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Eddy, the first Android learning tablet for children, is here.

Updated: March 2, 2014 1:30:22 am

By: Sanghamitra Mazumdar

If your child is more than 18 months old and you use a smartphone, iPad or an Android tablet, chances are that your device will have more apps for your little one to use, than for yourself. With game-based learning pegged to be the future of education, apps for children have an ever-growing market. Going a step further, now there is a tablet that caters only to children aged two to 10 years.

My tech-savvy two-and-a-half-year-old son has taken to Eddy like a fish takes to water. I have always been apprehensive of giving my iPhone, Nexus 7 or his father’s iPad to him, fearing he would straightaway go to YouTube for his “ABC songs” and Masha and Medved cartoons, and in the process get exposed to inappropriate content on the internet. This new tablet launched last month by Delhi-based education start-up Metis Learning relieves me of this worry.

Eddy claims to be the first Android-based learning tablet for children and has been designed by educators. Its content is linked to school curriculum, and your child can read books, learn to play musical instruments and also practise basic mathematics through games on the device.

Here is a lowdown on the product from a parent’s point of view.

Net-safe: Although Eddy is internet-enabled, the device does not allow my son to access regular tablet features without parental approval. This keeps him away from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, internet browsing and other apps for adults. Coming pre-loaded with the Maxthon Kid Safe web browser, Eddy provides a violence-free and controlled environment.

Monitoring: The first thing you can do on the tablet is to customise the device according to the age of your child. In addition, this feature lets me monitor my son’s daily activities on the device through detailed reports.

Screen time: The best feature I have found on this tablet is that it allows me to decide how long I want my son to use the device. I can set the permissible number of hours per day or week and even allot exact time slots.

Choice of apps: If my child finds one subject too engaging and gets hooked to it, and spends too much time on it, I have the choice to block that particular app and promote another. My son likes the language and maths subjects most and I can keep changing apps in each section.

Sharing: Eddy gives me an option to create multiple profiles. The feature is not of much use to me, but children with siblings can share the device using the separate profiles created according to age. A maximum of three profiles can be created. Price: Rs 9,999 (Available in pink and green)

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