Modi unveils 5F formula for Punjab farmers

Modi with Manpreet Singh Ayali at a rally in Ludhiana on Friday. Modi with Manpreet Singh Ayali at a rally in Ludhiana on Friday.

Claiming that the Congress will not touch double digits in any state, BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi said on Friday it was time to vote for a decisive government in the interest of the country.

Addressing five back-to-back rallies across Punjab as part of his Bharat Vijay rally, Modi came prepared on issues confronting each constituency he was addressing and touched upon issues like “narco-terrorism”, drug menace, problems faced by residents in border areas, industry and   suicides by farmers in the cotton belt.

In the backdrop of smuggling of drugs, Modi warned Pakistan against nefarious designs under which it was resorting to narco-terrorism to destroy the youth.

He said while the country was reeling under a crisis, Sonia Gandhi’s single-point agenda was to make her son the next Prime Minister.
“We do not want just a new government, but a strong government. Neither the jawan nor the kisan is happy in this country,” he said addressing his rally in Bathinda.

Modi unveiled a “5 F” (farm, fibre, fabric, fashion, foreign countries ) formula for the cotton belt and declared it would transform the life of farmers would be transformed of their life as their product will end up in countries abroad providing them dividends.

In Pathankot, where Modi canvassed for Vinod Khanna (BJP), he broached the issue of drugs and warned the countries responsible for supplying drugs. “Our youth is being consumed gradually. We will address this issue when we come to power,” he promised.

Praising Khanna, Modi said he believed in simple living and had a connect with the people of his constituency. He also recalled how Khanna’s gesture had helped the people of Gujarat during the 2001 earthquake.

Continuing the drug theme in Hoshiarpur while campaigning for BJP’s Vijay Kumar Sampla, Modi said every mother in Punjab was scared of her son getting hooked to drugs.

He also touched upon issues like wastage of surplus grains due to lack of storage and proper transport management.