Pak boat explosion: Only 1 suspect visible, cops too had intel

Indian Coast Guard commander, Kuldip Singh Sheoran claimed that the ICG ship had seen only one of the four suspects on board.

Written by Ujjwala Nayudu | Porbandar | Published: January 4, 2015 2:44 am

Conflicting reports are emerging on the intelligence regarding the sighting of the alleged Pakistani boat on the high seas off the Porbandar coast, which blew itself up suspiciously when intercepted by an Indian Coast Guard ship.

Indian Coast Guard commander (North West), Kuldip Singh Sheoran told The Sunday Express on Saturday that the intelligence was shared with Gujarat Police on December 31 itself.

But the Superintendent of Police, Porbandar, Deepan Bhadran declined to confirm he had received it.

“The intelligence network that informed us had also informed the Indian Navy and the Gujarat Police. Sensitive information of this kind will not be kept in isolation. The Navy was privy to it, and has been helping us in the operations. We were discreet about the operations as per orders from the Ministry of Defence,” Sheoran said.

Sheoran claimed that the ICG ship had seen only one of the four suspects on board. He also said that the Coast Guard fired four warning shots on the boat, which did not return fire.

SP Bhadran told The Sunday Express, “Whether we received the information or did not, either way it is a confidential matter that we cannot share. It’s an operation that happened 365 km out at sea and only the agency that did it can share information about the arrival of (intelligence) inputs.”

Sheoran said, “The input came at 8.31am in the morning (of December 31) that a group of persons have left from Keti port in Pakistan towards Gujarat. The intelligence input stated the persons are terror suspects and are laden with explosives.”

He said, “When warning shots were fired, the suspect was still on the deck. Unlike pirates, who usually fire back, they did not retaliate, but tried to mislead officers. The suspect appeared to be gauging the (Coast Guard) ship’s movements, and told the others to speed up.”
Sheoran said intel input said the suspect boat was 25 feet long and had a 80 HP engine. Input included colour of the boat, and descriptions of persons on board.

The ICG sent its ship Rajratan and a Dornier aircraft from Porbandar to track the leads. The Dornier spotted the boat at 1.55 am, and Rajratan increased its speed and went after the boat.

Sheoran said, “One of the suspects on board was found to have the same appearance as had been described in the intel input, wearing a T-shirt, jacket and shorts. His behaviour was suspicious — he was seen walking along the edge of the boat, looking around. He was not fishing, and there was no fishing net or boxes on board. The men on board were not fishermen, they were terror suspects. However, a proper investigation is going on.”

About the explosion on board, Sheoran said, “After we had covered them from the air and the sea, the suspects blew up the boat… suddenly a ball of fire rose into the air, and the boat was aflame.”

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  1. A
    Anurag Srivastava
    Jan 5, 2015 at 5:55 am
    Please do set up but ensure that no corruption creeps in. There is also a need to set up fair price centers for diagnostic tests and laboratory tests for the sake of rationalizing their prices in the market. We should not proceed with the pre conceived notion that rush will increase at these fair price centers. Rather we should take it otherwise that the other players in the market will reduce price as a consequence, in order to remain alive.
    1. S
      Jan 4, 2015 at 6:52 am
      Stumped at the evidence being published on this incident to make it look like non-incident.Let us apply some common sense here1. Terrorists want to come silently. They will not come in boats or boats which have Pak indian fisherman can learn about them and warn the authorities.2. An explosion in sea is not heard for a distance of 50 KM. Was this is nuclear explosion to heard all over. Recall, if they were carrying plastic explosives like Semtex / C-4 they will not explode in fire. this means the fire was deliberate and to prevent falling in the hands of Indian authorities.3. Even if they are smugglers....why did they not stop. Recall for 1993 blasts in Mumbai, the explosives were smuggled into Mumbai by smugglers..Please stop this campaign against Indian security forces. Shame on us...!!
      1. Gautam Oza
        Jan 4, 2015 at 7:04 pm
        It seems IE has deplo team of reporters only to contradict whatever achieved through coordination of various agencies. Its main job is to prove the boat which sank itself was not of terrorists but petty smugglers, though India has never claimed it as terrorists boat. IE well done keep on your investigative journalism and win international laurels.
        1. S
          Jan 4, 2015 at 3:56 pm
          Why is Indian express misleading again. Where did Mr. Sheoran claim that CG saw only one of the suspects. He merely mentioned that when the warning shots were fired one suspects was outside trying to mislead the CG (meaning the other suspects were below deck).Where did he say that only one was seen throughout the incident. Indian express published an appalling concocted story written by the disgraceful Praveen swami discrediting the Indian armed forces, without any shred of proof whatsoever. Now Indian express is trying to keep up that horrible story. What is motivating Indian express to keep this line up. Are you guys not aware of all the stani terror activity that has happened in the past several decades. Are you not aware of 26/11. Are you not aware that stan has a history of creating spectacular attacks just before the US president visit, to keep the Kashmir cause relevant. MOD has clearly mentioned that there was sigint regarding these boats. There is a report confirming that CG had managed to find a stan armed forces radio from where the incidents happened. There are also reports confirming that terror boat was in constant communication with stan Navy. Why are you suspecting the government version of the events and portraying the terrorists as smugglers (as if smuggling is somehow acceptable and should be pardoned). The people who save our lives require our support (even if they make a mistake. In this case they clearly haven' t and they have done a great favor to India and saved our lives). If they are not revealing all the details, may be they don't want to reveal our operational capability and details and the coordination between different agencies. Instead of waiting and attempting to actually inquire and find out, you are plugging in insinuating articles by lowlifes such as Praveen Swami immediately. Why are you doing this. Are you all Indians? The common Indians are not fools and we can clearly see what you are doing. This will come back to haunt you. Karma may take some time. But I ure you it come back with a vengeance and take you all down. Shame on you all self hating, gora worshipping Journalists, who are Indians in name only. My heart bleeds for India. I only wish that all these journalists and newspaper are taken down systemically and arrested and made to do hard labor in my life time.
          1. S
            soham yadav
            Jan 4, 2015 at 4:51 am
            As per sickular Congi-paid media and anti-national pro-Porki journos like PraveenSwami (IE), SunetraChaudhary (NDTV) and ManuPubby (IT), these are just some harmless low-level smugglers who are doing low-level illicit activities...... may be they were smuggling drugs meant to be used for Sanju Baba's and Sallu Bhai's new year parties LOLMOST IMPT QUESTION FOR SECULAR INDIA: Why are communal Hindus making big hue and cry about secular Porkis trying to infiltrate India with drugs, explosives and secular Muzzie terrorists?Biggest problem with Indian media is not just that our journos are anti-national sickulars or Congi-paid chamchas.... but that our journos are BA-fail lowlife leftists from JNU who failed in Maths and Science in high school..... they think a small terrorist boat's fire can be visible from fishing boats near the coast that was 300 km away LOL... and they think that smuggling boat between Gwadar and Karachi will come down all the way down to Porbandar first.......ROFL
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