Pakistan violates ceasefire in Pargwal sector hours after flag meet

Pakistan Rangers opened small arms and medium machine gun fire at three BSF posts in Pargwal sector.

Written by Arun Sharma | Jammu | Updated: August 28, 2014 10:27 am
Pakistan Rangers opened small arms and medium machine gun fire at three BSF posts in Pargwal sector. Pakistan Rangers opened small arms and medium machine gun fire at three BSF posts in Pargwal sector.

Hours after holding flag meeting in Pargwal sector of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistani Rangers resorted to unprovoked firing on Border Security Forces (BSF) outposts along the international border in the area on Thursday morning.

Sources said that the Rangers opened small arms and medium machine gun (MMG) fire at three BSF posts in Pargwal sector at 1.50 am. After some time, the firing stopped, only to resume at 4 am.

The BSF gave a befitting reply and the exchange of fire between two sides continued till 5.55 am. However, there was no casualty or damage on the Indian side.

Significantly, the unprovoked firing from Pakistan came in Pargwal sector within 12 hours of its Rangers holding a flag meeting with BSF near Nikowal post in the area on Wednesday evening.

Pointing out that there had been no firing from across the border in Pargwal sector for the last over a month, sources said that the flag meeting was convened following a request by Rangers.

Pointing out that the meeting was convened in a cordial atmosphere, sources said that the BSF had formally lodged a strong protest over Rangers continuously resorting to unprovoked firing and mortar shelling on forward Indian positions and civilian areas in R S Pura and Arnia sectors for the last 45 days. The Rangers in turn had blamed BSF for the trouble.

While both agreed to the need for maintaining peace on the borders as per 2003 ceasefire agreement, sources said that Rangers, however, wanted BSF to also have a flag meeting at the DIG level. The BSF told them that a message in this regard will be conveyed to them following clearance from their  headquarters.

Three civilians had died and 17 others including four BSF personnel were injured in small arms and automatic weapons fire on the Indian side by Pakistani Rangers since July 16. The Rangers, in turn, referred to loss of life and damage to property in firing by BSF on their side during the period.

During tour of border areas in R S Pura and Arnia sectors, BSF Director General D S Pathak had said that firing by Pakistani Rangers in last 45 days was the heaviest since 1971 war between the two countries. Pointing out that Rangers were not responding to their request for flag meeting at field levels, he had said, “I hope the peace prevails.”

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  1. R
    Ramalingam Venkatraju
    Aug 28, 2014 at 1:04 pm
    India had already loosed its states in Brder for stan , while they were supported by u.s.a., , like wise, china, burma, bangladesh, sri lanka, occupied territory of india..ll such occupied will not be revered back to India,,, then were comes victory for India, because Islamics in India were proved not Indians by them but wanted tax revenue of Indian and india for madarasa for promotion of quron and arabic, like wise christien mionires wanted indian tax revenue for promotion of bible and englsih to support Invaders, killers, Hunters, robbers of India and Indians,, what moe to loose by India to this world community, y seculers ,polticians, polticalparties ,aganist India, is this good for whom.. all people behind money and nothing more now..because with out money we cannot go for buying, but govt. will not give job for any indians, in india... but tax on indians.. is this the duty and care ,on indians by govt. of india..for more than 65 years,,
  2. M
    M.P. Rao
    Aug 28, 2014 at 5:14 am
    Welcome, stan,1) I, really, love You - for the latest cross-border firing within hours of the Flag-Meeting!2) Since we stopped all talk on any 'talks' between You and Us, OMG, what kind of backlash have We been receiving - great but not so widely read or themselves so well read - on both the sides of the border, championing on 'talks' - Modi has erred on this and that and on this One Too….:(3) As an Unaffiliated Neutral Indian Citizen Observer, let me put it this way: Why at all We should talk with You, when Your only intention, has been proved to be, to export "TERROR" through tunnels from via sea-waters and every other means - and fire / s across our Jawans, Innocent Kids, Poor Peasants, who are all are our Children!?
  3. S
    Aug 29, 2014 at 1:17 pm
    in returnt fire pak has lost more than india according to pak media
  4. T
    Tara Chand
    Aug 28, 2014 at 6:40 am
    this time I think they are doing it as they have suffered heavy casualties by a strong government at the center .Modi will show them the place