Only 11 of 22 NGOs in IB report are FCRA compliant, none filed ’13-’14 statement

None of these 11 bodies have so far filed their foreign contributions statements for 2013-14 to the Ministry.

Written by Shyamlal Yadav | New Delhi | Published on:June 20, 2014 9:50 pm

Of the 22 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and donor agencies named in the Intelligence Bureau (IB) report submitted to the government earlier this month, only 11 are registered with the Home Ministry under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA), and have been submitting reports of foreign  contributions received by them over the years.

However, none of these 11 bodies have so far filed their foreign contributions statements for 2013-14 to the Ministry.

The IB report, submitted to the PMO and National Security Adviser, alleged that several foreign-funded NGOs were stalling India’s economic growth by their obstructionist activism.

The report was based only on declarations made by the NGOs to the government, and did not include any fresh findings by the IB. The IB has not bothered to gather details of funding of NGOs which have not filed declarations to the MHA.

Following the IB report, the Home Ministry ordered that funds received by the India chapter of the international advocacy group Greenpeace from two of its  chief overseas contributors must be first cleared by the ministry.

The IB report had accused Greenpeace of attempting to destabilise India’s energy mix in collusion with a US-based anti-coal lobbying group, and threatening  India’s “national economic security”. The IB had subsequently advised the government to cancel Greenpeace’s FCRA registration.

An analysis of publicly available data shows that Tamil Nadu and (undivided) Andhra Pradesh are major hubs of FCRA-registered NGOs in India. A preliminary look at these NGOs and their activities suggests a majority of them are involved in Christian religious activities.

Of the 41,759 FCRA-registered NGOs, 5,353 are from Tamil Nadu; 5,210 from Andhra Pradesh. In Maharashtra, 4,142 NGOs are registered under FCRA; in West Bengal 3,441 are registered. Other states with a large number of FCRA-registered NGOs are Uttar Pradesh (3,193), Karnataka (2,976), Kerala (2,463), Orissa (2,434), Delhi (2,218), Bihar (1,999), Gujarat (1,860), Madhya Pradesh (886) and Rajasthan (786).

Until this week, only 1,205 NGOs (less than 3 per cent of the total) had submitted their statements of foreign contributions received during 2013-14. According to these statements, these 1,205 NGOs received Rs 326.84 crore in foreign donations during the year. None of these 1,205 NGOs is among the 22 mentioned in the IB report.

A total 17,362 NGOs submitted their foreign contribution declarations for 2012-13 to the MHA. The cumulative funding received by them, as per the declarations, was Rs 10,906.39 crore. 5,795 NGOs — a third of the total of those who filed declarations — showed zero receipts from foreign sources.

Funding details of the 11 FCRA-registered NGOs mentioned in the IB’s list of 22:

Tuticorin Multipurpose Social Service Society: Was behind the agitation against the Kudankulam nuclear power plant. Received foreign donations of Rs 10.97  crore between 2008-09 and 2012-13, Rs 5.26 crore of which came from Italy, including Rs 1.62 crore from the Terni-based Associazione per un sorriso Monica De Carlo, which made a total 36 donations during this period. Rs 4.79 crore were given by Swiss donors, and Rs 44.26 lakh by donors based in the US.

Tuticorin Diocesan Association: Also involved …continued »

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