Meerut area with no history of strife erupted over almost dry well

Saturday’s clash leaving a dozen injured, one of them critically, was the first communal violence Gudri Bazaar has ever seen.

A BJP leader’s bike was set ablaze in Meerut.AMIT SHARMA A BJP leader’s bike was set ablaze in Meerut.( source: AMIT SHARMA )
Written by Dipankar Ghose | Meerut | Updated: May 12, 2014 10:35 am

In a corner of Meerut’s Old City, lanes little wider than two people standing close together lead to a masjid, a Jain temple and a Hindu mandir, separated by merely 100 metres. The area has seen arguments over a common well dug in 1982, even a protracted legal battle, but no violence.

Saturday’s clash leaving a dozen injured, one of them critically, was the first communal violence Gudri Bazaar has ever seen. Over the same well, which now has little water.Says 66-year-old Inder Jain, who lives in the area, “This well is a matter of pride for the three communities that live around it, the Jains, Hindus and Muslims. The Muslims have always tried to usurp it. On Saturday, they were putting a fence around it. When the Hindus objected, there was an argument, and somebody set fire to a motorcycle. Many here have illegal weapons, and soon there was firing between the two.”

According to Jain, “Some of the firing was in front of the police, which failed to calm things down for over two hours.” Local BJP corporator Vijay Anand, who claims he was attacked by a mob when he reached Gudri Bazaar on Saturday afternoon, seconds Jain. “It was earlier a common well, but since there was a dispute between the Hindus and Muslims over its ownership, court had been approached. And currently, there is an order that status quo be maintained. We will not allow anyone to disrespect the courts.”

If the Jains and Hindus are clearly united in their “cause”, on the other side of a narrow drain that separates the mosque from the Hindu area, the Muslims say they were “only making everyone’s lives simpler”. “There is very little water so people cannot use it for anything other than drinking from it. We were installing a water cooler so people could do that conveniently, and everyone could use it. We were not staking a claim. But the other group began shouting slogans and things went wrong from there. They say that only their side was shot at. But some of us have bullet injuries too, we have not reported them,” says Syed Ahmed.

While more than 10 people are reported to have suffered blunt force injuries, two have bullet wounds. One of them, identified as Shivam Rastogi, is on ventilator support, doctors at the Meerut Government Hospital said. Meanwhile, unsubstantiated rumours abound.

Some speak of an eve-teasing incident on Friday, but ask for specifics, and nobody has an answer. Others see a conspiracy, of guns being distributed beforehand, and of the violence being a bid to loot traders in the area. But while some shopkeepers point to broken locks, nobody admits to actually having seen weapons being handed around.

Gudri Bazaar is now under virtual curfew. Shutters are down and, outside closed shops, RAF and …continued »

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