Punjab bypolls: SAD’s Jeet Mohinder wins with a record margin of 46642

It was the record victory margin of any candidate at Talwandi Sabo seat

Written by Raakhi Jagga | Talwandi Sabo | Updated: August 25, 2014 5:03:54 pm
Congress's Harminder Singh Jassi was the only candidate who managed to save his security deposit by getting 25105 votes while the rest all 5 candidates lost their security deposit. Congress’s Harminder Singh Jassi was the only candidate who managed to save his security deposit, while the rest all 5 candidates lost their security deposit. Source: Gurmeet Singh

With an expectation of over 20,000 votes. SAD’s Jeet Mohinder Singh Sidhu was himself surprised to see his ever growing lead since first round which was finally 46642 by the end. Jeet thus defeated Congress’s Harminder Singh Jassi who was the only candidate who managed to save his security deposit by getting 25105 votes while the rest all 5 candidates lost their security deposit.

It was the record victory margin of any candidate at Talwandi Sabo seat while it was the highest margin even for Jeet Mohinder Singh. Talking to The Indian Express while sitting on the top of his SUV during a victory procession, Jeet said,” my highest victory margin was over 9,000 votes. It is simply unbelievable for me. I was sure of winning this election, but had no idea that margin will be so huge.”

Meanwhile it was the straight 4th victory of Jeet . He won 2002 election defeated Jassi as an independent candidate with a mere margin of 237 votes while in 2007 and 2012 he won as a Congress candidate with a margin of 4500 and 9000 votes respectively. This was his 5th election from Talwandi Sabo and he had lost only one in 1997 when he fought from SAD ticket. In 1997, Congress’s Jassi had defeated him and hence it was the third contest between Jeet and Jassi from Talwandi Sabo.

AAP effect failed to work though Arvind Kejriwal had spent 2 days in this constituency as Baljinder Kaur managed to get only 13899 votes while AAP rebel Balkar Singh Sidhu got 6305 votes. The other independent candidates Makhan Singh, Balwinder Singh and Bharpur Singh got 389, 218 and 447 votes respectively while 580 votes were polled as NOTA.

Jeet Mohinder lead started with 3811 votes in the first round and it kept on increasing till the last and 12th round. However celebrations had started from 4th round itself where workers were seen playing with holi colours and it was a common scene in the entire town as a large number of supporters were seen drenched in holi colours.

After winning election, an over excited Jeet also played with holi colours before sitting on the top of SUV to have a round in the entire town so as to thank them.

He said,” even if I give every drop of blood for the residents, I will not be able to thank them for their huge support. ”

He contributed his success to the SAD workers and extra efforts of entire SAD leadership while he was all praise for CM Parkash Singh Badal and his entire family.

While Jeet Mohinder was repeatedly looking at the victory margin, as out of the total polled 118690 votes, he was polled 71747 votes and votes of all the rival candidates totaled together were 46,363 only. SAD supporters this indicated that it was people’s mandate to which rivals could not face.

Accept your defeat gracefully: Jeet 

Talwandi Sabo, August 25: IT was 10.15 A.M, just half of the counting was over when SAD’s Jeet Mohinder was leading by over 26,000 votes. Congress’s Harminder Singh Jassi decided to leave the venue as it was pretty clear as who will be the winner.

As Jassi came near his parked vehicle, he responded that it was not at all a fair election as he said,” after booth capturing, massive violence all over, how can you expect a victory. We had given numerous complaints of fake voting, booth capturing, our polling agents were not allowed to enter inside booths and what not.

But official machinery was completely misused and the officers were more or less puppets in the hands of SAD leaders. Jassi was in no hurry to leave the venue as he answered the queries of mediapersons at length and accepted his massive defeat but called it a `forced’ victory in which cheating was done at every step, he alleged.

Though the AAP candidate Baljinder Kaur was not hopeful since yesterday itself, but still she managed to sit till 11A.M ,inside the counting hall though the result was out by 11.57 A.M . However in a hurry to leave the venue as she summed up,” it was not an election but a massive gundagardi.”

Kaur lost her security deposit as well as she could not get one sixth of the total polled votes. Not only this, she hails from village Jaga Ram Teerth in Talwandi Sabo which is having 4711 votes and around 3700 votes were polled. Even from this village- 2270 were polled to SAD while AAP finished at number 2 with 570 votes.

Independent Balkar Sidhu never turned up at the venue while the rest independents- Makhan Singh, Balwinder Singh and Bhai Bharpur Singh were satisfied with few hundreds of votes they got and even they blamed official machinery misuse by SAD to win this poll.

The winning candidate Jeet Mohinder Singh Sidhu while wiping the holi colours from his face said,” candidates must accept their defeat gracefully. It was a complete free and fair election and masses have voted for growth and development. These are just lame excuses after losing elections and even on election day Congress willfully did violence so as to raise allegations as they knew that they had lost the election. Security persons of Congress candidate were behind firing outside Rama Mandi and one else. ”

Dera factor: When asked to Congress’s Jassi he stated that he contested as a Congress candidate and hence he focused on voters in general and hence had no idea about Dera followers’ choice while Jeet stated that though he respected all the religious deras but in this election, people had voted after asking their inner self rather than getting influenced by anyone. He thus indicated that Dera factor did not work in this constituency.

Statistics about victory and loss:

It was the 5th election of Jeet and was his 4th straight win, however it was third election in which Jassi and Jeet were facing each other and out of this Jassi had won only one election in 1997.

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