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Parachute fails, woman dies while learning skydiving

By: Express News Service | Bangalore | Published on:January 31, 2014 5:54 am

A city couple’s skydiving trip in Tamil Nadu turned tragic when a parachute failed to deploy mid-air. Businessman Vinod, 28, watched helplessly as his homemaker wife V Ramya, 26, took a fatal leap from an aircraft at Omalur near Salem airport Thursday.

The couple had enrolled for a skydiving course at Indian Skydiving and Parachute Association (ISPA) in Bangalore on January 25. They were part of a 11-member team being trained by ISPA at Salem airport under the instruction of G Mohan Rao and “Ash”.

While Vinod was standing by, Ramya jumped out of the aircraft at 10,000 feet, only to find that her parachute wouldn’t deploy. Without instructions on how to deploy the reserve chute, she fell to the ground and died.

“I heard the instructor say at 6,000 feet she was to deploy her main chute. But when she did, it did not open. The parachute lines and the canopy twined around her body. Though there was a reserve chute, none of the instructors asked her to release it over the microphone,” Vinod told the Omalur police.

He alleged that instead of assisting his wife, the crew fled.

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