Odisha heat wave: Youngest victim 10

Sasmal was out on a routine combing operation in Lakhapadar area when he felt dizzy. He died before he could be taken to hospital. He is survived by his wife and two daughters.

Written by Debabrata Mohanty | Published: June 7, 2015 1:16 am
Heat Wave, Odisha, heat Deaths, Death toll, Big picture, Indian Express 35 of 150 cases confirmed so far

150 deaths have been reported from heat wave in Odisha. In all the 35 cases confirmed so far, the victims were outside their homes when they collapsed. The 10-year-old girl died while playing

Anjum Jahan Akhtari, 10

Kalapahad village, Aul tehsil, Kendrapara

Temperature on May 25: 33°Celsius

The only child of S K Hafizul, Anjum was playing outside her home when she fainted. She died before reaching hospital. Anjum is the youngest victim of the heat wave this summer.

Pramod Kumar Sasmal, 48

Assistant Sub-Inspector, CRPF 4th Battalion,

Lakhapadar, Rayagada district

Temperature on May 22: 45°Celsius

Sasmal was out on a routine combing operation in Lakhapadar area when he felt dizzy. He died before he could be taken to hospital. He is survived by his wife and two daughters.

Srinibas Gochhayat,55

cowherd, Hamamira village, Angul tehsil, Angul

Temperature on May 24: 47°Celsius

Like every other day, Gochhayat, a Dalit, was out with the cows when he fainted under the singeing sun. All May, temperature had hovered around a blazing 44-46°Celsius in the industrial district. Though his wife usually got him lunch, that day she did not venture out due to the high temperature, thinking Gochhayat would come home when he was hungry. When he did not come till 6 pm, his wife started searching for him with their son. By the time Gochhayat’s body was found, his skin looked “almost roasted” and had become “blackish”. Gochhayat was cremated before post-mortem could be done. But based on circumstantial evidence, officials have confirmed it to be a heat wave death.

Biren Kumbhar, 38

rickshawpuller, Ward No. 7, Bargarh town, Bargarh

Temperature on April 7: 38°Celsius

Unmarried, Kumbhar, a Dalit, lived with his old parents. He had set off for work early in the morning, returned home for lunch and again gone out in the afternoon to ferry more passengers. At the Bargarh bus stand, he fell down, reportedly due to dizziness. He was taken to the Bargarh district headquarters hospital by bystanders where he was declared dead. His post-mortem report confirmed death due to excessive heat.

Basanti Bhue, 55 farm labourer

Khirapalli village, Atabira tehsil, Bargarh

Temperature on May 24: 46°Celsius

A BPL farm labourer living in Khirapalli village with her husband and two children, Bhue had gone to the fields for threshing work. It was harvest season in Bargarh where most farmers grow paddy twice a year as water is available throughout the year from the Mahanadi river. Bhue was on her way back home when she fell down and died before making it to hospital.


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    Bijan Mohanty
    Jun 7, 2015 at 5:48 pm
    This Govt. has done precious little to upgrade and protect environment. All cities are choked with concrete buildings many of them are illegal constructions. Whereever there is open space, unauthorised construction springs up and Govt. officials, Development Authorities,Police keep mum because their palms are greased. Water bodies have remained only in maps and they are reclaimed for habitation. No wonder, our cities are burning.