Protesters turned into culprits in their own protest: English-medium UPSC aspirant

The change in the pattern of CS examination is an issue of national concern.

New Delhi | Updated: July 26, 2014 10:45:23 am
upsc Students protest against introduction of CSAT by the UPSC. (Source: PTI)

By: Sneh Shakti

I, being an English medium student – which the CSAT on the first hand favours the most – should have shut myself in a room and studied selfishly for the CS exam due in less than a month, but was moved to see how these innocent, zealous and peaceful protesters were turned into culprits in their own protest.

In what can be considered the most recent flashpoint over the issue – issuing of admit cards by the UPSC, while the students, as promised by several MPs on several occasions, were waiting for hopeful response – triggered the violence. Initially, the police action to curb the violence seemed only defensive and reasonable. However, when the students are now peaceful again, the continued police action appears to be an attempt to scare them off. There have been instances of brutality as well, and all my school life, I have learnt that excessive police action is a symptom of an unhealthy nation.

The change in the pattern of CS examination is an issue of national concern. The authorities can’t just turn a blind to it, and at the same time pacify them with just assurances, latently intending that the movement fizzles out. People in the highest offices, like the Prime Minister, must issue a statement in this regard.

Lastly I would like to mention that neither has any movement died out nor will it ever end with the use of force or empty promises. These students are full of zest and dedication to their cause and they will fight till a solution is brought in place. The exam is nearing each day and the aspirants are in dire need of a solution.

This problem needs a bold and very clear solution. The powers that be will have to come forward to discuss the issue as it happens in a healthy democracy.

Sneh Shakti is an UPSC aspirant and the opinions expressed in the article are personal.

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