence reference.

The accused was produced on the direction of a division bench comprising Justice V K Mohanan and Justice B Kemal Pasha, after the court found that he was not properly examined by the trial court.

The judges recorded the statement of the convict and he was sent back to the jail. Hearing on the death sentence reference will continue on Tuesday.

While hearing the appeal of the accused and death sentence reference, court found some defects in recording the statement of the accused and ordered his production.

The accused, who was brought under tight security, is an accused in over 20 cases, besides the eight murders. He had escaped from Thiruvananthapuram Central Prison last year and was later nabbed.

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  1. R
    Mar 3, 2015 at 7:44 pm
    This is a case detected by a dedicated Circle Inspector and his team but spoiled by the Senior Police officers who supervised the investigation of the case.Hoping the truth about the detection and investigation of the case will be an eye opener to the Police and Political Hierarchy whose main responsibillity to ensure peaceful life of the people whom they serve. When the Circle Inspector of police North Parur came to his office on that day he found his office almost in a holiday mood since only the Circle Writer and sweeper was present in the office.CI was out of station on the day of the murder.From the Circle writer he came to learn that a heinous murder has taken place in Puthenvelikkara where one lady was brutally murdered and her husband fatally injured. The CI rushed to Puthenvelikkara Police station.His team comprising of police constables Joy,Vinayan and Renjith were engaged in patrolling and several officers and men were called from neighbouring police stations and engaged in patrolling.. When the CI reached Puthenvelikara Police Station,DySP Antony was seated in the Sub Inspector's chair.He gave a casual look at the CI as if anno by his presence.He neither discussed the incident with the CI nor did he give any instructions.He was deputed by the then SP of Police Aluva for conducting investigation of the case.Near to the CI stood a lean and tall gentleman who wore a disappointed look.The CI with whom the Police personnel were familiar told him that the gentleman was Vikraman -an active member of Sastra sahitya Parishad who was detained on suion.CI made some casual enquiries with Mr.Vikraman who told that he has been summoned for no reason and that he is innocent. Since the DySP was hesitant to give any direction of to discuss the case,CI left to the place of occurrence in the company of Mr/Joy and Vinayan.The neighbourhood of Devaki the deceased was that of one Exservice man.The exserviceman and his wife were taken into confidence by the CI.Both suspected 2 Tamilian Astrologers who came with parrot on the day before the incident.Meanwhile a relative of Devaki narrated how people came to know about the incident. Since the couple didnot turnup to temple as usual for two day that gentleman came to the house to make enquiries.He found the news papers on the vea.He knocked on the door but no reply came.He went to the back of the house to see the windows open a bit.Through the gap he saw Devaki and husband Ramakrishnan lying in a pool of blood. He called the neighbourhood and Devaki was found dead and Ramakrishnan who was found fatally injured but still alive was rushed to Little Flower hospital-Ankamali. Two other families also gave narration about the presence of the tamilians. The CI visited two houses from which housebreaking and theft were reported.Eventhough police visited these houses from where properties were stolen, no case was registered or investigation conducted. CI was taken to the house of a ward member where his mother was staying.The ward member showed a pair of shirt and dothi,one torch and one pair of socks concealed in a " Pathazham".CI had no doubt about the utility of these articles for a thief. While inspecting a house the house owner brought a piece of broken mirror.Vinayan told that the piece of the gl is used to locate the position of the tower bolt of the door, locating which it becomes easy for the thief to effect entry by exerting some force exactly at the top of the tower bolt.The window is opened initially and then by pointing the torch at the tower bolt and looking at the mirror the reflection is examined to locate the poistion of the tower bolt. The first thought that came to the mind of the CI was the detection of Indira Bhai Muder case that occurred in Broadway -Ernakulam,while he was working in Thevara Police Station this case the Control Room received a call.The caller informed that an old lady residing near Malabar House(Bar Hotel)is fatally injured and that she may be rushed to hospital)Flying squad located the house in which the old lady was staying alone.Her daughter husband and children were staying in a house in the same compound. The accused Panavalli pappu was arrested by the CI during his tensure at Thevara Police Station and a few other robberies were detected.The cracking of the case,interrogation and recovery of the weapon and ornaments lost from the body of the deceased Indira Bhai was very risky.The case was charge sheeted by Sri.MI Thomas now pracaticing advocate in Parur court while he was CI Central Police Station. Complicity of Panavally Pappu was verified and his involvement was ruled out. Thereafter CI and his team verified the complicity of all local and non local criminals for their likely involvement in the case.The elimination process was done systematically. Meanwhile the people of Puthenvelikkara became agitated and at several places they involved in heated arguments with patrolling officers about the inaction of police. After about a week or so another attempted robbery took place at Puthenvelikkara.The thief managed to enter the house during night caught hold of a chain worn by a lady during her sleep but the bold lady resisted and thief had to flee failing in his attempt. The CI met the lady and made casual but well antiipated questions to ascertain the describtion about the accused.She said that the thief was a stout short man with short hair. The CI and his team comprising of Joy,Vinayan,Jeevanlal,Jeevanandan and Renjith got into action.They tried to locate a person suiting the description given by the lady. They came across one Thampi of Krishnankotta who was involved in a few political hurt cases against whom a warrant was pending.They visited Thampis house and his wife told that thampi donot stay in the house fearing arrest. Then on the CI's instruction,the team conducted surprise raids in his house. After a few days the raids yielded results. Simon of Mala who had some political background approached Vinayan and told him that Krishnan Kotta Thampi came to him and told that Parur CI is unnecessarily suspecting him in Puthenvelikkara Murder case.He wanted Simon to influence Parur CI and ensure that he could visit his family to whom he was very much attached. During their meeting in a Bar in Mala Thampi told Simon that one Jayanandan has taken him to Biverages outlet at Naluvazhi to attempt burglary.He was told by Jayanandan that the collection amounting to lakhs received in the outlet on Saay will be remitted in the bank only on Monday and that if they succeed in burglary their fortunes will change. Thampi accompanied Jayanandan to the outlet and reached the spot at midnight.Jayanandan has already kept one iron bar and an implement to make a on the wall behind the outlet.They began making a .After some time police beat came to sign in the patta book placed in front of the outlet.They ran away and hid themselves at a distance.When the police left they came back and began digging .They heard snoring of the watchman of the Biverages outlet.Jayanandan handedover the iron bar to Thampi and told him that he has to strike the watchman on the head if he intervenes to spoil their attempt.Thampi didnot agree with that.Due to difference of opinion the attempt stopped and they left the place. After few weeks, Thampi read the news of the death of Subhashakan-the watchman of the outlet.He was found dead in the premises of the outlet. When Jayanandan and Thampi met at Mala bar.Thampi asked whether Jayanandan has done it.He said he left that idea then and there. CI summoned Simon and conducted an enquiry about the activities of Jayanandan.He was staying at Mala Pallipuram with his family.He and his family had very little contact with the neighbourhood.Rarely did they open the windows and doors.Jayanandan was engaged in of tender coconut near Gosree bridge-Kochi.He recently purchased an Omini van. Thampi was ured by CI that despite the pending warrant, he will not be arrested by the CI.On the urance of CI Thamp came to CI and narrated the incident involving murder of Subhashakan.He pleaded his innocence either in the Subhashakan murder case or in Puthenvelikara murder case.CI grilled him thoroughly a w day giving him the impression that in every likelyhood his involvement is suspected the end of the day he was let off and asked to come next day morning at 9 AM.Thampi turned up in time the next day. CI and his team decided to followup the case. Next day was the CI's fathers death anniversary.He pra at Sreekrishna Temple _Kannan Kulangara-North Parur and left for Mala Companipady with his team in a private qualis van owned by Point Vinod.All were in civil dress.CI was in dothi and Banian and had his revolver and uniform shirt under the Banian.They waited at companipadi.With the help of Simon and one of his friends all transactions in Jayanandan's house was received as if in a running commentary.By about 7 PM 2 friends of Jayanandan -Venu and Vivekandan arrived in his house in Sree Ayyappa Auto Rikshaw.After a while all the three left for Mala in the Maruti Omini.CI wanted to nab Jayanandan from outside his house to avoid unnecessary involvement of influencial in the case. CI and his team went to Mala town and searched in all places to locate Jayanandan.Enquiries were made in the bar.After discussion with Simon it was learnt that they have gone to get Gas refil for the autoriksha and there is all possibility of their returning home within a few minutes. CI and party waited at Mala post office junction opposite DYFI waiting shed.After a few minutes the maruti van was visible coming from Mala town.CI carefully intercepted the vehile, with lighning speed his team overpowered all the three and put them inside the Qualis.Local CITU men rushed to spot CI showed his uniform shirt and told that it is Police.Immediately they left the sceneside the van all three were blind folded.On the way Vivekandan was let off informing him that it is CBI team.At Parur Venu was also let off. Meanwhile CI got information that somebody has informed that 3 persons has been abducted at gun point from Mala Post Office Junction.CI immediately called SP and told that one person has been detained for interrogation details of which will be divulged later. In detention Jayanandan's voluntary statement was recorded covering all relevant aspect essential for conducting an effective investigation.He was told that we had reasonable suion of his having been involved in some serious cases and Ci expected him to make a voluntary confession about those incidents. Jayanandan responded -the same way as hardened criminals respond in their struggle to desist from confessing.It began with pleading innocence,then continued with threatening and finally breaking up into confession after trying to inflict self injuries in a last attempt to avoid confessing. Only those involved in investigation and interrogation of such hardened criminals experience the plight and mental tension of the investigating officer and his team.No ordinary person can be convinced about the agony of the officer who has to bear the responsibility of whatever happens during the course of interrogation.. After hrs of soft and hard interrogation,Jayanandan volunteered to confess the facts.He began with the murder of Panjikaran Jose,Perinjanam double murder and Mala double murder.His confession was recorded by Poojari Venu t.Sub Inspector of Police. The CI then called the local officers and crime branch officers who conducted preliminary investigation of the cases.The team was overjo when they came to know that the point by point confession given by Jayanandan mached the finding during investigation.The place of occurrence and the sequence of incidence of which our investigation team was ignorant till hearing the confession of Jayanandan was exactly same that was revealed during their investigation.The news of the arrest of the accused was not conve to these officers at that point of time.It was almost 11.30 PM when the confession of these three cases were convincingly recorded. CI then called SP Ernakulam rural and informed him about the news of detection of the gruesome murders.The news was responded from the other side so cold.SP directed that accused be brought to camp office. CI along with his team took Jayanandan to the camp office of SP at Thottakkattukara-Aluva.Till 2.30 Jayanandan narrated the details regarding the three gruesome murders.AT 3.30 CI and team went back to Parur. During further interrogation,the Puthenvelikara murder (Devaki murder-Devaki happens to be a distant relative of the CI)Subhashakan murder and several robberies came to light. On SP's direction the accused was taken to Police Housing Cooperative society building at Kadavanthara at about 8.30 PM.Arun Kumar Sinha Junior DIG gave a patient hearing to all what transpired resulting in detection of 7 brutal murders. Next day CI recorded arrest of Jayanandan based on his confession. Then as per order of SP the accused was taken to office of IG of Police at Marine Drive Ernakulam.A press release was prepared.From there Jayanandan was taken to Police Club Kochin. Police personnel working with IG of Police,DIG of Police and few officers from Kochin city presented Jayanandan to the media and a press release was given. Most surprisingly the CI and team was kept away as mute spectators from the ceremony.This was not only an insult to the entire team but it exposed the eagerness of those at the helm of affairs to snatch acclaim and media attention at the cost of the dedicated officer and team who took pain and risk to detect such a sensational case. The Puthenvelikara Panchayath,Vyaparivyavasayi Ekopanasamithi,Peoples representatives MLA VD Satheesan,MLA Yousuf and Paura samithi Union Christian College and several other organisations hosted several receptions to honour the CI and his team who detected case. Other than forming of an investigation team there was no initiative on the part of the higherups at any point of time in collecting information,arresting Jayanandan or recording his confession. Adding insult to injury, a reward or Rs.5o/was given to the team including the CI. This is a time when the Kejrival Phenomenon,VVIP culture etc are discussed by people of this country and exposed by media brining in qualitative change to the system especially -the distancing of civil servants and biased politicians. No service I underline "SERVICE" should be rewarded in future like that happened in the case of arrest of Jayanandan. The flaws didnot stop there.As if the detection of the case by CI and his team was something undesirable,immediately after the arrest the investigation of the case was takenup by DySP Administration as directed by SP-Ernakulam rural.If my knowledge is correct,the taking over of the investigation and recovery of stolen ornaments etc by DySP which might have been completed by the CI who arrested the accused spoiled the case which left many loops in the defence of the prosecution thereby noone need be surprised if Jayanandan comes out clean from all the murder charges against him.Only those robbery cases in which murder has not taken place Jayanandan's conviction is likely to stand. The uncorrupt officer is still struggling after his retirement to make both ends meet.A Happy news for those vested interests- a reward for a just and service minded officer during his w career. This is not fiction but fact!!!