No reprieve for Jayalalithaa as HC defers hearing to Oct 6

Assets case: Vacation judge says applications to be heard by regular bench

By: Express News Service | Bangalore | Published: October 2, 2014 1:02 am
Supporters protest against conviction of Jayalalithaa in Coimbatore on Wednesday. Source: PTI Supporters protest against conviction of Jayalalithaa in Coimbatore on Wednesday. Source: PTI

Appeals for bail and suspension of four year jail terms filed by former Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalithaa and three of her associates were on Wednesday adjourned to October 6 by a vacation bench of the Karnataka High Court.

The vacation judge, before whom the matter had earlier come up on Tuesday, did not on Wednesday take up a hearing for admission. Justice Ratnakala posted the matter for October 6 stating, “It is in the interest of justice that the applications shall be heard and disposed of by the regular bench.’’

The judge stated that in the event October 6 being a holiday, the matter will be taken up on the following day October 7.

Justice Rathnakala had on Tuesday initially posted the hearing of the appeal filed by Jayalalitha and others to October 6 but advocates for Jayalalithaa had moved the registrar judicial and the Chief Justice of Karnataka for an early hearing and the case was posted for Wednesday.

As soon as the proceedings began on Wednesday Justice Rathnakala sought out the Special Public Prosecutor in the case. With the SPP G Bhavani Singh not present in the court when proceedings began, the judge moved to adjourn the case, but the SPP soon appeared and stated that he was ready to represent the prosecution in the case. The Special Public Prosecutor subsequently filed a memo of appearance and a statement of objections to the pleas filed by Jayalalithaa.

He stated in his objections that Jayalalithaa, as the former CM of Tamil Nadu, is an influential person and that if she is released on bail it would be difficult to secure her arrest again. The SPP has also stated in his objections that Criminal Procedure Code does not allow for the suspension of conviction as sought by Jayalalithaa and three other co-accused and that provisions exist only for the suspension of the sentence.

Senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani appeared for Jayalalithaa along with her regular lawyer M A Venugopal and AIADMK MP Navneet Krishna. A delegation of AIADMK advocates approached the registrar judicial of the Karnataka High Court with a request to post the hearing at the earliest available date. The high court is however officially closed till Monday for Dussehra and there will be no sitting of even a vacation bench over the next three days, the lawyers were told.

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  1. D
    Oct 2, 2014 at 4:01 am
    One can understand the sadness of people for whom the former CM worked. But never against the law. Jaya has been found guilty of a serious crime, gotten away with it for 18 years but there comes a time when law must be followed. There lots of criminals including Lalu Prasad are on bail because they feel they are above the law. But eventually all thieves and corrupts will be caught.
    1. Dr Chandrashekhar MD
      Oct 2, 2014 at 4:45 am
      Well..... When Hospital emergency services can be open 24x7, why not judiciary ? They are still enjoying colonial privileges.... with millions of cases pending.
      1. Mahender Goriganti
        Oct 2, 2014 at 3:57 am
        It is reported that Jaya did not sign the appeal peion herself. Problem court should throught away the application otherwise same lawyers will question the courts about laws
        1. S
          Oct 2, 2014 at 2:23 am
          Well if you look at the developed countries angle . the supreme court judges don't know what they are doing . First of all they should know the definition of corruption and what the majority of system is doing . if the corruption is wide spread first fix the system .and then they have to go to election commission of India . did you make the rule . how much the politician can have it or get signed by the individual politician . and also election commission is more corrupted if their scale don't meet the current cost of living and how much politician have to win the election .You cant keep insulting people of their high caliber . they work w life to solve country problem and work hard to achieve this great success .How much this chief minster cost of living is . does she eat three times a meal and mode of enjoyment and if she has more houses and properties tax should be adjusted according to the property she has . if she invested that money in banks at least she did nt take it out and good for country.These judges are for Indians , they have to rewrite laws ,make corruption legal and mod of collection . new laws . you guys are not working queen any more you work for Indian . make the law good for every one . if there is corruption and aculation . prevent it by law , not just puting people behind bar , how many countries has put people like this behind bar or insult them . only Indians court and CBI is doing it . first of all you guys should make the law . all these wealth is counted and taxed .if you own ten houses , county is happy because they will get the property tax . do some better and good for country not keep on insulting people . recently we saw a bank chief was put behind bar and people of not doing are more noble person in the eyes of law .I follow one story in USA one medical person did insurance fraud and was prosecuted and same person was given amnesty to solve and fix the system . an has same corruption inside .how many times it is in news none
          1. A
            Oct 2, 2014 at 5:55 am
            To all the die hard supporters of accused no: 1 in the DA case, go back home and tare care of yourselves, after all 18 years later the judiciary found her guilty, she was given all the time in the world to prove her innocence, she could not because she was guilty.
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